6 Gifts for the Men in your Life

 I'm about to give all your single ladies some good advice - don't marry a December baby because it will cause you undo stress during the holidays. I don't know why, but buying for my husband is incredibly difficult and coupled with the fact that his birthday is 2 days after Christmas, yikes. The worst thing for me is spending money on items he really won't use so I try to find items that he uses daily, but is a higher quality that he normally wouldn't by for himself or even something unique. 

Here are my top picks for this year:

1. Under Armour Jacket: He's a fan of the Old Navy Fleece pullovers, but I'm sick of looking at ratty fleece on the daily. You can never go wrong with Under Armour and he LOVES drifit fabrics all his clothing.

2. Me Undies: 24 bucks for a pair of boxers is high, but the fabric is outstanding and Oliver has sensitive skin. Check out the fantastic prints as well, hard to say no!

3. Mission Belts: Besides being good looking these belts are super functional - no holes means they fit a wide range of sizes, interchangeable buckles, and easy on and off. Plus they last FOREVER.

4. Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer: Oliver's obsessed with golf, his swing, his clubs, his desire for me to start golfing. This gift could be great or a pain - he probably will want to analyze my swing!

5. Anywhere Table Tennis: We just don't have room for a ping pong table, but we could totally set this up in the dining room for a few rounds of ass whooping. Probably mine.

6. Custom Scrabble Art - I got these for Oliver a while ago and put them up in his office and we still love them so much! He's a huge Scrabble fan so this is the perfect item for him to look at while he's working so hard at home.

What's on your man's list this year?



  1. Thanks for some ideas.... I'm at a loss on what to get Ross this year. Ugh.

  2. Love these ideas! I am married to a December baby too (and have one! Poor planning on our part!) I'm trying to finish up shopping so I'll be checking these out!

  3. The Swing Analyzer is awesome! I needed a higher ticket gift item for my guy and this is PERFECT. I also love that it ships Prime :) Thank you for the idea!

  4. Love 1, 2, & 6 (more for myself though)! My guy currently wants every thing under the sun for his truck (literally just got the thing a month ago) now, but everything is an arm, leg, & part of a lung to buy (linex, custom seat covers, dual exhaust pipes, etc.). He might just have to wait until his bday to get those (or even just one of those) since I'm on a tight budget. Thank beejeezus he's a May baby.

  5. You should check out Saxx underwear. I swear it's the male version of VS. Hubby's fave!!!

  6. I am a December baby... the 22nd... daughter is Christmas day, sister is New Year's Eve & then 2 nieces in December... then January is hubby... this time of the year I have gift scurvy! GREAT ideas!


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