Damn Plateau

I knew it was going to hit - the plateau. Knowing it's going to happen doesn't make it any less frustrating, but I can't have the best of both worlds. Marathon training is not conducive to weight loss at least not on the scale.  I'm running 25-30 miles a week and lifting 3x a week at the gym, that's a lot of stress on my body. I'm not freaking quitter though so obviously I have a plan.

And progress pics to make myself realize that the scale is a lying whore.

I forgot how good running is for my legs, they are definitely getting firmer and the squat challenge is helping the boootay- well that and running all those damn hills. 

So I have 5 days left on my Diet Bet to lose .5 pound and I will for sure be super mad if I don't make it .... again. I can do this.

Here's the plan. I'm gonna eat more - hahhahahaha. Yep, I can't cut back on cardio right now so I'm going to have to up my carbs by 23g/day for a week -  moving my calories from 2116 to 2210. If nothing happens then I'm going to add more. I have been feeling just a tad sluggish this week and it may be from not enough carbs, so hopefully this will give me some extra energy.

This little fatty is worth all the work :) This kid ain't never seen a mirror he didn't like, just like his Mama!

My September I'm Pretty Fit box came with more protein packed goodies for me to try! The Uplift I just love love love, the About Time Protein drink was not great even though I loved the concept of it being premade and easy to travel. I actually kept it in my car in case I was in need and I was today because I forgot my shaker bottle this morning, I tried the chocolate and the flavor was just not good. The SK Energy I liked a lot, but Sunday I took one around 2:30 before my soccer game to give me a little push and I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight - sooooooo those are definitely made to take early in the day. I'll let y'all know when I try out the rest. That's why I like this box, I get to try different protein items without spending a lot on things I may not like - if you want to give one month a shot use code MEG10 for a discount. 

 I'm really going to try and change my mood today after my little run in with the scale. As much as I don't care about my weight I'm also working my ass off and even a .2 loss would be appreciated by that stupid thing.

No promises though.



  1. I also think the scale is a lying whore - LOL. I'm on week TWELVE of Piyo (and I run 2-3x/week short distances), have been having shakeology daily for nearly 3 weeks and have lost zero lbs. I'm just tracking my progress with pictures of myself each week and I can definitely see a difference. Still it's frustrating!

  2. Agreed! I hate the scale...she is a mean old thing that rhymes with witch!! You always look beautiful Meg!!

  3. BTW, in your pics above - you can really see the differences. Your butt totally looks like it is transforming from the side shot. This is like the first place that explodes on me, and the last place to tone up...grrrr!!!! Good luck girl!

  4. I feel your pain! I stepped away from weighing for a bit because of it. But you look amazing!!

  5. Thank goodness for progress pictures! You're looking great boo.

  6. Great job! You're looking great by the way... those plateaus are annoying!

  7. That scale IS a lying whore! Looking great! xo

  8. FYI..... you look amazing! Do not pay any attention to that lying whore :) Oh, and that baby....could he get any more adorable????

  9. I was at a plateau and then I reversed because I went on vacation! Ugh! You are looking great girl! Seriously keep it up!

  10. Yeah forget the scale - you amazing! Um stomach?!?! Holy crap. Flatness. And your waist is itty-bitty. GO MEG!

  11. So I just really needed to read this. I have been at a platue now for a month or more. And I workout 5 days a week. Mixing cardio and weight training and watching my food and its been stuck. Someone told me I'm not eating enough and I have upped my protein etc. But then I have to look back and where I have come. And in this journey I found that I just have to continue to be faithful and steadfast. Even when I don't see the results as quick as I want. Seriously, I LOVE reading your blog. It gives me hope and encourages me. Sometimes I just need that to get through these humps and know that I'm only getting stronger and smaller- just not as fast as I want. :) Thanks again Meg!!! P.S. I love my Pretty Fit box too!! Thanks for suggesting it!! It makes my day when its delivered!


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