Pancakes and Clean Babies.

 We had another crazy busy weekend, just never enough hours in the days to get it all done. I don't give enough credit on here to my husband who seriously helps me out a ton, I get asked all the time how I do it all and I couldn't do half of it without his help. With marathon training and a baby we have to really logistically work out what we need to do all weekend ahead of time, hence the reason I get up at the crack of dawn to run. Oliver works every other Saturday too and he likes to try to get in a game of golf so we both have to work well as a team to make our family run ;)  Add in a 5 year old with soccer games and the random party here and there and those 48 hours in between working just fly by. Lately I've not been able to fit in my of my own friend time, so to all my friends out there - I'M SORRY! I miss y'all and I promise to make a couples night out when I'm done with this race!

I promised Madison that we could get a donut after my run, pretty bummed that Dunkin stopped making the Oreo ones because they were the best! I had a regular glazed and it was totally not worth the carbs. 

My car was overdue for an oil change and my inspection sticker so I had to spend an hour and half at the dealership getting that done. Aiden was obsessed with this toy, Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube , putting it on his Christmas list for sure.

We have this set of books that are kinda like Encylopedia's, but for kids, and Madison loves them. She will flip though and ask questions like, 'Is Lava real or fake?' or  'What is Fungi?'  We always are telling her things, like dragons, are not real and when she see's pictures of stuff like lava she's just not sure if it's real or not. Poor kid, we are messing up her learning!

Jacket via PinkSlate Boutique
I made the mistake of telling Madison she could get her own tree in her room this year, then we turned the corner and OF COURSE they had a ton of Frozen Christmas stuff. Thank you Hobby Lobby.

Sunday I woke up starving, the bald baby was done sleeping at 6am, so we made ourselves so delicious pancakes. I used Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix and mixed together Greek cream cheese with Walden Farms Calorie Free Dip Caramel then spread it between each pancake topped with mini chip - ohhhhh so good!


1 cup Flap Jacked
52 grams Greek cream cheese
2 Tablespoons WF Caramel
15 grams Enjoy Life mini chips

 I cleaned the house and the baby, he loves the Inflatable Baby Bathtub I got off Amazon. Both of my kids are lover's of bath time thankfully, it comes in handy when the bathroom needs a good scrubbing. From the day he was born Aiden has loved to be bathed or even in the shower he would smile when the water ran over his head.

 I had just enough time, after Oliver took the kids to his parents house, to bust out my lifting program before my soccer game. I just got this jacket in from Fabletics and I freaking LOVE IT. It's lightweight, kinda like a windbreaker, but has some zippered pockets big enough for my phone and thumb holes which are always a winner in my book!


  1. Your kids are adorable. I can't wait to see Madison's 'Frozen' Christmas tree.

  2. Seriously...your kids are so freaking cute. And that BOY omg!! I just want to kiss his little bald head. So CUTE!! <3

  3. At least all the Frozen décor was 50% off!

  4. nothing beats a clean baby, he's so cute. Those pancakes look yummy. Sounds like a great weekend.

  5. Your family is adorable! I agree, never enough time to fit it all in.

  6. Gorgeous kiddos. Are the employees at your hobby lobby nice??? Ours are awful here! I love hobby lobby, but avoid it at all costs because they are so mean! Anyway, can't wait to see the truth.

  7. What's the name of the kids encyclopedias? My son would LOVE those!!! Thanks :)

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  9. Is this your first item from Fabletics? How has the fit and quality been?

  10. I'm Curious about the name of the books that Madison has- my daughter would love them!

    1. http://www.amazon.com/Childcraft-The-How-Library-Volume/dp/B000GHMVUO

  11. Aiden is adorbs!!!! Gaaaaaah I want to squeeze him. Haha :)

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