Running off the Pooch.

Cold Weather Running Wish List

It's so dang hard to get yourself out of bed and into your workout gear when it's 25 degrees outside! My flannel jammie pants were so cozy and I was sleeping so good, but it has to be done. 26 days. 
I put together a wish list of some items I could possibly want, you know, in case someone wants to buy me a Christmas gift coughOlivercough.

I was highly impressed with myself for running my last mile at a 8:44 pace, I think I could even do better if I pushed myself a bit. Honestly I can barely run a 10 on the treadmill, gah, I just HATE that thing so much. Hate it! I have a friend, Jodi, she live in ND and is training for her first marathon. She had to run 16 miles ON THE TREADMILL. Bless her heart, rockstar status for life right there.

I'm so serious, I literally want to gauge my eyes out after 1.2 miles on that thing, I find running outdoors so much more rewarding. Hence the reason I will still get my ass out there when it's freezing cold.

These two pictures were taken 27 days apart and only about a 3 pound difference! My pooch is getting better, I have a pretty bad one due to not only having two kids, but losing over 100 pounds. I have no plans to get a tummy tuck, I'm ok with just getting it to shrink as much as I can with diet and exercise - and before you all email me asking for the gym moves to get rid of it hear me now - you can't spot reduce! It's all just diet and exercise, losing fat all over is what you have to do. I actually have been slacking on my ab workouts lately, oops.

I'm on a lower fat higher carb macro plan - via Paige - and I'm usually left with carbs and proteins at the end of the day. Found this Fiber One 90 Calorie Instant Pudding the other day, so so satisfying! Made with skim milk, cool whip, and a few mini Reeses Oreos 47c/3f/12p



  1. Girl--I can barely run a 5K!!! Can't wait to see you rock that marathon--you are a beast!!!

  2. looking good. I can't wait to hear how much ass you kick at your first marathon!!

  3. I absolutely love your motivation and determination! I have been following your blog for about a year now and look forward to your weekly posts. I recently signed up for my first half marathon and I am super excited to start training. I cannot wait to be a fast runner....for long periods of time. Any tips for new runners?

  4. ummmm, yum!!!! I want that pudding!

  5. way to go on the running in the cold!!! Gotta get that pudding!!!

  6. First off, THANKS for being so honesty about the process (I REFUSE to use the word "journey" because it makes me throw up a little in my mouth!!) of bouncing back after baby. I remember seeing friends (who were super skinny before baby) fitting into their pre-preggo jeans in just a month or so. It made me feel super lazy and somehow wrong for having to buy a larger size when I gave up maternity clothes 1 month post-partum. I really appreciate the true picture of what it takes to get back into shape-- and you are such a great example! I love that you tell the good and the ugly! :)

  7. you look great, all that hard work is paying off! keep up the good job :)

  8. Oh my goodness...first of all...you look awesome! This gives me hope. I just had my 2nd c-section in Sept...and I HATE my pooch! Wasn't really feeling a tummy tuck either!

  9. You look great, as ALWAYS! I love seeing your progression photos. Very motivating. I have "the pooch" as well, mostly csection hangover. But it does dwindle with fat loss....uhh still waiting for that. But actually I've lost 13 pounds in the last 2 months so it is coming off, albiet slowly. :)

  10. You look fantastic! I ran my first marathon in September and wore the CX-W pants- they are amazing!

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