W.O.W. Booty Work

Laura sent Aiden this adorable onesie from Ruffles with Love - just too cute on the little chunk! Just check out those awesome thighs - love. 

Rolls on my thighs - not so much - so today's workout is geared towards working that bootyyyyy.

I made a short demo video, but a few things:
1. on the hip abductor you are not sitting on the seat it's a squat while you go in and out and you must go pretty heavy to feel it like you should - I'd start with at least 100 pounds.
2. Same on the bridge, if the bar hurts your stomach grab a 25+ pound plate
3. Cable Row - I have mine set on 60 pounds and because you are holding the cable you should be able to squat pretty low to really get the hammys and booty

To finish it off I did 50 weighted plie squats - nice and slow to feel the burn!

Remember - rolls are only cute on babies :)



  1. Love the "chick-a-fied" deer head in the background and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the onesie!!

  2. Thank you for doing the demo video! This is definitely something I need to try.

  3. Ahh he has the cutest fat rolls!! Love the workout, I am going to have to give it a try!!

  4. First time commenter here! Your kids are the cutest..and your workouts that you do are awesome! I've been trying to do them a little here and there, as I've been trying to stick with PiYo mainly. You have truly been an inspiration with all your strength training. I thought I'd never say this but I am not worried about a loss so much as becoming strong! I want to not have the flabby bat wings anymore, but be strong enough to lift my youngest daughter up without killing myself. But with that in mind, how do you not get discouraged? I have been working out here and there for a little while now, but I've been using My Fitness Pal to log everything in, and I've really only started going all out this past week and I gained a pound?! Is that muscle already?

  5. Awesome workout! Thank you! Your little man is so cute :)

  6. Well done video Meg!! I'll have to give this one a shot next week. I like in Mississippi but we are heading to Dallas for a wedding in a few weeks. Due to you talking about Canton so much, I have talked my husband into stopping off! I am so excited!

    P.S. You look good girl!


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