Still Running so I can Eat.

 True story. 

These carpis from Cozy Orange have become my absolute favorite running pants, they are exceptionally soft and feel like a second skin. They are a bit more expensive than I usually buy, but well worth it for no chaffing on my long runs. The shorts I wore on my half chaffed INSIDE my belly button - how does that even happen? I'm going to have to buy a pair of their long pants when it get's cold out, I'm thinking maybe these.

I'm still wearing my Newton Running Women's Gravity III and I have to say they are well worth the dolla bills, I've not had any foot or knee pain since I've started running in them.

 I had 16 miles on the books for Saturday, my longest run so far, I made sure I was well stocked in running fuel. I don't know how people run with nothing, the 3 hour pace group drinks water and black coffee - that's it! They also live on tilapia and veggies, I'm pretty sure I would fall over. I'll stick with my slowish pace group and eat #allthefoods.

The Advocare Gels are just freaking amazing, my stomach is one bad choice away from cramping after mile 12 and these never give me issue, plus I had a great run! Another girl I train with and I were kicked out of our pace group to the faster one, 4:40 - haha we kept running ahead of the group and I guess they don't like that :) Anyways the new group is perfect for us, they talk A LOT I never even turned on my headphones for the entire 3.5 hour run.  One of the guys in the group was telling us about his marathons and come to find out he STARTED running after he retired at 60 and was on his 3rd full at the age of 62, talk about inspiring! Amazing.

 Did I tell y'all before about my love of BCAA's? I've been taking them 3x a day to combat soreness and to keep my muscles from being run off.  One of my lovely friends sent me a Xtend Intra-Workout Catalyst drink to try while I workout so some days I drink that and only take catalyst once, protein powders usually have BCAA's in it too. Some people call it lipo in a body and I can see why, things are shaping up nicely - BUT it only is going to work if YOU DO THE WORK. It's to support your workouts not replace them like some magic potion in a bottle.

No way could I go run 16.4 miles and then play soccer the next day like a champ with out some help, y'all know I suck at stretching.

I'm still eating 2500 calories daily and some of you asked for a picture of what that looks like in a day, so I will be doing a post on a food 'day in the life' this week.

I also said I wasn't going to weigh myself, but I did this morning and I was down 1.2 pounds - 13 more pregnancy pounds to go. But for reals I have to focus on eating and endurance right now, not my weight.

Random thought I had while running - if I had a wish and could either have my prepregnancy weight back or my prepregnancy endurance - I would totally take the endurance! I was running a sub 2 half marathon before I got pregnant, I would gladly put that to good use right now. Ahhhh - one day again!

Do y'all have random crazy thoughts while you run? Like how much this shit sucks, then you finish and you're all, damn I am such a bad ass? Just me?



  1. Wondering when you take the Advocare gels and the skittles or if its different every run?

  2. Um Yes!!! Every time I run a race. I'm like why oh why and then I'm done and its like what can I sign up for next. True story!
    You are doing awesome!!!

  3. I trained for a FULL marathon 5 years ago and I used Advocare products for it when I did and they helped me a lot. I tried drinking Gatorade during my runs and I kept noticing my stomach would become upset like I needed to throw up. I quit drinking that and went to Rehydrate and never had that problem again. I had it in my hydration belt for the hole race. My husband gave me more about half way through when I ran out. I also used SLAM at about the 13 miles marker for a boost of energy and it settled so well on my stomach. I used 02 Gold throughout my entire training. They didn't have the goo gels when I was training. I would have liked those for sure. I ate fig newton wafer bars as my fuel during my race. I was so thankful for those products. Good stuff!

    1. That should say "Whole" race, not "hole". HA!! DUH!

  4. For reals, I have random thoughts on my runs. Especially when I'm by myself but sometimes with my running buddy. I haven't tried a single advocare thing. I also haven't tried any supplements or protein powders. I'm thinking about looking into the IIFYM but I'm not sure if I'm ready for all the prep and weighing. I haven't been in myfitnesspal for awhile and its getting lonely on my page there. estherdavison@gmail.com

  5. Love me some Xtend!!! I also take catalyst daily :)

  6. How do you wake up so early?! I have to be up at 5am to run and can never wake up in time!

  7. How do you have a conversation when you run? I know they say if you can't talk you are running too fast, but seriously I think I'd have to crawl to be able to talk at the same time.

  8. How do you wake up so early?! I have to be up at 5am to run and can never wake up in time!

  9. My stomach is the WORST during my long runs. You've posted about those gels several times now, but I just don't know..... :-/


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