Living Room Updating {part 2}

I waffled back and forth so much on a rug, but when it came down to it I had to go with the best price for the ginormous size I needed.

I've very happy with the one I chose, it's quality is outstanding and the big pattern looks nice with the space. I ended up getting the Keno Trellis Slate Rug in 10x14 for about $525 {regular price was over 1,300} - this is why I love Rugs USA!  They are having a huge 75% off sale right now, justttttt sayin.

Our couch from I. O. Metro was delivered like 2 weeks earlier than planned so I'm thankful I didn't put off buying a rug, being impatient can be a good thing some times!  Again, glad I did a little research online before we went out and shopped, this store is a small chain I had never heard of and I would have never gone there if I hadn't found them online first. 

I just threw up Halloween decor this year to please Twilight Sparkle, I'm even so nice I let her tape things to the wall herself.  It made her happy so it's fine, but I'm itching to move on to Fall/Winter stuff this weekend. Good thing it's the most wonderful time of the year - Canton in the Fall! I will be there Saturday afternoon and the high is 66, I literally can not wait!! I'm also wanting a new coffee table - something more rustic and smaller than what we have so Aiden has more room to play.

In my quest for new pillows I stopped in ZGallerie where I fell in love with, well, everything. Nothing much in my price range though :) Someone mentioned H&M and the PILLOW JACKPOT was hit!

I really really wanted to just buy all Christmas pillows cause they have some of the cutest I've seen, but we did just buy a couch so I stuck with basics.

I'm also on the hunt for a new Christmas tree - our white one is played out and I want something taller and thinner that is flocked. If you see something good let me know, I've only come across cheap looking sad trees so far :)



Before and After // Cardio VS Weights

I am in the mood for some before and afters - I'm feeling good with the progress I'm making and I like to document it, I mean, duh this is my blog :)

I know some people get all up in arms about using post baby pics as 'before' pictures, but it's all relative and I'm only referring to my latest journey to lose the weight. 


 Little baby Aiden is almost 8 months now - I KNOW! - and I'm not yet back to pre-pregnancy weight. I still have about 13 pounds to go.


This is me at the same weight, but on the left I did straight cardio every day, on the right I do a mix. 
On the left Madison was over a year old - so I'm about a good 5 months ahead of the game this go round. 



Same scale weight y'all. Go lift something and put it down again - you can thank me later!
For my current lifting program - click here. For my current diet program - click here.

I have a very good feeling that if I keep doing what I'm doing when I do hit pre-pregnancy weight I am going to look even better than before - having kids doesn't have to ruin your body :)



Running Post Baby.

10 Months ago I stopped running - mainly because I felt like Aiden was gonna fall out. 

 I didn't run again until 4 weeks after I had him, well not run, walked. Slowly. THAT was tough actually, so I was very very very worried about my running abilities.

 6 Weeks  after I had him I went for my first run outdoors and I was humbled by my lack of endurance. I get that I just had a baby, but I really thought I would have a little somethin' left inside, 6 miles isn't bad at all, but I literally wanted to cry for the last 3 and I had to run my happy ass back home or I would have quit. That was 6 months ago.

4 months ago I was not even confident enough to run the entire 9.3 miles around the lake.

3 Months ago I was finally getting in 10 miles, with struggle. Lots and lots of struggle.

6 weeks ago I finally got the feeling that I COULD do a marathon and not die, before that I was faking it hoping I could make it. 

Last Saturday I felt amazing on my 18 mile run, even 'red pony' girl didn't get to me :) 

I mean - I was only slightly pissed about the hills all over the route, but I even ran up this one at freaking mile 17.5 - that's just mean.


 Today I feel good, my pace is improving, my runs are getting easier and easier. I'm getting stronger.


The point I'm trying to make is that if I can do this anyone can do this {granted you WANT to} I don't have some magic will power inside of me, I just have determination. 6 months ago I was winded just walking, do you know how I changed that? Consistency.

I set a goal for myself, it wasn't a marathon at first it was to just run until it didn't suck anymore.
Then I thought - hey maybe let's do a half in a few months. 
Then someone mentioned the marathon and I was scared. Real real scared that I wouldn't be able to, in fact I didn't even sign up for it when it was cheap. I had to settle my fears and know that I have it in me to do hard things. The training is pretty intense, it's waking up at 4:30 even on the weekends, it's struggling with the scale despite all my hard work, and all in the name of accomplishing something awesome.


On a side note - my last Diet Bet before the holiday's starts now - you still have time to weigh in and join if you would like a little extra motivation before we all struggle to keep off the Holiday 5.

Details on my November Challenge will be posted today on my secret Facebook group, you have to leave your email address in the comments on my Facebook to be added.

That's all I got - whelp except the mandatory cute baby pic :)

Pumpkin Butter Kids Onesie



The Most Awesome Pork Recipe.

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Smithfield®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PutPorkontheMenu http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Sunday was a gloriously warm Fall day so we packed up the kids and headed to our favorite Pumpkin Patch, Yesterland Farm, which is about an hour outside Dallas.  As you can see by the picture I have them well trained on 'smile for the camera'  :)

 We love it at the farm, corn maze, kid sized roller coasters, big slides, rubber ducky races, and hayrides. We left late afternoon and the kids got a long nap in the car - blissful silence! We stopped at the store for some quick groceries and dinner.

This recipe is a new family favorite - it MIGHT be the most delicious dinner I've made in a while. I started with some SmithField premarinated Pork Tenderloin from Wal-Mart - you can even find a coupon here for a limited time.

Here's the ingredients and amounts I used - the calories are for 1 out of 4 servings I will post the macro breakdown further down.

This was super easy because the meat was ready to be cooked all I had to do was stick it in a dish and slice it open lengthwise for the stuffing.

I weighed out the spinach and sun-dried tomato paste on my scale.

 I sauteed some garlic and then added the spinach mix and cooked until soft, then I added my weighed out feta, cream cheese, and Dijon mustard with a splash of lemon juice.

 I next put it down the slit and covered with foil, baked at 425 for 30 minutes.

Madison was in charge of the salad, girl has some mad cutting skills!

Baby Aiden got a much needed bath, he's keen on feeding himself which is pretty much a disaster afterwards. 

I served it over wild mushroom couscous and it was the juiciest pork I've ever eaten, I'm so glad I bought two so I can have it again this week! 

Kid tested and approved! You can find more recipes for Smithfield Pork on their website. 

Here's the macro breakdown for the pork and stuffing {not the couscous} - I may be off chicken for a while!



Favorites New and Old.

It's been a minute since I've done a favorites post - so here are some new and old ones with updates :)

This KMS FreeShape Quick Blow Dry is awesome, it has a light scent and it helps you blow dry your hair faster! Totally love love love cause I hate blow drying my hairs #lazy

After Aiden I became a little more sesitive to my skin issues, I was suffering from melasma gravidarum - or pregnancy mask. At first I thought it was sun damage, but after talking to a professional I learned it wasn't and there are not a lot of options out there for me to fix it. The most common product proscribed is Retin A which I can't use because I'm out in the sun for long periods of time {running/soccer} - if you get too much sun it can actually make it worse.

The best I can do it to use a brightening facial product and lots of sunscreen. I've been using Equitance for a few weeks now and I'm really loving how it makes my skin look, I use it daily underneath my favorite SPF30, Purlisse Pur-Protect Moisturizer.

I think a lot of times people expect miracles from a bottle, that's just unrealistic, but I'm a tried and true product junkie and there are a few things I look for in skincare:
1. smell - it has to be orderless or pleasant.
2. texture - I don't like anything heavy or oily. I don't want to shine like a diamond on my face.
3. durability - how well does it last though the day.
4. co-parenting - how well does it partner with my other products, I want it to be a good foundation to my foundation. It's a marriage on my face!

Here's a link to my favorite makeup products - also here's a code for 15% off Equitance INFL15 ; you can also get a free trial kit until Nov 20th.

I'm still head over heels in love with my spray tan machine, Maxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning Kit. I am using this mitt, Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt before I tan {no product just soak in hot water and scrub} and this is my ultimate favoritest solution, Norvell Venetian Solution. I had to fire Oliver from spraying me after a drinking and tanning situation, so I had to get flexible and learn to spray myself. I had a few requests for a tutorial, but that ain't happening so I found one that's pretty much EXACTLY what I do. Here's the link if you need it.

It's really very easy and I only have to spray once a week with this solution, before I had to go at least 2x a week and the color wasn't as realistic. The Norvell is a browner, more true tan color.

Little {non} babies in big girl footed jammies workin' out on the coffee table. 

***I received the Equitance product for free to review - all opinions are my own. 



Lifting Plan

 With all the running I'm doing I've had to cut out any extra cardio classes I was doing at the gym, like spin or turbo kick. I was given a list of lifting routines from Paige to try out and I found one that I like, I of course added a few things to it, but kept the gist of the program the same. 4 sets of increasing reps for 5 weeks.

I like the simplicity of it, I don't have time to figure out workouts each day for myself so this is perfect for me while I marathon train. You can of course change the weight as you need, but make sure it's challenging. After the first week I had it memorized so I don't even need to pull out my phone and look - I go in and warm up with a mile on the treadmill {slow} and get out all the different weights I need so I don't waste time in between sets. It takes about 45 minutes to complete and I do it 3x a week.

Be sure to check out these shoes here and enter the Ruffles with Love giveaway!

You don't need a ton of cardio to be a sweaty ass mess when you leave the gym! I also shared a easy {at home} leg workout over on my IG - click here.

Upcoming >>>>

1. My October Challenge Group has been freaking amazing, these ladies have all participated and support each other all month long. The smaller group size was a good decision, so much easier to hold people accountable. SO. I will be holding another for November, to be in the running to get into the group you must be part of the #smchallenge secret Facebook group that's where I'll post info - not on my blog. To get in the secret group you must leave your email address for the invite on my SkinnyMeg Facebook page {in the comments is fine}.

2. I am holding one last Diet Bet for this year - before the dreaded Holidays! It will start next Tuesday, the 28th, the link is available if you would like to sign up now. It will run from Oct 28th to Nov 24th which is the Monday before Thanksgiving, I personally will need the extra push with all the freaking treats being brought up to work.

Happy Hump Day!


Hills and Cupcakes.

Saturday we had a huge company party that I was in charge of so that meant I had to get up at 3:45am and get my training run in, thankfully a friend offered to meet me so I wouldn't have to run alone in the dark. Dedication I tell you!

 I'm about to say something super sick - that was one easy run. It honestly felt like we only did 8 I was not tired at all, but I can only hope that feeling sticks around because I have another 18 this weekend. 

Ugh - taking selfies in the dark is hard! hahaha #firstworldproblems
I have found my perfect running pants at Cozy Orange, I HAVE to be sure they are clean for every run because they are just that comfortable.  When you are running is something for hours at a time comfort is important, the waistband is wide and the fabric is super soft so they fit like a second skin. I got the Pele Fitted Yoga Pant in medium {I wear a 12 in most jeans} and you can get 20% off using COZYMEG <<< thank you for the code! If you like capri's better I have these and loveeeeee 'em too - Helena Yoga Crop

 When your text messages look like this on Monday night you look forward to getting up at 4:27am to go run a bunch of hills.

 Plus check out those splits, one guess where the hills were. I was looking through my Time-Hop app and I saw 2 years ago I was running 10 miles at a 10 min pace, dang, I need to get myself back to that! I think after I finish this marathon I will check out some speed work they do at the track. I don't know what 800's are, but everyone was freakin' out so they must be good.

It pays to run with a baker - Poppy Locks is freaking amazing, not only are the delish, but she makes things that are gluten and paleo friendly. I seriously wish I had even a 10th of that cooking ability! Did I mention she has a rockin' bod and follows IIFYM? #girlcrush  
Her Instagram is full of food porn, so yummy!

Running groups can seem very intimidating - I always worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up or embarrass myself by running slower than everyone, but honestly it's been the best thing I've done for my running. It pushes me harder and it's so much more fun than running solo - if you are new to running or an old pro you should totally check out groups in your area, runners are just the best group of people! Heck - start your own group!

In other non running news - this is what I'm working on every night.



Pinking it out with Skechers and Ruffles with Love!

***Thanks to Skechers for sponsoring today's discussion

 A few years ago I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness walk and I can't even convey the amount of love and support I felt that day - truly overwhelming. When Skecher's came out with their GoRun Sprint Awareness shoes in support of breast cancer awareness I was happy to help spread the word. Skecher's Performance is helping to support the American Cancer Society by releasing a special line of shoes for the month of October.

The GoRun Sprint shoes are just darling, I love love love the design and the polka dot laces! They are the perfect shoe to do some sprints on the treadmill before I go and pick up heavy things - not including my kids :)

Top from Ruffles with Love.
I know a lot of you probably know someone who has fought this nasty disease and I hope that one day - with all this support from so many different places - we can make it a little less scary. Breast cancer occurs in 1 in 8 women and it' s NOT just hereditary, of women who do develop breast cancer, most do not have a strong family history of the disease - Please, please get regular check ups!

Skechers is launching a register round-up program in Skechers Retail stores in which customers can round up their purchase to the nearest whole dollar to benefit American Cancer Society for the entire month of October. If consumers donate $5 or more, they will also receive a 20% off discount for their next visit. This will offer anyone shopping for any item in a Skechers retailer store the opportunity to give back and support the cause.

Also -  I'm teaming up with the very fabulous Walking in Memphis is High Heels {who's totally going to have a baby any minute now and I couldn't be more excited!!!} and Ruffles with Love to bring y'all a terrific giveaway! If you've never ordered a Ruffles with Love shirt - October might just be the perfect time to do that - pink is where it's at!

 In addition to tanks Vanessa also offers some uber cute onesies, as modeled by my own cute fat chunky monkey!

God Bless his beautiful bald head!

Two winners will be chosen and you get a choice of either a custom workout tank or onesie!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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