A random post about things that make me happy, cause maybe they will make you happy too and I think we could all use a little happy.

Cheap gas means more disposable income for me, I filled up my Highlander for 28 dollars, HOLLA at ya 2003.

You should take the money being saved and sign up for Ipsy - a monthly dose of happy. Very rarely am I disappointed in their items, do I love every single thing? No, but it's like an 80/20 and for 10 bucks that's a win.

 Babies who sleep through the night. 

 Mimi's who show up randomly on a Thursday night to make Frozen cookies with their grandchildren. 

 If you have a Christmas baby in your life you need to watch this, accurate and hilarious.  Oliver - you ain't Jesus #sorrynotsorry

Just all of this right here.

My fat little bald baby - even if he does grab on his Pee-Pee every time I take off his diaper....and then smiles at me.  I chew on those fat thighs every single day, they are pretty amazing.

Pre-pregnancy jeans.

Maybe not good for getting into skinny jeans, but this peanut brittle is like crack. Ah-mazing and I don't even like brittle!

If you've ever been on Babycenter....read this.

Polka dots and gold have me dreaming of throwing away all my dishes and starting over.... from here.

Have a wonderful day y'all!



  1. OMG the 3rd trimester message board....that is SO true! haha I love my little fat baby in his zippy! Lifesaver! And things that make me happy are reading your blog!

  2. That made me happy!! And it made me smile. You rock! :)

  3. Oh that video had me rolling!!! Thank you!

  4. oh and the gas prices!!!! PRAISE JESUS!!! I remember in 2011 the prices went all the way down to .99 cents a gallon..... amazing amazing amazing.

  5. That shirt.. it is AMAZING!! Also those glasses and since mine keep randomly breaking, I need new one's :)

  6. That's an awesome post. There should be a post for newborn moms questions to.

  7. love this happy list! and i love those gold dot glasses!

  8. Could you please tell me what you answered for your survey on ipsy? That is the bag I want but I cant seem to get the "right" answers!


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