Weekend Snapshots

 Baby Aiden didn't make it very far trick or treating before he just passed out, not sure if he was just tired of if he was sick of fighting the hat on his costume. Madison on the other hand couldn't wait to put her costume on the moment we walked in the door.

I really wanted her and Aiden to be some type of cute matching outfits, but she was insistent on being something scary. Well, she actually wanted to be Elsa {duh} but I told her they were out of her size ;) So a scary princess she is - love love love the outfits from Chasing Firefly's, the quality is fantastic so she can wear it for dressing up for a long time.

She perfected her scowl before heading out, we only spend about an hour or so out in the neighborhood before calling it quits. I'm already overwhelmed with candy, Oliver always over buys and we never have a lot of trick or treaters.

Saturday afternoon my Mom and I loaded up and headed to Canton, Madison can't come anymore because she complains the entire time so she gets to stay home and have fun with Papa and Daddy, which she would probably rather do anyways. The weather was gorgeous and it was PACKED for sure.  I found some Christmas presents, matching Christmas outfits for the kids for Santa pics, and a new coffee table which I love and Oliver hates.

 It's the perfect size and the colors are the pop of color I needed on the rug.

This kid is such a good shopper, he didn't cry at all and was so happy and pleasant! I know I go on and on about what a good baby he is, but I have just never experienced it before. I believe 5 years ago when Madison was his age we took her to Canton and she screamed and cried that we left after about an hour. Thankfully she turned into a great kid, it was dicey there for a few years. It's a entirely different experience raising such a calm baby. 

Sunday we slept in and then everyone came to watch my soccer game, they really just come for the food cause we always go out after. Burgers for everyone minus the one with two teeth - Sew Foxxy made him the cutest [boy] seat cover cause the zebra pink one was a bit misleading for folks, haha. I'm also trying real hard to get him to keep a hat on because it's cold, he's bald, and it's freaking adorable.

Also - he crawled!



  1. your face is soooo thin!!! looking great!

  2. I'd give him ALLLL the candy!!!

  3. You could always try punishing Madason and MAKING her quit complaining???

    1. Hope you are joking because I would never take my child shopping and then PUNISH her for not liking it.

    2. Agree. My husband always gets mad at them, and I'm like they are boys and young, shopping is not fun for them at this age!!!

    3. You could always try NOT giving unsolicited parenting advice???

    4. P. S.... If you are going to insult her parenting at least spell her kid's name correctly.

  4. ? Yes, all children are different & a few may make it through.

    Good for you Meg for providing your daughter a fun day with the boys! As we strive to install kindness in our children, I am truly amazed that some adults need more help then any little one I have ever worked with!

    Have a great day Meg!

  5. Those costumes are darling!!! I love that she wanted to be something scary...especially since she is usually so girly and pink :)

  6. I absolutely adore Madison's costume! It's so pretty but scary too. Love it! And little Aiden looked adorable as well. I always heard if you have two kids, you get one really well behaved one and one that's a monster. That's why I stopped with just one. She was well behaved so didn't want to jinx it. lol


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