My Sweet Baby Girl!

I just wanted to share these adorable matching skirts with y'all from Trendy Arrow on Etsy - I'm doing a giveaway over on Instagram for a skirt if you want to take a look. Also she's offering 20% off with code SKINNYMEG20 and has some ADORABLE stuff, I almost died from the baby cuteness.

As Madison likes to remind me daily, December is here which means that her and Daddy {and now Aiden} get to open her Advent calender every night. They have done this since she was a baby, but I love how this year she gets the concept just a bit more. She actually started crying real fat tears when she got in trouble because she thought Santa was going to bring her coal. 

We've entered brand new territory where my kid actually corrects me - and is right. Tuesday morning she was taking a shower and wanted me to wash her hair and I told her it didn't need it because we washed it last night and she told me 'Nooooooooo that was Sunday!' Oops. My bad. It does me no favors that she has the memory of an elephant and you have to be very careful what you say because elephants never ever forget.

She is asking for a flute and her own phone for Christmas - pretty sure I can do one of these. Oh and a 'real' microphone, someone save me from the constant Frozen singalong sure to happen December 25th. Thank you to everyone for the suggestions on non toy items - some really great ideas! This kit for the iPad looks really cool!

 Disney on Ice came to Dallas and 'Santa' left her an early present in the mailbox- well I actually think it was his elf. For the record the Elf is a pain and I ALWAYS forget to move it before bed!

Wow, Santa even made a fancy card for the tickets, he's on top of his game this year!

'Mimi, do you know what my favorite part was?'
"No honey, what?'
"All of it!"

 She still refuses to wear pants and insisted on wearing her soccer medal to school. Am I allowed to wear my marathon medal to work?? cause I totally will.

"Momma take a picture of my tights!"

I shared a very profound moment with her on Monday. Her dance class was moved to 5:45 on Monday nights and Oma brings the kids to me at work so we can get there on time, but traffic was bad and we were a few minutes late. When we walked in all the kids were already in class and she was really upset that she was late. She started to give me a bit of attitude saying 'I should of had Daddy bring me' and 'I told you we were late!' in that moment I completely understood this 5 year old. She was me. Growing up my Dad was NEVER on time for anything, he's just one of those people who is forever 15 minutes late. It bugged me so much when I was a kid and to this day I am usually 20 minutes early to everything {although that kinda went out the window when I had kids}, but I think this is the first time that I've really seen myself in my child so completely. It's kinda freaky and I'm a little scared for when she hits puberty.



  1. I totally wore my half marathon medal to work. Completely acceptable

  2. I am still so so so smitten with Miss Madison....she just touches my heart every time I see her picture!

  3. I always wear my half marathon medals to work on Mondays after my race!

  4. My friends and I wore our half marathon medals on the beach the afternoon following the race...then out to the bar that night! They attracted lots of attention. :) Then we hash tagged #stillwearingmymedal in our pictures. So yeah, perfectly normal in my book.

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