Pigs just Flew By. {Losing It Tuesday}

I will say I was not very happy that I couldn't track my food while I was gone last weekend, yes yes - everyone needs a day or two off. I get that, but I don't WANT a day off, my diet is working for me and I don't feel like I need to 'let go' and eat whatever I want. 

Last time I was losing weight I would have never said that because I felt deprived and ate around 1400 calories. That meant I was hungry most of the day and the weekends were prime time for me to 'fall' off the wagon.

Well, guess freaking what....

Dress from Sugar Love necklace from Sprinkling Girls.
I lost 2 pounds last week. Now I didn't go all nuts, but I did eat what I wanted, but tried to stop when I was full. It's very very hard to know even ball park figures on my protein, carbs, and fats without My Fitness Pall so I just tried to round out my meals like I usually do. Carbs early and fats late with protein at every meal. Guess it worked! Honestly I wasn't going to weigh myself this week, but the tape measure was laying around so I measured my hips {my problem area} and I was down an inch so I thought, wonder if that shows on the scale too??

My goal is not to track my food forever, but until I get back to my pre-pregancy weight, another 20 pounds. My ultimate goal is to eat as much as I can and still be happy with my body - which is why you shouldn't drop your calories too low - restricted eating is hard to maintain forever. 

Marathon Training -
I've been having some pain on the balls of my feet so I decided to try a new running shoe, Newton Gravity III.  I was told to slowly break them in because they promote a midfoot strike while offering some cushion, but the change can make your calves sore so it's best to work up to a longer run with them. They were quite pricey so I hope they are a keeper! The Plano Balloon Half is just over a month away, need to kick up my mileage a bit it's just so humid I have a hard time finding my runners high.

Next week I'm planning on tracking a 'day in the life' on IIFYM so you can see that it's not all that hard and to see what type of things I'm eating. I know a lot of you like to stalk food :)



  1. Exactly why I love what I'm doing now! Great transition into what you're doing! Weighing scares me but containers didnt however I think its probably the same amount of work/ planning in the end. Also I love being able to eat so much and being able to fit a cheat in when I need it and not feel guilty! 21DayFix seems like a good thing to fo first if youre hesitant to try IIFYM, at least for me! Thanks for sharing ♡♡

  2. I can't wait to see your post on iifym BC I haven't tried it BC it seems confusing and like it takes a lot of time. And yay for the 2 lbs!

  3. I have felt exactly the same way about eating low calories, I felt deprived and binge ate out of control some days because of it. Now that I have cut my carbs and don't worry about my calories so much (though I try to still stick to a good number), I have been feeling better and losing weight again. I think it really comes down to what you are eating more than how many calories you are eating. You look great btw and I love that dress!!

  4. I think losing weight on vacation means you've officially crossed some kind of monumental threshold, passing out of Diet Land into Fitness Land forever and ever amen. It proves you officially have the lifestyle mindset. What a victory!

    I hope to join you soon. :)

  5. You look awesome!! Would you want to try some 3D fiber lash mascara by Younique? It's amazing! Check it out on Instagram @crazyformascara I have an 8 week old, 3 yo, & 6 yo...I put my mascara on some lip gloss and feel like a million bucks! :)

  6. SkinnyMeg, are you on MFP? I'm counting macros, too, and would love to follow you!

  7. You are looking great! I can't wait for the IIFYM post. I am trying to get into it but I am a little lost. I am so used to basically starving myself, and it seems like I need to eat alot more food than I am used to eating to hit my macros. I'm finding it hard to get the perfect mix of proteins, carbs and fats into every meal without going over on any of them. I am interested in seeing how you go about it. You are awesome! Congrats on not gaining on vacation that's impressive.


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