9 Month Old: Favorites

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Baby Aiden is 9 months old, time is literally flying by lately which usually happens during the holidays. Here are a few of my favorites for him:

1. Freshly Picked: Now 60 bucks is a crazy amount of money for baby shoes, I get that, BUT these suckers last for a while and he can't pull them off so his feel stay nice and warm. Nordstrom's sells them now which is nice because then I don't have to measure and guess his size or pay shipping. I bought a knockoff brand and they ain't the same - take my word for it.

2. Baby plaid and striped tops paired with cute boy leggings: Wrapables Baby Leggings, man plaid, and Carter's Baby Boys' 4 Pack Striped Bodysuits I try to make it easy for Oliver to dress him, just pick out plaid or stripes :)

3. Evenflo Symphony Elite Convertible Car Seat  God blessed this guy with the chunk and I was SO over trying to lug around that dang baby car seat, but with our situation we potentially needed 4, YES FOUR, car seats so I wasn't keen on something crazy expensive! I'm very please with this car-seat, it's very durable and safe, lasts up to 65 as a car seat and up to 100 as a booster, and it has great features like the cooling fabric {hello Texas!}, cup holders, and the dang straps stay untwisted!! At 190.00 with free shipping off Amazon I'm very happy with this purchase!

4. Foam puzzle mat: He is obsessed with tearing it apart and chewing on it - then Madison gets to put the puzzle back together. Win Win.

5. This isn't a favorite of his, but mine, a Ninja Kitchen System Pulse . I got a great black Friday deal on it at Macy's and I love the smaller version of the big one because it's easier to use and easier to clean up. I've been baby food prepped for the first time on Sunday, and with this ninja it was a serious breeze! That prepping wasn't the problem, the baby was...

A while ago I was browsing old posts on my blog and I saw that Madison was really eating a lot of regular foods by now. Aiden will chow down on some pureed baby foods and he will eat the crunchy little toddler things from the store, but he's not really chewing on much else. I gave him a frozen waffle one day and he threw it on the ground, I'm like, seriously kid?! You shove anything and everything in your mouth, but thrown a waffle on the ground. OK << Also he hates avocado and banana, we might have a defective kid ;)

We are still sticking with loving the Similac Stage 2 {you can sign up for their Mom's program here and get coupons which are a lifesaver!}  to make sure he's getting everything he needs. You can use their helpful formula finder to find the right kind for your baby and I enjoyed this article on bottle and nipples << be sure to size up as your baby grows!

Maybe for Christmas he'll get some new teeth and it will encourage him to want to actually chew food. Anyways if you are using bottles or formula full time I highly suggest the following items to make it easier:

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  1. Try Robeez shoes. They're half the price and my kids couldn't get them off.

    1. I was going to suggest the same thing! My boys all wore them and they're mostly $20-$30!

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  3. Could you recommend a running stroller??

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  5. I can't tell from the photo, but I really hope your cute baby is in a rear-facing car seat. https://www.txdps.state.tx.us/director_staff/public_information/carseat.htm

  6. Both of my boys are in that carseat. It's amazing.

  7. Beckett is the same way with food. He'll eat purees all day long and he likes cottage cheese and all the processed baby snacks, but if you give him soft carrots, bananas, or avocado chunks, he gags. But he'll eat them off a spoon all day long. Strange kid!


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