On the naughty list.

When Aiden was born a friend of mine brought this cute little outfit for him to grow into, I remembered I had it just in time for his 9 month pictures this weekend.  I don't know if it was because it was cold out or he's just over fighting it, but he kept the hat on the entire time.

Santa is on my naughty list! We went to pancakes with Santa a few weekends ago and apparently Santa told her 'yes you can have an iPhone, shhhh don't tell Mommy and Daddy'.  ANYONE with kids knows you DON'T JOKE WITH A 5 YEAR OLD, they take everything literally, and she's convinced she's getting one. If she starts crying Christmas morning I'm taking her to that fire station and dropping her off. She also has the memory of a elephant unfortunately.

A few months ago on Craigslist my Mom saw an ad for a dressup set with a stage, super cute! We decided to redo a corner of Madison's room for Christmas, she emailed the guy and no response, called him and when he anwsered he sounded drunk - Red Flag 1.
Then he put his wife on the phone who wanted half the money up front, but couldn't accept paypal - Red Flag 2.
Then she offered to meet halfway for cash - Red Flag 3. No deal.

Plan B was to beg my handy woodworking neighbor to build something similar for us! I painted it last night, we bought some curtains to hang in front of the stage, and a microphone stand for those performances needing props ;) We want a set up similar to this, but how to hang the curtains has yet to be determined, maybe a rounded shower curtain rod?? I plan to let her spend the night with my parents Christmas Eve so Oliver and I can transform her room, eek - hope I can pull it out in a night.

I woke up with a sore throat and just feeling kinda yucky today, but I'm glad it hit me after my race and not before. It's been going around the house for a month now so I got pretty lucky, here's hoping that chewing on vitamin C will help cause ain't no one got time for being sick during the holidays.  I still got in a dang good upper body workout today, if I have to go to work then I have time to get to the gym. 



  1. OMG what a horrible Santa! I would kill him! (Am I going to hell for that comment?)

    I can't wait to see the stage set-up - we've been toying with doing something similar for our 4 year old's room. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Feel better soon :)

  2. You birthed two babies and have run a marathon. You can do that stage in one night!

  3. Seriously! What a ridiculous Santa. That is NOT funny. Yikes. Good luck! :-)

  4. My sister gave my an old rotary phone with googly eyes glued all over it (best iPhone ever). Maybe you can make TS one and say Apple has strict copyright laws and that's the only version Santa is able to make in his shop? Worth a shot to avoid tears! :)

  5. how on earth do you have gifts under the tree with 2 little ones.... my kids would have them all unwrapped 2 seconds after I set them out...... koodos to you. :-)

  6. My step-dad made my daughter that exact stage for her birthday last year. He built two stage pieces and hung one from the ceiling(with super strong nails and hooks) to attach the curtain to if that makes sense. We just stapled the curtains to the outside of the top.

  7. Does that Santa not realize that he very well could ruin this 5-year-old's Christmas?? You don't just promise a kid a present that the parents haven't told you is there! Now she is expecting it and her little heart will be broken that Santa forgot on Christmas morning! How awful. I even told this to my 3 teenagers, ages 17, 14, and 13 and they all three agree that this "Santa" was wrong and they all three wish you luck on Christmas morning.

  8. He rocked that hat because he knew he was freaking adorable!!!! Such a little man in that picture :)
    Seriously, you're so dang creative no matter if someone else made that you always add the perfect touch!!! Jealous
    Kick Santa's butt ..lol


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