22 Miles and some French Toast

I did it, I finished out the run that has been looming over me since I signed up for this marathon - 22 miles. I've been stressing about this run for, oh, like 4 months now. All last week the forecast was 100% downpour rain, in preparation I got online and did a little research. I came across a great article that said to put Aquaphor all over your feet, then socks, and then bags to keep your feet dry as long as possible.

I also made sure to wear all dri-fit clothing, carried a trash bag in my Camelbak, and put my phone in a Ziploc baggie {no headphone wires!}. Got to the meeting spot, checked the forecast, all rain chances were gone! I sure owe someone up there big time!!! 

 I guess the Aquaphor made my feet really soft and I started to feel blisters around mile 6. I ate my regular protein bar before I started, but I really started to get hunger pains around mile 8 and I only had Skittles and my Advo Gels with me. I hoped if I drank enough water it would go away, but I just got hangrier and hangrier. Lo and behold someone left us sweet lovely bagels at our water stop on mile 14!! I have never been so happy for a piece of bread in my life!

I had a renewed sense of energy even though my feet were hurting, we continued on. Mile 18.5 we passed the parking lot where I was parked and I started to feel the wall coming at me. I started to feel tired and a little bit angry, why I feel anger I have no idea, this is something I choose to do. Everyone around me starts to really annoy me, but a lot of people in the group were hitting that wall too so the happy ones started to cheer us on, which kinda only served to annoy me more. haha. They tried though. 

Two friends of mine texted me around mile 20 and 21 and I almost started crying, when you are pushing your body this hard the emotions seem to be right under the surface. I had a lump in my throat, but I told myself, don't be a wuss no one else is crying! I sucked it up and shuffled though my playlist for some good songs. I don't listen to headphones, but I will turn my phone on out loud and the girls in the group will have a little karaoke sing a long which can make the miles go faster. 

I have never been so glad to stop running in my life! I've been asked a lot why we go past 20, well the point of the long run is to be on your feet for the full time you will potentially be running the race. We are training to run the 26 in 4:40 so the 22 miles is our training pace, 11:40, for 4 hours and 40 minutes. I don't know if I have a 10:40 in me for 26 miles, but it won't be from lack of training or trying I can tell you! 

We all wobbled back to our cars for a little celebration drinking. Just a little bit of alcohol can make the difference between hobbling and walking like a normal human, with that said I'm going to need someone to love me enough to find mile 22 and be waiting for me with a beer around Noon on Dec 14th. Here's a map to make it real easy for you to find me!

I have 2 more weekend training runs - 17 this Saturday at race pace and another 12 the weekend before the race. I'm still running shorter runs during the week -  today I did an easy 5 with negative splits {meaning I got faster with each mile}.

I had just enough time to make some amazing french toast before work  and still wash and curl my hair while jamming out with Madison and Aiden in the bathroom to Taylor Swift - #winning

Dip that yummy bread in some egg white and fry up, top it off with cream cheese mixed with Walden's syrup and some caramel morsels {I also added in a few dairy free chocolate chips too} OMG> yes.

I typically cook it, put in Tupperware, and then eat it when I get to work around 8, it took me maybe 8 minutes to get it cooked and packed up.
Plus it keeps me super full until at least 11.



  1. I am loving all your marathon training updates! Technically today was Day 1 of marathon training for me and my crew...we ran a half Sunday and jumped right back in to our 6 miles this morning instead of our standard post half "recovery" walk waffle house :)

  2. You ran and then went to work? Is that what I'm getting here? If so, that is BAD ASS.

  3. That is amazing that you have lost so much weight with what you eat. I really need to start running. asap!

  4. I get angry when I start to reach the wall too. And I keep telling myself I chose this, no one made me do it. And then after I reach angry, then I hit the emotional stuff, lol. It's like the stages of grief or something. I've started to hate wearing headphones on runs and I bet a friend now that runs some local races with a tiny speaker strapped to her camelback. I love when I find her on a race. She makes me run faster because I want to hear her music, lol. On longer runs we all get a little crazy and start singing along

  5. I remember hitting ANGRY on one of my long training runs too! Except I was alone and far away from my car. It was about that time "Till I Collapse" by Eminem randomly came on my Pandora radio. I had never heard it before but it was just the kick in the pants I needed to help me power through!!! Download that secret weapon and save it for a rainy day!

  6. Um! Yummy!!! Totally stealing this French toast recipe!
    You rocked that run girl!!!
    High Five!!! 👋

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