Annual Cookie Party

My weekend pretty much consisted of two things - eating cookies and a sleeping Aiden. Thank God I had macros x infinity this weekend after my long run.

Big fan of the Zippadee Zip

The Cookie Party was so much fun this year, if you haven't heard of a cookie party you can read about past years here and here.We missed doing one last year because my Mom was moving and I was pregnant - and lazy. It's a great way to get to try so many delicious cookies without having to bake them all yourself.

I had to make 6 dozen cookies after work on Friday, I had to enlist the help of the live in ballerina. A co-worker gave me the easiest recipe:

1 pkg cream cheese
1 pkg sugar cookie mix
chocolate for drizzle

You mix the first three ingredients and form into a roll, cut, and cook at 375 for 9 minutes. Finish it off with a drizzle of chocolate. 

The ballerina is also in charge of the fat baby while Mommy cooks, sorry buddy.

I let my Mom borrow my white tree because we held the party at her house, she found the head at Home Depot and it's so dang cute I kinda want to leave it like this at my house! I wish I had room for two trees, but sadly I don't  and I even wanted to buy a smaller more narrow one this year, but the one I loved is pretty expensive so I think I'll forgo that this year since we just bought a couch.

Sunday while we were out to lunch at our favorite place Madison spied an old friend, the elf.

Which kinda works in my favor because I bought tickets to Disney on Ice this weekend and I'm going to send them in a special package from Santa in the mail - Santa thinks she deserves an early present for behaving so well this school year. Mommy thinks that spending hundreds of bucks on princess tickets should be included in her Christmas presents!



  1. Hey girl, how many did that recipe make or did you double/triple it to get the 3 dozen? Also, did you mix up the cookie mix or just use the dry ingredient added to the cream cheese/pecans? Thanks so much--I def want to try these out for the holdiay... :)

  2. Wait, are you saying Santa isn't real? Mind = blown.

  3. Those cookies sound delicious! I may have to look into hosting a cookie party next year!

  4. I am doing these cookies for my cookie day! How many did this recipe make?

  5. I am def going to have to try those cookies. Madison looks just like a lil Mommy helping with Aiden.

  6. OH my gosh I love your tree. So creative! And I'm going to have to get me one of those weird starfish looking swaddlers because heaven knows we've tried to transition Riley into his crib from the rock 'n play and it's been an epic fail.

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  9. Love the cookie party idea. I want to come next year


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