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This girl is absolutely loving Kinder, she enjoys seeing her friends and being active all day. We've had to adjust her bedtime to around 8:30 because she's seemed extra tired in the evenings.  It's hard on Oliver though because some day's he's working until 7:45-8 pm and doesn't' get to spend as much time as he would like with her. 

He is the one to get her ready for school in the mornings  - he wakes her up at 6am so they don't have to rush to be out the door by 7:20. He makes her lunch everyday and feeds her breakfast, the problem we are having is that she's not very hungry that early. Usually she'll have a yogurt, but rarely will finish the entire thing. While we do pack her a nutritious lunch and snack, I have no real way of actually knowing how much of it she even eats. 

Being a pony is hard work, so after doing a little bit of research we found something that's going to make both her and I happy - PediaSure Sidekicks! Seeing how she is 5 and everything is a negotiation I took her to the store with me so she could pick them out for herself. If I give her the power to decide then it just makes getting her on my side so much easier :)

Lucky for us they are delish and easy, which will make Oliver's job just that much easier in the mornings. The PediaSure Sidekicks is a great source of protein, fiber and 25 essential vitamins and minerals for kids who are growing fine but may be missing nutrients, which helps me know that she's getting enough of the right stuff to get through a long day of school.

PediaSure is the kind of enrichment she needs to succeed every single day, it's blend of essential nutrients: a unique combination of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that allows for enhanced digestion and metabolization of essential vitamins and minerals complete and balanced nutrition. She's only getting more active and I want to be sure not only to teach her good eating habits, but that she's getting everything her growing body needs. She has been more open to trying new types of food lately, but still eats just a few bites here and there, not enough to know that she getting full benefits from foods alone. 

Besides - who wouldn't love a nice cold chocolate shake on a hot day? Not that she actually would share with me anyways.

How do you guys make sure your kids are getting the right amount of nutrients?

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  1. I'm totally not judging your parenting with the Pediasure. I don't have kids, so I haven't had to make tiny decisions and post them for people to discuss. However, it was interesting to me that the same day I saw your post, I also this one about how to replace nutrients using whole foods. I know you are into eating somewhat clean, so I wanted to share for your information. If she likes Pediasure and you feel good giving it to her, high five. But I was uninformed about it until I read this article. Just sharing the info. http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/2014/07/09/natural-alternative-pediasure/

  2. Thank you! With a kid her age it's hard to 'force' them to eat enough to get all the benefits from foods :) I'm working on it though!

  3. We have the exact same problem with my kindergartner. She's a finicky eater and isn't that hungry early in the morning. I've been buying those yogurt smoothies which she loves but they have a ton of sugar so I'm trying to use them sparingly. I'll give these a try, because let's be honest there is absolutely no way she is getting what she needs from food!

  4. Replies
    1. I am not sure who you were correcting but the correct way to spell PediaSure is as it has been spelled in this post. It is on their website as "PediaSure". Also, as a Medical Language Specialist, we are taught that PediaSure would be correct. The way you have it would make it a product for the foot since "pedi" means foot. Pedia means child.

  5. Why don't you make her smoothies using fresh fruits and veggies?

  6. We were using PediaSure as well with our 4 year old... he's never hungry in the mornings and all he wants is milk. They are quite pricey and we came upon Carnation Breakfast Essentials and now we use the powder kind and mix up a batch every morning. We do smoothies on the weekends, he loves to help make them so that also helps to encourage him to drink it! He also loves the green ones, so he doesn't mind adding spinach. Obviously some of the comments didn't read about how hectic your mornings are, as are ours, so doing a smoothie on the weekday is not really an option.

  7. Every child and family is different. I have one daughter who is never hungry first thing in the morning, a son who is ravenous, and one daughter who just eats a small meal. I have all three types. The ravenous son has his regular breakfast and drinks a protein shake on the way to school (he's 14). The nonhungry one grabs a bottle of water and adds Spark (she's 17 with a full time job and high school so the vitamin energy from Spark gets her through her day), the other daughter (13) eats a bowl of cereal, a bagel with some cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just something small. I believe it's not about forcing kids to like things. I think it's about letting them choose and keeping healthy options available. I was forced to eat certain foods as a kid. Those foods make me throw up now, and I am 37! As long as your kids are healthy, not catching colds all the time, and sleeping well, I would not worry too much :) Just set good examples and the rest will come. We are their most important teachers.

  8. That sounded a lot like a commercial :/


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