Running Post Baby.

10 Months ago I stopped running - mainly because I felt like Aiden was gonna fall out. 

 I didn't run again until 4 weeks after I had him, well not run, walked. Slowly. THAT was tough actually, so I was very very very worried about my running abilities.

 6 Weeks  after I had him I went for my first run outdoors and I was humbled by my lack of endurance. I get that I just had a baby, but I really thought I would have a little somethin' left inside, 6 miles isn't bad at all, but I literally wanted to cry for the last 3 and I had to run my happy ass back home or I would have quit. That was 6 months ago.

4 months ago I was not even confident enough to run the entire 9.3 miles around the lake.

3 Months ago I was finally getting in 10 miles, with struggle. Lots and lots of struggle.

6 weeks ago I finally got the feeling that I COULD do a marathon and not die, before that I was faking it hoping I could make it. 

Last Saturday I felt amazing on my 18 mile run, even 'red pony' girl didn't get to me :) 

I mean - I was only slightly pissed about the hills all over the route, but I even ran up this one at freaking mile 17.5 - that's just mean.


 Today I feel good, my pace is improving, my runs are getting easier and easier. I'm getting stronger.


The point I'm trying to make is that if I can do this anyone can do this {granted you WANT to} I don't have some magic will power inside of me, I just have determination. 6 months ago I was winded just walking, do you know how I changed that? Consistency.

I set a goal for myself, it wasn't a marathon at first it was to just run until it didn't suck anymore.
Then I thought - hey maybe let's do a half in a few months. 
Then someone mentioned the marathon and I was scared. Real real scared that I wouldn't be able to, in fact I didn't even sign up for it when it was cheap. I had to settle my fears and know that I have it in me to do hard things. The training is pretty intense, it's waking up at 4:30 even on the weekends, it's struggling with the scale despite all my hard work, and all in the name of accomplishing something awesome.


On a side note - my last Diet Bet before the holiday's starts now - you still have time to weigh in and join if you would like a little extra motivation before we all struggle to keep off the Holiday 5.

Details on my November Challenge will be posted today on my secret Facebook group, you have to leave your email address in the comments on my Facebook to be added.

That's all I got - whelp except the mandatory cute baby pic :)

Pumpkin Butter Kids Onesie



  1. way to go on all the hard work!!! and he is sooo cute!!!

  2. Your progress is AMAZING and I'm totally jealous!! I have a question, though. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance (strike 1) and an underactive thyroid (strike 2)! Getting weight off is insanely hard!! Any recommendations for that? I had gone gluten free last year and that seemed to help. But...I have 5 children (2 of which are vegetarians) and so cooking 3 different meals every night was for the birds!! I used to run in high school and college and I would love to start back up again. However, my knees are grinding (I don't think that's normal). Any suggestions? Thanks so much! And you look fabulous!!!

  3. I'm not on Facebook- which probably counts me out:( but here is my email just in case- twinklietoes41@hotmail.com . This was just what I needed to read today!!

  4. I love hearing about the physical progress, and also seeing the physical progess in photos! Your guns are showing now big time! haha! You look great and i love your attitude. And I LOVE Aiden's thighs hahaha :)

  5. Joined your DietBet! I have PCOS and I've been steadily gaining weight for 3 years - hoping this is what it takes to finally kick myself in the other direction! (Cause I hate losing money!)

  6. Okay, this post couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. I re-starting my run training and this week is brisk walks. I have lost a lot of my endurance and I was afraid I would never run a mile straight. But this post gives me hope!!!


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