Ankle Bone Connected to the Hip Bone

My training is taking a turn, we are getting into the last 6 weeks and the runs are long and longer - pretty much the only options. It looks a little something like this: 16/18/22/17/12/race <<< just the weekend runs. We keep a steady 11:45 pace on our training runs, during my shorter weekday jogs I'm keeping around a 10.

I know a lot of people tend to fall off the running wagon after marathons, so duh, I've already signed up for another race :) I'm doing the New Years Eve Double in Allen which is a half marathon two days in a row - NYE and NYD. I need a running buddy if any of y'all are doing it let me know!

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My knee started acting up again about a week ago and I found some great stretches that are helping a ton - like this one <<< be sure to scroll down and watch the video. I can feel how tight my IT band is on my left side and foam rolling and stretching can only do so much.

Especially when you have kids taking over the roller and climbing on top of you - I'm looking at you little fat bald baby. A friend of mine told me about Arrosti - which is kinda like seeing a chiro, but they specialize in soft tissue. 

"Well Airrosti is a new form of treatment for sports related injuries.  The Airrosti assessment, diagnosis, and treatment model specifically addresses the connective tissue systems in the body and provides the appropriate directed manual strokes, pressures, and movements along with neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic activity in order to treat what Airrosti practitioners find."

I'm about to dumb it wayyyyyyy down for y'all - basically you have fascia, which is like the coating on a chicken breast, around your muscles to help bind them and let them slide smoothly over each other. When you get injured that fascia is all bunched up and if not treated can cause the pain to come back, which is where I'm at now. I'm not sure how widespread this type of treatment is, it may be local to Dallas, but I went here to make an appointment.  

 When I first went in he explained the treatment to me, then asked me questions about my pain and activity. Then he did an physical examination on both my legs, where we found what he thinks is causing my issues - my ankle. Now I'm not having any type of ankle pain, but both of them have been sprained quite a few times because of soccer which has lead to a lot of damage and loss of flexibility in them. This mean when I'm running I'm not getting very much give when my leg hits the pavement, which causes strain on the hip flexors and IT band - and out through my knee. Now comes the bad part - he had to do deep tissue massage on all of it, it was super painful, I literally started sweating and cursing in my head. After that he took me to another room where he coached me on foam rolling and stretching, then he taped me up. It will take about 3/4 sessions to get it all worked out, but insurance covers it - getting my money's worth! I will share a few of the foam rolling tips he gave me next week.

I woke up today and my knee felt much better and I even busted out a 6 mile run at a 9:48 pace - with hills.



  1. Go girl, hope it heals all the way asap!

  2. Ahh I was going to do the New Years double finally this year but my body decided it was ready to be pregnant :). Have fun!!! I think you will qualify as a half fanatic after that race.

  3. If it's like the graston technique that I've had done for plantar fasciitis I feel for ya!! The whole leg would be worse than just the foot! But it worked! Good luck!

  4. I read the post and then forgot it all by your photo.....damn girl,your hard work is paying off. You look fantastic! I wish I had the dedication you have

  5. Ouch! I've been experiencing some knee pain as well and I got some hip flexor exercises to do to improve them. So far so good, but I'm anxious to hear how your new treatment goes. Knee pain is the worst!

  6. I wish we had that in my area! I'm all about doing stuff to help with recovery when training! I want to do a full someday but I know I will have to call in all kinds of reinforcements to help with pain and treatment! I do Active Release Technique right now and I do love that, but I think I need something even stronger!

  7. Loved all the information but I have to say - DAMN! Look at you, hot mama!

  8. Girl. You're my hero. I had to give up long distance running from all the pain everywhere. I'm in awe of your discipline and dedication :)

  9. Really great information! Thank you so much for it. I've been dealing with IT band issues on my left elg for a few months now. I just made an appointment to have it checked.

    You look great, BTW!

  10. You should look up massage therapists in your area that are certified in myofascial therapy.

  11. You will love the double half marys! I've done it and PR'd the first day. Usually the weather is great that time of year too and the course is so flat. Best of luck at Dallas next month!

  12. Girl you look HOT in that last picture of your legs! You are such an inspiration and looking good! Keep it up!

  13. I'm doing the Double in Allen! 5k New Years Eve and the marathon New Years Day!


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