Two Years of SkinnyMeg

 It's been two year since I became 'SkinnyMeg' - bonus points to my long time readers who remember my blog's old name! I've now been blogging for about 6 years, my life has gone through so many changes in that time. I've lost 100+ pounds, graduated from college, found a job, battled infertility, gotten pregnant, ran a marathon, and I'm currently working on my best bod ever ;)

Blogging has brought a lot of good into my life, the support I get from so many of you helps me on the daily. When I was struggling last week with sick kids, the outpouring of love was just amazing. Just this morning I opened a sweet letter from a woman I met through blogging, she's going through something difficult herself, but took the time to think about me and my family and sent me a little something. I was so touched, thank you J :)

I love that I have this blog that documents so much of my life, kids are too fast to grow, they just don't keep. I swear I was changing her diaper last week, but now she's reading ME stories at night. I love to take pictures of everything, looking back helps me remember things I may have forgotten.I'm sure I will look back on this picture and remember that she refused to wear anything other than a tutu and she called this star necklace her 'dead people necklace' because that's what she calls antique stores.

I've also learned to deal with negativity, I would say I was not very good at dealing at first. I took everything very personally and it's hard to not always defend yourself to others. Now I'm a pro at ignoring it because I realized that, in the end, it doesn't even matter. Does it affect my real life? The one where I get up and be awesome all day and then go to bed? No. Now if my real life people start talking trash I'll have to reevaluate :) I know I'm a great Mom to my kids and most days I'm a great wife too - no where near perfection, but the effort counts.

 I have some major life decisions I'm working on right now, where I want to be in five years kinda thing. Change is very scary, if someone could just tell me I'm going to make the right choice that would be grand. I have to be sure my choice is right for not only me, but the kids and husband too.

Gah, one of my fav pictures of baby Madison!

I just want to say thank you for reading, supporting, and listening to me ramble! I hope each of you takes something worthwhile away from here, even if it's just a better bicep :)



Arm Progress and a Workout

Suns out Guns out today ladies! I work my arms pretty much every time I lift weights, but I do two days where I completely focus on just upper body. I only had time for one workout today so I put together a good arm routine for either at home or at the gym!

Now a few notes: 
  • these can be modified to a lower weight for a beginner or higher weights for more advanced. I would say you should be able to do the first two sets with a bit of sweat and the last two you should be cussing me while your arms and shoulders are burning. Do not use 3 pound weights y'all - Madison can use those. 5 pound minimum please!
  • When they burn repeat this mantra - THIS IS HOW WE CHANGE OUR BODIES. works for me most of the time :)
  • Do each move 6 times, then the next move 6 times, then rest for less than 20 seconds. You can rest for 1 minute between rounds. 
  • I really need to record these videos BEFORE my 90 minute workout, cause I am tired and I rush. These are just for explanation, please be sure to slow down and focus on what you are doing. Rushing through to get to the end is pointless if you aren't doing it correctly. Do what I say not always what I do. K?
  • Please report back how you liked this workout on my Facebook - I'm happy to do these kinds of things if y'all like 'em, but they take time and without feedback I kinda feel like I'm wasting it. My hairs are taking up extra time after my workouts lately so some days its a toss up between workout vids and pretty locks :)

 I did a HIIT today, but didn't have time to put it together for y'all so I'm saving it for next week, but here's one we are doing in my Challenge group!

Now save these pics to your phone and get your sweat on!



Back on track after a bad week.

My eating was very off last week, I only hit my macros like 2 days. I ate out, I ate hospital food, and I wasn't weighing anything. I just had to survive last week, when I know I'm going to be off plan I try to just stay under my calorie goal for the day and eat as much protein as I can get. Not too surprisingly I was up two pounds when I weighed in Monday. I'm not even upset about it, you get back what you put in and I know my focus wasn't on my own health last week. Life happens and situations will arise, but do I let it continue? No. When I finally got to the grocery store, in a working car, I bought spent the rest of my life savings on produce and went home to prep for the week.

 I'm still obsessed with my veggie spiral thing so I spiraled up some zucchini - I don't cook it, I just put it in a Tupperware and when I'm at work I weigh out what I need, put it in a bowl, sprinkle with water, and microwave for 45 seconds. Then I go stand in the fridge and find some stuff to throw together for over top, this week I baked some chicken {season it then 425 for 30 minutes} cut it up and sauteed with black beans, spicy tomato, and corn salsa. I measured out each portion into individual Tupperware.

 This is just the mix without the Zoodles, but I try to stay high protein on my lunches. I have no problems meeting my daily protein macros and I stopped drinking protein shakes too! 

On the regular I will have Greek yogurt, chicken for lunch and dinner, Tuna, and cheese. I try to eat my proteins at my meals and snack on my fats and carbs, that's just the way I prefer it. I also make egg muffins for breakfast at work - full of protein and easy to reheat!

My favorite subscription pack came - I'm Pretty Fit - this pack is the Resolutions Pack and it's full of fun things I'd like to try, but kinda don't want to go out and buy just yet. Like fat burners, I've only tried once in the past after a coworker raved about 'em, but it made me feel sick. This pack includes the EVL Lean Mode which is a non-stimulant based fat burner, so I think I'll give it a go. I'm also excited to try the AboutTime all natural pre workout drink, I love my spark dearly, but those 11g of carbs are a no go on no cardio days.

I already found a new love - this little bar right here is excellent! 2.5f / 18c / 10p I love these macros! Found and ordered on Amazon.

You don't have to do a monthly subscription, I'm Pretty Fit has a option where you can just buy on pack and they have multiple types available to choose from, like this Protein Cookbook Pack or the Fall Protein Pack which is great too!

It feels good to be back on track, I don't mind eating out sometimes, but after a day or two you just start to feel like crap. It's very true, you are what you eat, or more you feel like what you eat. 

Reader's choice - do y'all want a HIIT workout tomorrow or an arm one??


This is Dina, a blogger who share her story over at Live Fit Live Strong Live Pink. She shares her past emotional issues with food and how BeachBody has give her the strength to overcome, finally getting healthy. She also shares her adorable blonde headed daughter, Brooklyn, and how she will never ever give up coffee. A girl after my own heart. If you have time you should stop by and check her out :)


Winner Winner! 
Here are the winners for the Diet Bet raffle - I'll be in contact ladies!

Amber Marie
Katie Newcomb
Charlise Silva



There's a Brightside.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know how my week went last week, rough. 

We started it with Aiden getting RSV last weekend and by Tuesday Madison had to be admitted to the hospital with Pneumonia.  It was so scary, her fever spiked to 103.8 and didn't respond to meds at all we took her to the doctor on Monday and she tested negative for the flu and was sent home, but Oliver rushed her to the ER Tuesday morning after her breathing became rapid and her fever wouldn't come down. An X-ray showed she had pneumonia in her left lung and her oxygen levels were in the 80's. The admitted her for 4 days. 

Having a child in the hospital is the most emotionally draining situation I think I've ever been through. I'm thankful she was able to be put in a hospital close to our house, Oliver and I switched off days and nights although he was a trooper and took night shift, the plastic green 'bed seat' left much to be desired. Aiden went to stay with my MIL, I didn't want him at the hospital at all because he was still recovering from his RSV and the very last thing I wanted was for him to get hospitalized too. We were sure she would be able to go home on Thursday so I planned to go to work. When I got to work Oliver called me and said that her stats fell too much during the night and she had to be put back on oxygen so she would have to stay another 24 hours. I just lost it, I couldn't stop crying even though physically I knew she was going to be fine the stress just wore me out. 

I hadn't seen Aiden since Sunday night and by Thursday I literally felt like my heart was breaking. I was missing him so much, but I knew Oliver needed a break so I had to stay at the hospital all day so he could get some sleep at home. I was also stressing about the money, they come in and tell you your estimated portion about .5 second after you check in and she was staying another day past that. Two sick kids and 7 doctor visits with large co-pays that don't count to your out of pocket and then a hospital stay - all in January?! I was very overwhelmed. 

I'm extremely glad that all of my babies are home and on the mend, Oliver and I ended up getting sick AGAIN either from the hospital or the stress, probably both. We spent the weekend at home, cleaning and resting. Both the kids are doing breathing treatments every 4 hours, steroids, and antibiotics twice a day.

This Daddy's girl was stuck to my side all weekend though, I loved it. She was begging to help do chores around the house and she's actually very helpful with a lot of things, like the Shark. We also cleaned out the bathtub and shower with this little pinterest concoction.

 You heat up some vinegar and pour in the baking soda - which will fizz up {Madison thought it was the best thing ever} - and add blue Dawn. You let it soak on the tub and then wipe clean, sparkling!

My life always feels more on track when my house is clean, when I'm really really stressed cleaning actually makes me feel better. To end the week with a bang my car freaked out and wouldn't start. I can't even. The only bright side is that I had free roadside assistance and that my car is still under warranty, I'm actually putting off calling the dealership right now because I'm not sure I can handle and more bad news at the moment. 

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in days so here's to a better week, a working car, and healthy kids! 



Doing It All.

I would say about 60% of the comments or emails I get ask my 'secret' for how I seem to get so much done. "How do you have the energy? How do you get up so early? You do so much for having two kids!" I came across a post on Facebook today from a mother who was tired of feeling like she wasn't doing enough because she 'didn't stop making excuses and get to the gym' and it really got me thinking about perception and finding that balance. 

Let me let you in on my 'secrets' - Spark and coffee. Kidding, well kinda, I do drink one of each a day, but that ain't gonna keep you rev'd for 18 hours. 

First and foremost is my partner in life, my husband. He helps, he cleans, he takes care of the kids, he works, he provides, and sometimes he'll even cook. I picked a good one and if I'm being super honest I think a lot of wives let their husbands slide with a lot of the work that needs to be done for a family. We've figured out things that work for us, for example, he will do laundry, but won't touch a mop or a toilet so I do it. He hates to cook so I do all the cooking and he does all the dishes {while simultaneously chewing me out for using so many}. He works full time from home, which gives him a little more load around the house because, well, he's there all day. His shift is 12-7 so that's how I'm able to get in 5am workouts during the week.

 When we added another child to our family there were stressful times, Oliver was not much help during the night and that's just something I had to accept and move on from, he's not a 'middle of the night' kinda person. None of us are, but we adapt for sweet little angel babies. God heard my prayers and sweet Aiden turned into a pretty good sleeper around 5 months. 

Y'all my kids are 5 years apart, that's a heck of lot easier than having 2 or 3 kids who are very close in age. Madison is a big girl, she's helpful and can do for herself most of the time. I only have to deal with one child's gymnastics, dance, or soccer game which leaves me extra time to do things I want on the weekend like the gym or playing my own soccer.

Both my parents and Oliver's parents live close by, super helpful. Oliver's Mom is retired and dotes on the grand kids, she watches them full time, helps to take them to appoints or activities when needed, heck she'll even run to the grocery store if we are out of things! The perks of marrying an only child :) My Mom and Dad both still work, but my Mom works from home as well so if needed she's there for us. My Dad will come by on Fridays and take Madison to school just for fun, they pick her up on a Tuesday night for open swim at the Y, she spends every Friday night at their house. My family makes my life run smoothly. 

There are things I give up, mostly sleep, but to ME I love sweating more than I love sleeping. So what? Meredith {above} she loves sleep, hahahha, and I respect that {although I still try to talk her into my early morning stuff} she comes when she can and is very honest that she's happier when she has that extra time at home. There is no right way, only the way that works for YOUR life. 

We say it all the time, but I think it's so important to not compare your life to others! I do not contain special powers that motivate me, I just have a lot of help and a love of sweating. I'm a morning person, I don't mind getting up at 4:30am. I've learned that I can't do it all, if I focus a lot of my energy into one area another one usually starts slipping. I've been a terrible friend lately, I turn down most invitations to go out and do things. In fact I made plans months ago to go see a comedian who was in town with my coworkers and it was this last Sunday. Both the kids were sick and I had zero desire to go out and be out past my bedtime knowing I had to work the next day, but I was the one who bought tickets for everyone so if I didn't show up they wouldn't be able to go. So I went, I had fun, and only felt a little guilty.

This girl right here wasn't making excuses for her weight, I just didn't have the knowledge on how to change my behaviors. It had very little to do with me getting up at 5am, but more with how to feed myself better. I had to learn to cook, I had to learn what food where made up of, I had to learn how to live healthier. That doesn't have to take away from you life, but it does take a little effort. You don't need to go balls to the wall to have success, you can make being healthy fit you life IF YOU WANT IT TO. It's not about excuses, although I've heard some doozies! Do what makes you happy. Working out makes me happy, so I get my ass up and do it. 

Washing my floors makes me sad, so I don't do that.
Laundry, that makes me sad too. 



Rough Weekend.

Friday we found out that little baby Aiden had RSV, he's had a cough for a while, but the dr said it was just a virus when we took him on Monday, but Friday he took a turn for the worse so back he went. I think we caught it early, thank God, so the treatments are helping tremendously!  He gets breathing treatments 4x's a day, antibiotics 2x a day, and nose sucking with a Nose Frida before and after every nap. He still was sleeping like a champ, didn't wake up at all at night {12/13 hours}and took 4 hours in naps while we all lounged around the house Saturday. He refuses to eat any food, but is still taking a bottle, he gags on anything he chews poor guy. RSV has been going around like wildfire in Dallas, a lot of my friends had to take their babies to the hospital, so I'm very very thankful we did not have to go that route.

Saturday and Sunday he was still running a low fever, but had bouts of his usual smiling self to keep me reassured. He said Dada for the first time and took a pretty long standing alone break, also is heartbreakingly growing more hair.

I'm a little sleep deprived today and this picture makes me want to cry. I need to pull it together already! It's been a rough Monday, but I'm working on turning it around, I'd hate to start my week of with negativity. 

Saturday Madison spent the day with my parents going to 'CowTown' as she likes to call it {Fort Worth}, but came home complaining of not feeling well. At first I thought she might be complaining because Aiden was getting so much attention, but she steadily went down hill. Sunday she had a persistent cough and a low fever which made me think she got whatever Aiden had. She insisted on only eating salad yesterday because she said if she ate healthy she would get healthy, crazy girl. I wish that was the way it worked! At one point she got up off the couch and asked to be put to bed, then I really started to worry because she always wants to be wherever Daddy is, the F word popped into my head and we decided to run up to CVS and get her tested.

She insisted on 'dressing up' for it in a Nobella Grace top and plastic princess heels {with socks no less} we go in and sign up, 2 people ahead of us, 2.5+ hour wait. I can't even. So we go home and Aiden goes back to sleep and we decide to just wait and take both kids to their Ped today. She also has another Dr appointment this afternoon to take out her ear tubes. Last year at work I maxed out my FSA contributions to pay for my csection and I'm really glad I left it at the same amount because so far THIS MONTH we've spent over $500 bucks, after insurance, on dr visits and meds and Oliver has awesome insurance. Yikes.

*******Just got a text - negative for the flu!!! Thank you Jesus!****************

Besides sick kids I did a lot of the usual.

Saturday sweat sesh. I killed almost a grand on calories with Turbo and Body Pump. I don't wear my heart rate monitor much anymore because I don't really need to see my burn since my workouts are already figured into my macros, but it's been a while so I wore it for fun. 

On the weekends I love to make protein pancakes after my workouts, so many delicious combos to try - chocolate chips, pecans, or even fruit if you prefer. I also spiraled up a sweet potato with some olive oil and sea salt threw in some chicken, bam, lunch in less than 10 minutes. 

I accidentally bought too many zucchini for Zoodles so that's what's for lunch this week. I sauteed up some corn, peas, and tomatoes with some baked chicken. The zoodles I kept in a separate container for work and I'll just microwave them as needed to keep 'em fresh.

I'm trying to really stay on track every weekend despite a husband who will stoop to bribing me for take out :)

Don't forget to stop by and check out Motivated Monday!

Kelsey @ Random Randts



What's Stopping You?

It's now mid- January of twenty fifteen, how are you doing on your new years goals? Maybe you are doing great and still super motivated, but maybe you are waning and need an extra push.

 There are so many different ways to lose weight, millions of diet and exercise routines, surgery, and pills. What is the right way for you?

Over the last 6 years that I've actively been losing weight there have been many things that worked for me and many things that didn't. I started out needing lots of guidance on my diet and exercise, so I joined Weight Watchers, attended meetings and weekly weigh ins. I forced myself to go to boot camp, even at 240 pounds I didn't let that stop me from trying every single things the skinny people did.

 Then I found a passion for running, the pride I felt after pushing my body during a run was addictive. I signed up for races and ran the weight off. I learned about clean eating and tried to stick with that 90% of the time, but I wasn't always happy. Many nights I went to bed hungry, many days I punished my body with too much cardio trying desperately to run the last bit of weight off.

Then I got pregnant again. 

Losing the weight for the second time was completely different, I had knowledge and know how, but I was looking for a way to do it AND be completely satisfied when I went to bed at night. I wanted something I could live with for a long time.

I spent days reading and figuring out macro counting, or IIFYM aka Flexible Dieting, whatever you want to call it. It seemed confusing and complicated, but I was searching for SOMETHING and I was willing to put in the work. I had the motivation. FOR ME it was exactly what I was looking for, in just the few months that I've been using it I've been happy with my results and happy with my life. 

Another thing that has tremendously helped me this go round is my Challenge groups on Facebook. I've connected with so many like minded women, I've found inspiration in those who are striving to meet their goals, and satisfaction in knowing in some small way I'm helping those who want it. 

So, again I ask, what is that you need to meet your goals?
Diet and exercise tips?
Someone to be in constant contact with you and kick your ass?
Everyone is different and what works for Sally may not work for Susie. My diet is a bit complicated so if you are just starting to focus on your calories it may not be the best way to go. Weight watchers was very good for me in the beginning! Jenny Craig not so much :)


If you seek motivation my Diet Bet is starting January 20th - next Tuesday. I am participating and determined to lose these last few pounds by my birthday in March! That's my short term goal. Everyone who joins the Diet Bet gets access to my free Facebook Challenge Group, if you sign up you must send me your email through Facebook or email at skinnymeg@outlook.com to get access to the secret group.

I'm also doing a freaking fantastic giveaway that's sure to help anyone who's struggling. There will be three winners!
1 month of coaching, 1 set of custom meal plans (1 week), and 1 nutritional plan consultation: all though Kadie at Project Progress

Kadie Hayward Mullins, owner and coach of Project Progress Health Coaching is an amazing women I met though my challenge group. She believes everyone's journey to living a healthier life is unique. There is no one size fits all answers, but the heart of health is nutrition.
Her goal is to help her clients achieve their health and fitness goals in a way that is reasonable, accessible, and maintainable. Hurdles to health are both physical and mental, she works with her clients to build a healthier relationship with food, fitness, and most importantly, themselves. We all deserve to live the healthiest life we can and she's excited to help you develop the tools to do so!

She offers services to fit your individual needs and budget ranging from consultations to calculate your nutritional needs, to meal planning, to motivational coaching and accountability. Her custom plans incorporate a science based approach with special consideration to your needs. Learn more about her services by e-mail at projectprogresscoaching@gmail.com.

I have no pony in her show, she has not paid me in any way, I just honestly believe in Kadie's outlook to nutrition and her absolute love of helping others. She is certified by NESTA and her prices are extremely reasonable! 

 So tell me, what's stopping you?



Geode Jewelry

 One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six

I received a Geode necklace for Christmas and I'm just a tad obsessed with it! There are so many variations you can buy, I can't decide if I love it chunky or dainty best, plus the earrings?? Yes please. 

I love the gold leafing on the edges and the beads with a little leather detailing, it's unusual and that's what makes me love it. I'm not sure where it came from, sorry, but it's similar to this one

I JUST got these boots from Just Fab and was so excited to share them with y'all cause I FREAKING love 'em, but they are mostly sold out! ugh, that's so annoying!  I'm not a fan of Just Fab's heels, but their boots rock my face off for $40 bucks.
On the bright side I did finally find these leggings online and they are the best leggings ever, so comfortable and the perfect blend of cotton/poly for less fading. Mud Pie Women's Dylan Printed Legging I would say they run true to size.
Top is from Nobella Grace, sold out but an even better option found here



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