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I'm sure a lot of you are to the point that your like - OK Megan shut up about the running already!  I really try to keep the running talk to once a week on here, but I need to document so one day I can go back and read all about my first marathon. Kinda the point of a blog. Sooooo, I'm sorry if this is not your thing, but everyone likes to eat and I'm going to talk about food too - shocking.

A little hop back in time to when I ran my longest distance of 6 miles - ah, almost like the good old days when I could just run around my house. Now I have to drive 30+ minutes and keep a running store in my trunk for any kind of weather.

It's worth it though, these peeps make a 4 hour run slightly enjoyable, even if they do like to stop and take random pictures with random street signs. I think I look forward to the celebratory beverage we have started partaking in afterwards the most, last week someone had champagne and someone else had orange juice so a mimosa was born and it was ahhhhhmazing. We ran 17ish mile with the last 6 being at race pace, pretty eye opening for sure. Doubt is creeping in that I can keep a 10:40 pace the entire time. Do I start fast and slow down or should I start slow and speed up orrrrrrrrrrr should I keep a steady pace the entire time?? What to do, what to do? I was reading this article which makes a lot of sense to me, but I've heard conflicting things so I'm torn. I just want to do well damn it!

I even met up with this girl {HI JANA - your sweaty selfie is on the blog!} on Sunday for an easy 8 miles, she thought I was nuts for running after such a long run Saturday, but I actually felt really good! Even today when we were doing hill repeats {uh, kill me know} my legs felt amazing. This is encouraging, I'm feeling strong.

If you are going to get out of your warm bed at 4:16am and brave the cold to run up and down the same hill for an hour then you better be safe. I got this reflective headband from NapTime Makings and it lights my head up like a tree at night - love. It's being added to the running store in my trunk.

My November box of I'm Pretty Fit came and it might just be my favorite yet! I'm literally obsessed with protein pancake cause they keep me super full for most of the morning and right now I'm on a high carb diet {thank you running!} - Flap Jacked are super easy {just mix with water} and the apple cinnamon was very tasty. 

I saw this cookie a few weeks ago when I was checking out at Academy, but didn't buy it so I was happy to get to try it out in this month's box. Ladies - this cookie is freaking amazing!! I'm not even a fan of pumpkin, but I literally went that day to amazon and ordered myself a box - Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie. You can use code MEG10 to get 10 bucks off a I'm Pretty Fit box, you can even just buy this one and not subscribe if you don't want to.

And just because I can't post and not share a picture of the cuteness that is Aiden, who is fever free today and back to his usual smiling self!



  1. Best advice I can give for your first marathon, don't get too hung up on time. So much of the unexpected can happen in 26.2 (probably closer 26.6 miles) that you just have to stick to your plan and see what happens. Start out slower than your goal pace and ease into that, I assure you going out too fast will take its toll. Stick to your fueling plan, trust your training and have FUN! Your first time (hehe) is truly something special!

  2. I personally love your posts about running, so keep up the awesome work! I started training for my first marathon yesterday. Your blog helps me calm down a bit! Thanks!

  3. AS a newbie runner, I am fascinated with your posts about running!!

  4. Do not start out too fast!!!! You will regret it sooner or later. Think of your energy for a marathon stored in a medicine dropper, you can squeeze it and get all the medicine (energy) at once or you can drop it drip by drip....which one is going to last longer?

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out! 😊 So glad you like your headband!

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