W.O.W Shoulder Supersets

Just popping by really quick to share a quick shoulder workout - the video shows the moves, but do them slower than I did, I'm used to rushing for IG vids // 15 seconds ain't nothin'!

Shoulder Supersets //

1 bar with a weight you can bust out 8 reps fairly easy.
8 pull-up
8 shoulder press
**do not rest between sets do 8 pull ups and 8 presses back to back.
***Repeat that 4 times!

1 set of dumbbells {pretty heavy} for 4 reps
4 around the worlds
4 shoulder press
**same as above do not rest between and do 4 sets



  1. My shoulders are burning just from reading this! :)

  2. Thanks! I'll try this next shoulder day! :)


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