Calling all Weight Loss Fairies.

This is one of my Fabletics outfits and I'm still really loving it, I also got some carpi sweats that I want to wear on the daily as soon as I get home from work!  It was a chilly 60 out this morning for my run and I spray tanned last night so I had to shower it off this morning so I wasn't dripping brown all over my car afterwards. I had the bright idea to go ahead and wash my hair before I ran and it worked out brilliantly! I just threw it in a high bun and it was still damp enough to get a good blow dry from when I got home, I literally have like 20 minutes to get ready when I get home on Tuesdays and I'm forever running late, because fat cute baby. 

This kid loves to take selfies, he almost jumped out of my arms the other day trying to see himself in a mirror I was passing.

Today is weigh in day for my Diet Bet, I've been tracking my weight the last few days to see where I stood. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I finally busted my way out of the scale plateau on Saturday morning! 

Last week I was going to raise my calories and macros up to make up for all the running I've been doing, at first I was going to start small, but then I just said eff it and added almost 500 extra calories A DAY.  Well it worked and I felt a lot more energetic too, I was feeling a bit sluggish which I kinda thought was just running burn out, but now I know it was just lack of carbs.

Sunday I ran my race so I didn't weigh, then Monday I weighed in at 167 and I was all 'Heck yeah I got this bet in the bag'!!

Not so much. I woke up this morning and didn't have time to take weigh in pics before I ran {cause I was showering remember} but I thought no biggie I'll wait until I get home. Get home and I start - 7 DAYS EARLY - and I'm at 169.8 and I need to be at 169.5

Now I know this is not a big deal, but COME ONE I just want to win one damn bet already! Why does my body hate me and why do I even still need to get this curse if I'm done having children?? I'm good with giving it up foreverrrrr. I still have 17 hours to weigh in so I'm going to pray that 2 pound bloat I get just goes away. Just throw me a bone weight loss fairies. Please. 

Then I'm going to stop weighing myself for a while, it's exhausting. 

I did finish out the 4 week Squat Challenge and it's helping the booooootay. Well, the hill running helps too :) I highly suggest you give it a go just for fun!

My 12 Week Challenge has come to an end - I will be wrapping it up tomorrow on the blog along with details of a another 4 week Challenge I may do.  See y'all then!



  1. you look amazing!!! i need your motivation for when i have this baby! you can definitely see the change everywhere! keep it up lady!!! <3

  2. Looking good! I'm injured and couldn't run today. I was so mad BC we had 60 degree weather this morning! I think South Alabama might have a Fall this year! Fingers crossed.

  3. That baby face! Looks like no salt Tuesday for you! Good luck! I hope you make it!

  4. I wish I could stop weighing AND stay on my diet. My problem is that I normally only stop weighing when I stop tracking. So when I finally do start tracking/weighing I'm WAY up. Like this morning. Boo, hiss. But I've seen you successfully do this before, where you just track and exercise like a mad woman and just stay away from the scale. You continue to inspire and encourage me, sister :)

    And congratulations for getting back in the 160's!!!!

    Aubrey Leigh

  5. PLEASE do another challenge for those of us who didn't get in on the first one...PLEASE!!!! I love those pants! Too cute. Going to have to try that squat challenge!

  6. I had to quit doing Diet Bets! The pressure of HAVING to lose weight or lose money actually made it SO MUCH harder for me! It was de-motivating, instead of what it's supposed to be. I do better if I just decide what I am going to do and let nature whittle me down without a time limit. I also got my period the day before every weigh-in-- and I did the 6 month one. My period freaking RESET to the Diet Bet timeline-- talk about horrid timing. You'll get this. Thanks for posting the HONEST truth about things-- I especially loved the story about your typical day and interaction with hubby. I've been there!!

  7. Thanks for your inspiration and truth how hard it can be to lose those stubborn pounds. I'm pregnant now and trying my hardest to stay active and taking notes on tips from your blog on getting back afterward. I know it won't be easy but I can get re-motivated by reading your posts!

  8. That booty though!!! You are looking so great!! Sending mad love and fairy dust for those last few pounds!!! xoxo

  9. UGH! that's happened to me with a diet bet before too!!! Why didn't you take the picture of 167 on Monday to submit the final weigh in since you'd made it?! I thought weigh-ins were September 22 & 23rd which is why I waited till today because as of yesterday I hadn't made it. Today I made it by 0.1. Gulp. I hope you do another one!!

  10. Hi! I am a new fan and follower - I have been trying to lose 100 pounds for the past 5 years and only shed 60 to date - when things are really frustrating I like to come here and see that it's not all that easy for others as well - I have to ask a question and I hope you see this comment and can answer - you don't mention yogurt when you give a breakdown of foods you eat - have you figured out that it is something that hinders your weighloss and you stay away from it? Or do you just not prefer to eat it? I am 2 days from finish the Advocare Cleanse and I love greek yogurt (Chobani) but I'm starting to freak that it may be a food I can't eat and still lose - do you have any thoughts? Any one else's opinions are greatly appreciated as well if you please - Thanks!

    1. I don't eat it on the cleanse, but other than that I usually have at least 1 greek yogurt a day - low sugar! Have to be careful some are full of sugars ;)

    2. Thanks so much for the reply! Any brands you recommend low in sugar and tasty too? I know Chobani now makes 100 and its lower in sugar and carbs- and Dannon Light and Fit Greek is supposed to be good. Thanks so much for your help.

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