Living Room Update - Part 1

I've gotten the itch to switch up the living room after my Mom sent me this super cute console table from Shanty 2 Chic.  I decided to move the buffet I had back there and have my handy woodworking neighbor build me one similar. He suggested we find a cheaper route than ordering the posts online for 60 each, so he scouted out a bed for 20 bucks.

Then he just built the boxes on top and bottom - well I'm sure it was more work than that ;) There are detailed plans on the Shanty's girls website if you're wanting to make one of your own.

I went back and forth on distressing it, but for now I'm going to leave it creamy white.

As always with me, one small project leads to five more. We've been discussing buying a new couch for a few months now and after a little research online we found one be BOTH like from I O Metro.

Shopping with Oliver can be frustrating, he has very rigid ideas about what he does and doesn't like and one of the 'doesn't like' items is microfiber. He's crazy adamant about it, hates it and doesn't want it. Which is fine, but we also are not a fan of leather which we've had before. Linen is super hard to keep clean, so that narrows the options {in our price range} a lot. This store is not a big chain and I'd actually never been in, but found it while shopping online. I have to say they have some really great trendy items, are pretty affordable, and are made in the USA - which is a bonus in our book. Even better that it was Columbus Day Weekend and got a great sale price! It won't be delivered until mid - November though, which is ok because it lead to another issue.

Our couch now is a L Shape and the new one is more long and slightly U shaped, so we need a bigger rug to ground it all  {ignore the one above that's temporary for baby Aiden to play on}. I have a couple options picked out from my favorite rug place Rugs USA.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I also couldn't pass up those gorgeous turquoise curtains at I O Metro - uh sale priced too!  At least I have a month to pick out new pillows, cause that's a chore all in itself, but I'm leaning towards burlap or something of that nature.

What do y'all think - neutral or color on the rug?



  1. Can you come redecorate my house SERIOUSLY! I love all your ideas that you put together! I personally like rug 4 due to the POP of color! Think it'll bring it all together :)

  2. I love love love the skinny console table!! I have the perfect place for it! hahaha - now I need to make friends with a wood guy. :)

  3. Love it! The skinny console table is very unique! :) Such a fun space!

  4. I love rug 1 and 2. I want u to decorate my house too! lol

  5. Love the rug on the left but I feel you need the pop of color on the floor to tie in the teal curtains. And I'd even seak out some teal for the pillows....hmmm, teal burlap?

  6. So was thisclose to buying the rugly on the left from rugs usa last night. It's just so darn gorgeous!

  7. i think a pop of color on the rug would be amazing.

  8. Rug 1, or something with turquoise in it.

  9. I love living rooms with a pop of color in a rug. So I vote for color. The bottom right is my favorite. I actually have it on my list after the holidays to start on my own living room. I have needed an update for FOREVER. So you are giving me lots of good ideas!!

  10. It's really a brilliant use of space! Nice! And I love Madison's little toy piano - ultra cute.

  11. Go neutral because that way you can always change the other accent pieces.

  12. Love #2- the charcoal chevron! Bold pattern but neutral enough to stay if you change your accent color to something other than turquoise.

  13. I love rug #4. I love the colors. We are getting ready to build a house and I have no idea what looks good together....would you please come and decorate it for me??!!! :)

  14. Where did you get your little figurine with "you can have your cake and eat it too"???

  15. Meg, what's the name of that sofa? I've scoured the website and cant find that exact one??

    1. http://www.iometro.com/living-dining-room/sectionals/bardo-lhf-cuddler-sectional


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