Running = 2,000 Nachos.

Saturday before my race I decided to go get a nice long massage, I have a monthly membership with 18 credits because I can never make time to actually go.  The guy was all - hey I can stretch you too if you want and it was heaven. Felt amazing when I was done!

Even though I've been carb loading all week I wanted a nice non greasy carb filled dinner and this turkey baked potato was perfect. 

The race didn't start until 7:30 so I got to sleep in until 5:30 - LOL - what a life I have where I consider sleeping in 5:30 in the morning! I got there around 6:45 to miss any traffic and watch the hot air balloons fill up. I also got to meet some awesome ladies who I know through a Facebook running group, it was most of theirs first time running a half.

The weather was perfect for hot air ballooning and all the balloons got to take off, I only saw these being filled but saw them all floating over Plano around mile 4/5.

The temp was already in the 70's by the time we started and I started out pretty fast, which was probably my only redemption in this race.  It got hotter, and hotter, and hotter. I decided to bring my handheld water bottle filled with spark, but ended up finishing it by mile 4. I was already feeling tired and I knew right then and there that this was going to be a beast of a race for me.

I just could not find my groove, maybe because I was going too fast, or maybe it was the heat, or maybe I didn't drink enough water the day before, I don't know. At several points it was all I could do to get to the next water station, it was in the low 80's super sunny and not a breeze to be found. I did use my Advocare Rehydrate Gels and they helped a bit. Looking back on my paces It was really miles 10-13 that did me in, which is crazy because in every other race I've done those have been my fasted times!

 Thankfully I caught up with NerkyMeg around mile 10 so we could at least be in misery together :) I've never seen so many people walking in a race before, but it kinda made me feel better that it wasn't just me. Thank you to one of my lovely readers for this pic and for the cowbell cheering when I was about to die, it was nice to have SOMEONE cheering for me since Oliver wimped out on coming!

I also ran in to one of my favorite 5 am club ladies and you can't even tell how much misery we were feeling in this picture :) I finished in 2:27 which is my slowest time to date, but I'm just chalking this up to endurance training for my marathon in December. If I can do 13.1 in heat hopefully I can do 26.2 in the cold. After the race I had about 5 minutes to drink a bit of water and hobble to my car to drive to my soccer game. My team was playing at 11 and they were short on players so I agreed to go play. It. was. hot. I couldn't eat yet so I took another rehydrate gel - it kept me alive but by the time the game was over at 1 I was famished. After a nice long bath I decided I was going to eat something I never do because the calories are super high - nachos.

But first, beer. 

I didn't even look the calories up first I just chowed down, they are the Chipotle Chicken Nachos from Houlihans - delish!

My food diary from yesterday was sad, LOL>  I had a Pop-Tart for breakfast and an apple for a snack, those nachos were freaking 2000 calories!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaa???? We had lunch late so I finished out my day with some Fro - Yo. Not even close to the amount of calories I burned yesterday, but I'm just calling it a wash and getting back on track today.

You know it was a busy weekend when my trunk looks like this on a Monday morning, yikes. 

Twilight Sparkle spent her weekend squeezing the last few swimming days out of the pool with her BFF's {my Dad and Ollie}. 



  1. I feel you on your trunk! You can always gauge how busy we are by how much stuff is packed into the SUV! Congrats on finishing your half!

  2. Ahhh, nachos! Definitely what I would have had too - my favorite!!

  3. Uh, you still had 58 calories left! I'd say that's a win! hahaha and seriously Twilight Sparkle with that hat and her buddies?! Too much!

  4. Well done on the race and then the football! Random, but how happy is that dog in the pool? Mine would never be out of it!

  5. Think it awesome that you did this. My trunk almost always looks like this! lol Love having boys involved in stuff but sometimes I miss my house!
    Thanks so much for all of the awesome inspiration!

  6. yay anyway!!!! you ran a freaking half!!!!! yay no matter what your time was!!! and oh my goodness that dog..... oh that dog! melted my heart the second I saw it. sweet thing.

  7. 2 hours and 28 min! That's awesome! You had a baby 6 months ago! You woman are a badass!

  8. Congrats girl! I came with my mom and if she didn't want to leave early, I was going to head to the finish line and cheer you guys on as you came in. But alas, I could not! I was with you guys in spirit though! And I agree about the walking. There were a lot of people walking in the 5k as well. I was quite surprised!!! Let me know if you do anymore races! I'd love to run with you guys!

  9. Congrats on the race and you deserved the nachos!!!

  10. I used to work at Houlihans, once upon a time. OH MAN. Fat girl fiesta every day!

  11. What is that black tote bag? It's cute!


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