Rainbows Shot Out. W.O.W.

Happpppppy Hump Day - I'm super annoyingly happy today thanks to this....

How my day has gone so far:
4:23am - my alarm goes off and I wake up wondering why the hell my phone is going off in the middle of the night, surely it's not time to wake up yet. Wrong. 
4:25am - I stumble to the kitchen and hear weird voices coming from Madison's room so I race over there just to find that she has slept with the light on and her CD player on {a book on CD}, I see that she is tightly clutching her tooth puppy and it reminds me to find a couple bucks to leave her for yet another tooth. 
4:33am - I remember that my I'm Pretty Fit box came in so I think today would be a good day to try out some preworkout before getting an ass kicking.
4:38am - I'm out the door and headed to the gym. The preworkout doesn't taste great luke warm, I think next time I'll add some ice.
4:45am - I'm starting to feel awesome and I turn on my iTunes in the car and start jamming out. To this....

5:00am - I'm all alone in the dark at the gym, the lights don't come on until 5:05. I hear weird things. 
5:10am - I am PUMPED for a good workout so I jump off the dumb stairmaster and hit the cable machine. Heavy.
6:30am - Class is over and it was hard, but I STILL have energy! Too bad I have to get ready for work. 

So overall I would say that I loved the pre-workout, but I would only take it on certain days. I wouldn't take it before pi-yo or my runs -I'd probably start running around in circles. Seriously.
I mean I'm already annoyingly happy so this may put me over the top #sorrynotsorry 

I am really really loving my boxes from I'm Pretty Fit, all these cool new things for me to try!

You can read here for details on what was included in this months Bikini Pack, but so far I love the UpLift {preworkout} and the Nuun. I've been meaning to try the Nuun for my runs, they are a hydration tablet you add to water, I enjoyed the lightly flavored taste and the hint of carbonation.  I plan to take some for my next long run! I'm going to try the Athletic Greens Packets tomorrow - packed with a tremendous amount of vitamins, minerals, greens, and other superfoods, but it also contains pre and probiotics to help your digestion and boost your immunity. 

If you want a discount use code Meg10.

Today's W.O.W is a non treadmill cardio blast you can do in between your lifting. Some-day's the thought of getting on that treadmill is too much, so here's a good alternative!

20 pushups \\ start on your toes and do as many as you can!
20 second side plank
20 mountain climbers
20 Leg Lifts {10 each side}
20 second other side plank

I did this 3 times in between my lifting sets to get my heart rate up.



  1. I'm so envious of you morning workout people - my husband is an annoyingly chipper morning person, so he's in the 5am Club too! I go after work, and pre-workout totally helps when I'm exhausted at the end of the day! I've been using Cardio Cuts and Neon Sport Volt, but might have to try UpLift!

  2. I have signed up for the I'm Pretty Fit boxes and received my first protein box last week. Love it! Last month you got the protein box. Any particular reason you switched to the bikini box this month? Thanks for being awesome!

  3. Dying to try out the Pretty Fit box! Check out my W.O.W circuit workout on my blog today! Happy Hump Day@

  4. AH! I love this. I have Ipsy for my makeup and now I can have this for fitness ... love these subscription things!

  5. I'm considering doing the I'm Pretty Fit box. Can you see what is in each box in advance in order to decide between the protein box or bikini box?

  6. I tried the nuun during a 10 mile race on accident, thinking it was gatorade and I was not a happy camper hahah still trying to find something to take during runs/races!

  7. Nuun is awesome! It has been my go to drink during runs for the past year. They have lots of yummy flavors, the carbonation I love and it is gentle on a runner's stomach. Definitely consider for your half marathon training. The only time I didn't like it was at a race. Whoever made it put in too much water.


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