W.O.W. Suns out Guns Out.

It's Workout Wednesday! I put together a leg workout with a smattering of cardio and arms just for fun. Do 15 reps of each move 5 times.

And - here's the video demo.

I tried out some new workout gear - Cozy Orange.  Love the material so much, it's super light weight and breathable, I even wore this on my long run last weekend and not one issue. I liked how the shirt was loose because when I'm sweating my booty off I hate things sticking to me!

Plus the print is super cute and you can feel the difference in a good quality pair of workout pants.

I'm still 16 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight, but my arms are coming along nicely. In fact - they may even be getting bigger and stronger than before and that's due to my diet. Lots more protein and even adding in more fats. Who knows, maybe you do get sexier after each kid ;)



  1. You my dear are amazing. Your drive, dedication and energy are inspiring and catchy!!! And thanks for always making my day with your blog posts, IG posts, etc!!

  2. "Who knows, maybe you do get sexier after each kid ;)" best line of the day and absolute TRUTH!! I love your new workout gear... super cute little peakaboo there on the side. You're a total hottie incase you were wondering ;-)

  3. Those are very cute workout clothes! That workout looks perfect for leg day thanks for sharing!

  4. Macros is treating you nicely! Awesome job:)


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