Best Shopping Day of the Year

I hate how they ruined the Black Friday fun by opening up on Thanksgiving. I was always so excited to wake up early with my Mom, stop at Starbucks for coffee, and plan our route for the best day of shopping! The excitement always starts the holiday season off and we enjoy our day together. My Mom actually has to work on Thanksgiving because it's not a holiday in Canada and I feel like we miss out on the best deals by not going when they open.
Oh well, we still plan on getting up early and shopping til we drop!

1. Target - Beat By Dre $97 bucks!
2. Academy Sports - Nike clothing 25% off I also saw Nike Free's are priced from $100 to $70
3. Macy's - They always have a huge boot sale! Also go online and print off a few of the coupons to save yourself $20 bucks off every $50 << check out separately to save yourself some bucks!
4. Kohls - Get $15 bucks in Kohl's Cash for every $50 spent and these kid headphones need to happen for Madison even though she'll just sing out loud anyways.
5. 5 Below - Best store for stocking stuffers, mini puzzles are always a hit with my 5 year old!
6. Old Navy - 50% off the entire store, these girls plaid tops are 10 bucks!
7. Ulta - Lots of great makeup sets on sale, I'm going to swing by for this Lorac one. 

Find more Black Friday deals here - I'm still waiting on Gap's to come out.

If you are buying for that person who is so. dang. hard. to shop for I highly recommend something personalized because a personal touch is always thoughtful and appreciated! My favorite place to shop is Personalized From Me to You and they are offering 20% off orders of $50 or more black Friday through cyber Monday.

Another great deal is for those pregnant people in your life, I loved my girdle so much after Aiden and it would be a fantastic gift for an expecting mother. You can check out the different type at Bellefit.  

I'm a little stuck on what to get Madison, I really don't want to buy her any toy's because she rarely plays with the ones she has. She loves to dress up and play pretend, but we have almost everything she could need for that. I would be open to more education type things, like flashcards or something like that. Any suggestions from veteran Mom's are much appreciated! 



  1. This American born living in Canada girl misses her Thanksgiving holiday too!! Thanksgiving in the States is so different than here. Good luck finding the right toys for TS, sadly I have no ideas in that department. Danger loves her girl legos, her technology, and her creative stuff.

  2. Just fyi, Staples has beats for like $80...a friend had Wal-Mart price match already. We are going thru the same thing with our kids, age 7 &10. And they have no ideas either. Good luck!

  3. We got our daughter this book at 5 and she is still a fan at 8: http://www.amazon.com/Dictionary-Ordinary-Extraordinary-Animals/dp/0762440635/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417021942&sr=8-1&keywords=of+ordinary+animals

  4. oh geez, sorry. link didn't work.

  5. Is Madison into dolls at all? I know they're not educational but American Girl dolls are always popular and you can add to her collection year after year... they have so many dolls and accessories, it's so fun for girls!

  6. I am in your same boat on ordering toys!! It's hard to want to buy any more when they don't play with the ones they have!! I am getting my girls some Jamberry nail wraps for the holidays! I just started selling them and they are awesome! jsawyers.jamberrynails.net
    My bigger kids are getting lots of games for Christmas. They love to play games with my hubby and me and I am so sick of Uno Attack!!! The game list is: Qwirkle (it is a strategy pattern, color and shape game), Banana Grams (like scrabble), King of Tokyo (strategy),Stratego (strategy there are themed ones to make it more fun), blokus (like tetris on a board with 3 other opponents), Spot it (matching game on steroids all kinds of different themes)

  7. Good old fashioned board games, a map of the us that she can mark or pin places she has been or wants to go, or a deck of cards to teach her rummy, solitaire etc plus they double as cards to add with or later to multiply with.

  8. You should check out Osmo, it's a game pack that works with your ipad. It's educational, and looks pretty awesome, plus, I love how you can customize the pictures. I am a children's librarian and am seriously considering getting it for our ipads. https://www.playosmo.com/home.html?utm_expid=85506917-15.vAmdP47DSMSN5cXGYOTyIw.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

  9. Goldieblox!!! From a female engineer they're awesome for little girls. My nieces love it!! Its very awesome to see how their imagination us developing.

  10. Magnatiles. They are a favorite in my classroom. I always like giving experiences too - a trip to see your local university's gymnastic meet, a small weekend adventure... Something as a family to make memories.

  11. Last year we started this: something to read, something they need, something to wear, something they want . It was so amazing and my kids loved it . And it kept us from not going crazy and over spending ! Good luck mama!

    1. I love this idea! Keeping it in mind for next year!

  12. You didnt mention crafting but arts and crafts anything is always popular in our house. Both my son and daughter like anything from art sets to glitter glue and googly eyes.

  13. Of course you get up early on Black Friday! It's so you!

  14. Im thinking she needs a trip to Disney! I would love to help you plan/book! http://disneyfairygodmother.blogspot.com :)

  15. I totally agree about opening on Thursday. There's nothing better than waking up at the crack of dawn to get the best deals. You KNOW you are with the real shoppers! :) Hope you got all your deals!

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