Running Go Bag.

Whew - Fall has hit and it's chilly! We had some nice weather for our long weekend run, 16.3 miles, with this good looking bunch. We've also decided to make a 'snack' schedule for beer after the rest of our long runs, a little something to get us through those 22 miles. I'm not a fan of beer most of the time, but God bless nothing tastes sweeter after running for hours.

My Arrosti guy told me I HAVE to ice bath, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Y'all this kills me, it's so freaking hard to sit in ice cold water for 8 minutes. One of my super runner peeps told me to get some neoprene socks, a hat, and a trashy magazine, so that's my plan for the next one. Madison was really looking forward to putting the ice in the tub once I was in, one by one, finally after about a minute I told her go get Daddy cause I need it to happen faster. hahha. I will say it did help my knees feel less stiff for sure. 

 One thing that I really struggled with was rewarding myself too much after a long run, you just can't stuff your face with junk for the rest of the day no matter how much you feel like you deserve it. I mean you can, obviously, but not if you are trying to lose weight. I allow myself to eat whatever I want for lunch and then get my macros in around it for the rest of the day.

 With the weather being unpredictable and with the amount of miles I'm logging I've started keeping a Go Bag for running in the back of my car at all times. It's come in super handy and makes getting up at the crack of dawn easier because I don't have to run around looking for my supplies.

1. ASICS Thermopolis Lite Arm Warmer - these were recommended to me and are so great for days where it's chilly, but easily taken off and carried if you get hot. Love! Plus they have thumb holes ;)

2. Under Armour Visor - I hate wearing glasses I prefer hats also a must have in the rain!

3. Extra shirts - tank and a warm weather running top

4. Face wipes - feels amazing to wash off that dried sweat when you are done.

5. Bondi Bands - sweat bands that are big enough to cover your ears if need be, I really like the weight of these.

6. Camelbak Pack - a fuel/water belt is a must for long runs, water is sometimes not available, but is so crucial! This one was the biggest size water bottle I could find and the pack holds a ton of food/keys.

7. Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm - always around your bra to prevent chaffing.

8. Nathan 5K Runner's Waist Pack - this sucker is huge and I only use it for my phone if it's raining or I'm just doing a short run and don't need that water bottle.

9. Advocare Catalyst and O2 Gold - I take 3 of the catalyst and 2 of the gold before every run, if you take any supplements as a runner it should be BCAA's

10. Nuun All Day Hydration - little tablets you can drop in your water, great for those hot running days, the flavors are very light and enjoyable. The little bit of fizz makes me happy.

11. Sunscreen - duh - always. I prefer a sport in a SPF 50 - also lip balm!!

12. Advocare Rehydrate Fuel - these are my preferred running fuels, the GU did a number on my stomach and these are lightly flavored which I prefer. Also - I carry some Skittles for those last miles when I'm dying - the sugar rush really really helps in a bind!

13. Extra water.

14. iPhone 6 Armband - I have to say this is my favorite band I've tried - easy in and easy out!

15. Gloves - preferably ones that are compatiable with a touch screen.

16. Knuckle Lights - always take a light when running in the dark, I'd be pissed if I stepped in a hole and hurt myself!

17. A towel to sit on afterwards and a bag for your sweaty nasty top {I usually change my shirt before driving home}

I keep all this in a cute  31 Utility tote in the back of my car, I LOVE their bags for everything! If I need to take it out to make room it's easy to just grab and put in the garage.



  1. Meg-What is the running app you are using?

  2. I did a full marathon 5 years ago and anytime I ran over 13 miles I did an ice bath. It was rough but always worth it and I was always glad I had done it. Stick with them. Also, I used Advocare products, 02 Gold, nighttime recovery, Rehydrate and Slam for energy. Rehydrate settled really well on my stomach. I could not do Gatorade b/c it made my stomach upset. They didn't have the rehydrate gels at that time. I wish they had. I bet they are perfect. Good luck, you are doing awesome. I love watching your training. You're beautiful by the way and I can't get enough of your kids. I just want to squeeze both of them. Their faces...so precious.

  3. Hello. This might be a silly question, but do you REALLY like the knuckle lights? I've been looking for a light to run with that isn't a headlamp, but didn't know if I could trust the reviews on these. Thank you in advance for answering.

    1. Yes I really do ;) comfortable and bright - plus once the sun comes up I can hook it onto my belt so I don't have to carry it anymore.

    2. Meg,
      Thank you. I will put those on my Christmas list.

  4. Probly one of the best running preparedness posts I've ever read!!!

  5. Have you tried or looked into cryotherapy as another option to the dreaded to a ice bath? Great post! So informative!

  6. my 6 year old LOVES to put the ice in.....it cracks her up!

  7. I have a question about the iphone 6 armband - It looks great and super comfy, but do you have to take your phone out of your day-to-day case in order to put it in the the armband? Have you had any success with leaving the case on and then putting it in the armband? I ask because I don't want to stretch out my day-to-day case by pulling it out every day for running. Thanks for the help!

    1. nope, you have to take it out of the current case. I have an otter box and it's not so bad

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