#flexbreak and a Body Weight Workout

Boom. #flexbreak
Take those progress pictures ladies - if you are putting in the work and giving it time you will see results. 

I put together a fast lower body routine - just using your body weight - for my challenge group so I thought I'd share it here. My video's not the best cause I did it after I ran 10 miles on Saturday and Aiden was sleeping when I got home so I just busted it out real quick, but the demo is here

I am trying out something new - Pretty Fit Greens. It's a superfood powder that I mix with water and drink daily.

It’s a good way to make sure you’re eating a wide variety of superfoods that would otherwise be very difficult to consume. Ask yourself….how often would you eat wheatgrass or spirulina if you didn’t have a superfood powder?

They are alkalizing. These concentrated greens help to reduce acidity in the blood and the tissues and they help to replenish the body's alkaline reserves. <<< Because if the alkaline reserve isn’t stocked with what it needs, your body will begin to find the alkaline minerals it needs elsewhere-in places like your your bones and teeth.

It's just a super easy way to get all that good stuff in every. single. day. 


  1. Oh my goodness, I just finally ordered my first PrettyFit box (used your link) in part because I WANT THOSE GREENS! My nutritionist had recommended another brand so I was sort of on the hunt. I can't wait till my box gets here!!! Oh, and those arms?! Look SO good.
    - Wendy

  2. What you failed to mention? How terrible that stuff probably tastes. LOL

  3. I ordered this supplement, and it arrived promptly. It gives nice energy without jitters! I will definitely drink this before all workouts from now on!

  4. Damn, girl!!! #thosearms #sexy

  5. I love the leg workout! Thank you for always putting in the time to share some fun workouts on your blog. I can't imagine working full time, with two children, doing your own workouts and then filming and sharing as much as you do! It's pretty incredible and really appreciated! I can't wait to try this leg workout!

  6. I truly love your blog and have been a long time reader. I liked it better when you were eating clean. It seems like IIFYM is lots of sugar filled garbage. I get the mentality of "eating what you want" but isn't that what makes bad habits? Remember the post you wrote about "what I would tell my old self"? I really liked that post and really enjoyed reading your journey back then.


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