20 Pounds, 17 Inches, and Marathon Training

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It's been about 3 months since I've done measurements so here's an update - all of this was lost on IIFYM.

Chest: 39 to a 36
Legs: 25 to 23 each
Hips: 47 to a 42.5 <<<<< My problem area and the hardest for me to shrink - this makes me happy!
Waist: 37 to a 31
Weight lost between these two numbers: 20 pounds
I'm averaging about 1.5 pounds a week which is fine by me, slow and steady wins the race. Obviosuly I'm also adding muscle cause I'm getting faster and stronger on my runs.

These were my splits from this morning and this was still in 80% humidity so I'm pretty impressed with myself. It helps to run with a woman who is a super marathon'er and we chatted macros and food the whole time. Talking helps to distract me from feeling like I'm dying.

We are halfway through the Diet Bet and I only need to lose .5 pound to win it - third try is a charm :) Where I'm really struggling is with my macro timing - eating the bulk of my carbs around my workouts. I find it hard to eat that many carbs early in the day, but to really drop fat I need to come up with a plan that will work for me! My goal this week is to focus on ways to achieve that - I want to eat at least 70% of my carbs by 11am. 

Saturday I ran my longest run to date - 15 miles. I tried some Advocare Rehydrate Gel that I happened to have at home and it was like the Heaven's opened and rained down energy on me. I was super nervous to even try something new after the disaster that was Gatorade last week, but if nothing I'm brave. I only brought one with me because they are a bit big to carry - probably twice the size of Gu - I opened it around mile 7.5 and squeezed it in my mouth. First off I thought I had missed my mouth because I couldn't taste or feel anything, but it's just really watery and the flavor {lemon} is super light. Miles 10,11,and 12 (the top three times above) were my best splits and they were super hills that I took like a freaking boss. I'm going to be stuffing these into every free spot in my bra and taking one every 45 minutes. No more Gu.

Soccer Sunday's are back for another season - with new pretty pink jerseys! I was worried about my stamina after that run, but staying active throughout the day Saturday {no couch sitting!} really helps to keep the soreness at bay. The only thing that hurt was the bottoms of my feet.

With all this extra cardio I'm doing right now I have to be sure to be on top of my nutrition and supplements. I'm adding in extra carbs on long run days and taking my Catalyst twice a day to maintain my muscles - I'd hate to run them off. A typical runner who sheds just one pound of body fat could see a one-minute improvement in their marathon time without any change in fitness<<< that's enough motivation for me!



  1. "A typical runner who sheds just one pound of body fat could see a one-minute improvement in their marathon time without any change in fitness"
    is this for real?????!!!!! if so that is so stinken awesome and encouraging!

  2. You are beyond amazing! Rocking those workouts and looking fabulous!!!

  3. Just to clarify she posted BODY FAT, not body weight. 1 lb of body weight equates to maybe seconds off a mile pace. Nothing to get excited about.

  4. Thats the best sales pitch I have ever read for Advocare hydrate! I am def not running far enough to need them right now, but when I get there I will give those a shot. The idea of the gu freaks me out. I don't like to taste things when I am sweating. What do you think about Catalyst? I am thinking about investing it and giving it a shot.

  5. You look FANTASTIC!! SUPER cute outift!! I need to buckle down and try IIFYM!! I've only lost 6 lbs in the last few months! :(

  6. I have only 55 days until I pop out baby #2! I am so excited to start training for my 2nd 1/2 marathon that I will be signing up for this month. Thank you for keeping it real and being SOOOOO motivational! Your blog is my favorite on all of the internet... just FYI!

  7. Way to go Meg! I am loving watching your transformation and your training! I am training for my first full as well. Do you use any other supplements or just catalyst and rehydrate?

  8. Looking Great!! I started IIFYM about a month and a half ago, and it really is amazing! Your posts helped me finally decide to go for it :)

  9. So how do you fit in your training with 2 kids and a job? Do u get up at 4 am or workout at 11pm? Just curious. Trying to figure out how to get lifting into my life!

  10. Awesomesauce! You look awesome lady, great work, I like totally don't know how you do it. LOVE seeing your progress, you got this girl!

  11. You are such an inspiration. Keep on keepin' on! Today was a "bad" day food wise so I came here for encouragement. You didn't fail!!!! You are so real and awesome!!!! I'm losing the baby weight slowly even when I hit it hard! Half a pound a week seems to be all I can do. At least it is something!

  12. Gahhh I've been wanting to comment but just haven't had time. I've been reading and following though - you are so inspirational and look at you! You no longer even look like post-baby. You rock. Your measurements are so incredible too - would love to have a 30" waist right now! My stomach is always my hardest spot to reduce after baby. Workin' on it though!

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