Ombre Hair Lovin'

I finally decided my hair was long enough to do a little ombre and I have to say I'm LOVING it! My girl Ashley did me up perfectly!! I've wanted to try this for a while, but you really don't get the same effect if your hair is straight and I've just really got to the point that I curl my hair pretty much daily and if I don't it's in a braid or pony.

My baby is getting so dang big, way too quickly for my taste too. He's finally big enough to sit up in the stroller, he finally rolled over, and he's even sitting up on his own for about a minute. While I do love the BOB stroller we bought, why no one ever mentioned that the car seat weighs 2 metric tons is beyond me! I guess if you've only used it you would know, but I used a Graco with Madison and the BOB is seriously 4x as heavy and I can barely carry him in it anymore and, duh, I workout.

We are obsessed with cute Droolzies - so many fun prints and it's hard to find 'cute' accessories for boys!

I had to recruit some help with the large frames I wanted to hang in the kitchen, Aiden provided the entertainment and Madison helped paint. I'm hoping to finally finally finish everything in the kitchen this week and take some real pics for y'all. Patience is wearing thin on this project, I just want it done. Now. 

I did manage to get one up, just perfection. I got the frame in Canton and I got the print on Etsy.

Also, Hobby Lobby has my number right now. For reals. I really really really want one of the sparkle deer heads, I just don't have a spot for it off hand....



  1. Hobby Lobby is a double-edged sword. I always want so much stuff but have nowhere to put any of it.

  2. I love you hair, looks very awesome!

  3. I've always wanted that print in my kitchen!! Love it!

  4. Love your hair! Super cute. Do you have eyelash extensions? Please tell me I can go somewhere and get those and that they're not just naturally beautiful like that! :)

  5. Hobby Lobby is my happy place! Love your hair :)

  6. Sparkly deer head? Pics please?! I didn't see that when I was there last.

  7. Hair is very nice and the pics of the kids are adorable.

  8. Lovvvvvve your hair!!!! So pretty. And your kitchen is adorbs.

  9. Frame looks awesome.

  10. Must find out about this deer head I'm kinda freaking out to see it ? Please share


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