Is Santa a Stranger?

I survived the wilderness that is Beavers Bend, OK - we stayed in a cabin that was literally 30 miles from civilization.  No phone, no internet. While I can live without my social media, I found it quite annoying to live without Google {to find stuff to do} and with out a way to call people. I couldn't run because I was afraid to without a way to call for help if a wild something or other would try to get me.

We found other things to do, like drink and hot tub.
My Mom wasn't thinking properly and told Madison a story of a little girl who drowned in a hot tub so now she refuses to get in one, so we kept her busy doing other things.

 I highly recommend checking out Girls Gone Wine if you are in the area - cute cute store and free wine tastings! 

 We all took a canoe trip on Friday, I'll be honest, I let Oliver paddle me down the entire way. Oh and he's totally flexing in the picture - I see you! 

Saturday we rented a boat and tubed the afternoon away, the water was the perfect temp and even Madison got on a few times - she's such a brave girl! I will say the highlight of my weekend was trying to throw Oliver off the tube :)

It was nice to just do a quick getaway - all I packed was in this Thirty - One bag, didn't wear a stitch of make up and no heat touched my hair for days - loved it!  We decided to leave Aiden at home just because we would be out and about all day and that's too much for him right now, while I missed the crap outta him it was nice to sleep for 2 nights straight though, I even slept in until 7 every day! 

Madison was begging to see him by the last night, she's such a lover. Obviously she missed her iPad too.

This girl right here has never met a stranger, which is concerning to Oliver and I, so we've been having talks with her about talking to people she doesn't know. Went something like this:

Me: Do you know what a stranger is?
Madison: No
Me: It's someone that you don't know and if Mommy and Daddy aren't around you are not to talk to them.
Madison: {mumbles something as she walks away. }
Me: Is Claire a stranger?
Madison: No, she's my cousin.
Me: Is our waitress a stranger?
Madison: No
Me: Yes she is, do you know her? No? Then she is a stranger. 
Madison: I colored a picture for our waitress and then gave her a hug. 
Me: Well that's ok as long as Mommy or Daddy are with you. 

Little while later 

Madison: Is Santa a stranger?
Me: God Bless America, did I just get outsmarted by a 5 year old?

{The guy at the next table turns and asks me some questions about our pizza}

Madison: Mommy are you talking to strangers?

I swear I can not win with this kid - she's trying to disprove me at every turn!



  1. Ha! She sounds like me as a child. My mom said she taught me about strangers because I would walk around the store giving everyone the friendliest HELLO! After she told me about strangers, I would point at people I didn't know in the store and say stranger, lol.

  2. Okay, she is HILARIOUS! Have you seen the SNL skit with Ed Norton about strangers? It was on this past weekend and I swear your story sounds EXACTLY like it! You have to look it up and check it out! So funny! She's precious!

  3. That place looked amazing! I LOVE a vacation where no makeup is worn :)

    Re: Santa ... I had a friend whose little girl would emphatically answer NO! if you asked her if Santa was coming to see her. When I asked her mom about it, she said the idea of a stranger breaking in to her house terrified her. Ha! Something I had never thought of!!!

  4. I highly recommend the Bernstein bears truth about strangers! I remember every word and I'm 34!!

  5. Lol @ "we kept her busy doing other things" haha. Too funny about the strangers! They're too smart for their own good!

  6. We struggle with this 'stranger' discussion with my 3yr old also. She remarked that 'mommy talks to everyone, I can too!'... touche' kiddo!

  7. Sounds like the perfect little get-a-way. Sometimes when I am camping I freak out a bit about not having my phone to use but then I relax into not having to deal with phone calls, texts or emails. Which is nice and I think important!!! Your little girl is so smart :)

  8. I have the same problem with my son, as far as the "stranger" discussion. He'll talk to anyone that will listen. He now thinks he is big enough to ride his bike around our neighborhood and such (which he totally isn't). As a compromise I let him ride on the street directly in front of the house ( we live in the very back of an extremely low traffic neighborhood in the country). So since I'm not always in the driveway and now that he is starting kindergarten we have adopted the Password method. He has a password that he and the family know. If anyone ever comes to pick him up from school or approaches him while he is at the park or riding his bike and they tell him that they are supposed to pick him up, he is supposed to ask them for the password. If they don't know it he is supposed to run away screaming!

  9. This is one of the funny posts ever! I'm still laughing

  10. Ha Ha! At least she's listening to you!

  11. Everyone has an opinion on stranger danger but the truth is we all have to talk to strangers and so do our kids. We've been talking to our 6 year old for the past couple years that is okay to talk to strangers but you NEVER, EVER leave with anyone unless mommy or daddy says its okay. We also tell her that she shouldn't tell strangers her name unless mommy or daddy is there and says its okay. We also often role play with her. "What if XYZ's mommy came to pick you up, what would you do? What would you do if someone said they had a puppy in their car? Etc." We also tell her if she ever gets separated from us she should find a mommy with kids and ask for her help. It's a tough world out there and ultimately we should teach our kids to trust their instinct...however you do that!
    And of course Santa isn't a stranger! Mommy and Daddy know Santa! 😉


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