Life with Two - Dos.

It's a little weird to me how different having a baby is this time compared to last. I think it's a combination of having more experience and being more confident in my parenting abilities, I mean, Madison is pretty freaking awesome. 

I really was blessed, Aiden is such a good baby, generally happy when fed and rested. Even when he does get upset, he is soothed easily, Madison can always make him smile. I can vividly remember HATING to drive anywhere because M would scream and scream in the car, now I just love peeking in the rear view mirror and seeing him contentedly watching his sister singing, off tune, while we drive. I swear the louder she sings the more he smiles.

***haha, an oldie, but I always get a good laugh!

There are a few things that are markedly different, mostly from him being my last baby and maybe because he is a boy. I feel 'softer' towards him, with Madison I am very 'suck it up and be a big girl', but Oliver is the opposite with them. I can't say I'd mind him being a Momma's boy - Oliver is and I still married him :)

Oliver and I have had quite the transition this time though, I didn't realize how much he got out of doing last time, mostly because I stayed home. I mean he helped, but he never got up at night and he really only had 'Daddy' duty when I left for an hour to go to boot-camp. Admittedly we had a few blow outs during my last trimester because we were both nervous about how to add in a newborn into our already busy lives. Madison was just getting easy and more self sufficient and we faced having to go through it all again. God saw into my heart and knew that I needed an easy baby this go round and I am forever thankful. He probably saved my marriage. I finally had to just let go of the fact that I had to be the one getting up at night, every night. Men don't function as well on less sleep, so I take one for the team. I just Spark it up at 4:30 in the morning - oh and I mean Spark as in drink, not spark as in 'sparkin' one up' hahahahahha.

We still struggle a bit, it's hard when we both work full time, some-days there are just not enough hours in the day. Adien likes to be held a lot in the evenings and I feel guilty for letting him cry for even a few minutes, so finally I just decided no more fancy dinners until he's over this phase. Fish and veggies errrrrr night.  Usually I feed, bathe, and play with him while Oliver finishes working, if I'm lucky it's by 7:30 some day's is closer to 8:15, Madison is around playing with her toys and making a mess somewhere in the house. She's probably changed her outfit three times too. 

He's just SO over the Rock N Play.

This is more his new speed. Don't worry 'ladies' he wasn't left alone on the counter - that shit's dangerous ;)

Last Friday both kids spent the night with my in law's and weirdly Oliver and I didn't have one fight, well I wouldn't even say we really fight, it's more like nagging or bickering. I think sometimes it's hard for us to see it when we are so busy with life. No matter how easy a baby he is, life with two kids, two jobs, and a marriage is hectic. There are days when our only phone conversation has been about our 401k plans or if Madison was signed up for school. I know things will get easier the older they get, but I kinda want to keep him little and fat forever! Until then I'm gonna try my hardest to pick my battles very very carefully and probably throw in a marriage seminar just for fun.

My boys.



  1. Seasons of life, aren't they great. What I love about your last picture... of the boys... is the wedding picture hanging on the wall. It all started there. I sure have enjoyed your blog and watching your family grow. Thanks for all your sharing and inspiration.

  2. Ohhh. It's been a long time since I've been in this stage, but the memory of it is like YESTERDAY. I remember the irony of whenever the hubs and I did have alone time we would end up arguing instead of enjoying it. There is just so much tension and responsibility, and I don't know anyone who is great at managing it all. You rock, though. You will look back on it someday and just shake your head in amazement. =D

  3. OH my goodness, that last picture is freaking adorable!!! :)
    I think me & hubby need to get started on babies asap. My clock is running out!!!...lol

  4. Omg, I have experienced ALL of this. Funny enough, I just bought Lysa Terkeurst's book Capture His Heart: Becoming the Godly Wife Your Husband Desires last night. I struggle to balance it all, and I definitely don't want my marriage to suffer on account :)

  5. Love Capture His Heart and must second! Actually any and everything from Lysa Terkeurst is a great read! I am considering sending our next child off to live with someone else between their "threenage" year (3 and a half to 4 ish) - cause after dealing with that for the last 6 months from my twins, I am so over it! I try to remember that Darius Rucker tells us that "it won't be like this for long", but man it sure feels long when you're in the thick of it! But we must press on and fight the good fight!

  6. Awe I loved this post, thanks for writing it and for always being so open and just real with all of us who LOVE reading about your cute life. I related to a lot of this post. There just doesn't seem like enough time....and with that said, Riley just woke up after a 20 min catnap and is now crying in the other room and I am trying to get packed for our last getaway weekend of the summer....supposed to have left an hour ago. But no I am taking a blog-reading break LOL. ANYWAY, really quick, because i also don't like to let mine cry for too long hahahaha....I loved this post, you are always so inspiring. I was actually thinking about you the other and thinking "Meg is so real and so genuine and could put on a garbage bag and instagram it and people would go out and buy it." LOL ok you're awesome. That's all.

  7. Your a good mommy, it does get easier somedays :)

  8. You are a fantastic mommy and you have two of the cutest, sweetest kids ever. I could just squeeze both of them. You are doing it right - Madison, though I've never met her, seems like a sweet and caring little girl and I love seeing her with her baby brother, who is adorable too. I love that you share both of them with us.

  9. I have never loved your posts more when you are just blatantly honest. No whining or complaining, but honesty. My husband and I are planning to start a family in the next few years with no other family within a 2 hour drive, and I have my fears of the toll that kind of stress will take on us. (and selfishly, I fear for how I'll let my body go when it does, because I know I'm a much happier person inside and out when I have a healthier life and regular workout schedule!) It's a huge relief to hear that while you are peppy and energized, you have your struggles, and you just work through them day by day. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone who is a product of their choices, rather than their circumstances. Thanks for everything you've given us lucky readers! :)

  10. Beckett is going through that, too. He wants to be held, and it has to be by mommy. He wouldn't let Josh hold, change, feed, or bathe him yesterday. I can't say I hate it, but it sure ain't easy!

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