First Day of School

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Well, I really really can't believe this is happening. My baby. I'm pretty sure I'm not even old enough to have a Kindergartener. 

We spent the last days of summer preparing her for the real world, folders, binder, pencils, earbuds, markers, crayons, backpack, and a lunchbox. Oh - lets not forget her 'uniform' - y'all already know my feelings on those, but she does look ridiculously cute anyways :)

We all went to meet the teacher and we loaded her in class 'locker' with all her supplies, found her spot in the classroom, she noticed the teacher had chevron pillows so obviously she loved her right away.

Over the weekend I took her shopping for her lunch items, she's picky about clothing and food, which can be exhausting. I decided not to let her pick out her uniform items just because it was such a narrow selection, but her lunch she was pretty good at picking healthy easy to transport items. 

One of her favorites is the Del Monte Fruit Bursts, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and a good serving of real fruit and veggies. Winning!

We shopped at a nice new shiny Wal-Mart they just built by us, I just love a clean and organized store! Plus, you can receive a free back to school photo offer from the Walmart Print Shop with purchase from August 1 – September 13 while supplies last. If you participate in the free back to school photo offer you will receive $1 off the purchase of (2) Del Monte 4-pack Fruit Cups or (2)Fruit Burst Squeezers. This offer is running at SELECT Walmart Super Stores

Baby Aiden is loving the side hold in our wrap, so nice that he finally has enough head control, he just wants to know what is going on in the world. I have a feeling he's gonna miss her the most during the day - she never stops making him smile. 

I pray she makes fast friends and enjoys her new life as a student! 



  1. She's too cute! Good luck with her first day.

  2. What is the name of the wrap you are using?

  3. You'll definitely have to do a video to show us how you got Aiden in that side wrap! He looks so comfy!

  4. I hope my daughter makes friends like TS. She is such a light with that sweet nature and smile. Have a great first day and shine bright!!

  5. I cannot get over all the cuteness in these pictures. I love that she wants to be Elsa! My daughter wants to be her too.

  6. My little one started Kindergarten today too. I am excited to pick her up and hear how her day went.

  7. Please please please PLEASE do a video or something about how to do the side wrap. My 5 month old is totally ready for that way, but I just can't figure it out.

  8. I bet that sweet girl is gonna be just fine! :)

  9. Hope she is rockin out in kindergarten!
    Random question: where did you get your coffee mug set beside TS in the last picture?


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