Botox Lovin'

If you follow me on Instagram {@skinnymeg31} then you probably already know that I had a bit of, uh, work done.

Yep, I got me a little botox. I've had pretty deep lines on my forehead for years, probably since my early 20's and they have always bothered me. Well I thought since I'm done having babies I might as well give it a go and I have to say I really really really love it. 

Cost: Groupon always has several deals for botox so that was my first stop, I found a reputable place close to work and for $149 I had enough to do one area {my forehead}.

How it went down: I was a little apprehensive honestly, I imagined huge needle being shot in my face. Actually it was surprisingly fast, less than 2 minutes, and it was more like acupuncture than needles. Pop, pop,pop, ok you are good to go, no working out for a few hours.I did it on my lunch break, not even much redness afterwards when I went back to work.

Maintenance: I was told that it depends on your metabolism, some peoples last longer than others, but for my first time I could expect around 3/4 months before I need it done again. I will be doing it again, I think it looks very natural and you really wouldn't notice unless I told you. In fact Oliver JUST called me and asked me if I did it after he was stalking my IG page and he see's my face everyday and never noticed!

Right now I have absolutely no plans to do anywhere else on my face, actually the lady who did it for me kinda scared me into not doing too much, I honestly could not tell you how old she was and not in a good way.  I think it can be like back in the day when I tanned, you tan and tan everyday and still don't feel like you are dark enough, but you are you just can't see it. Yuck. So if I start lookin' all crazy my friends better have a botox intervention!



  1. I follow you IG and I didn't even notice. You can def tell a difference. I have thought about it myself for the lines in my forehead too. Thanks for the information..I might go search Groupon for some deals ;)

  2. Do you know about Nerium? It is botox in a bottle! It will definitely help to maintain that wrinkleless forehead (and other areas as well). I would love to share more info. with you if you are interested. www.rhooper.nerium.com

  3. love it! thanks for always being an open book. I've been wanting to do it (although I'm only 24) but I'm always interested in hearing about other people's experiences! You look great, as usual. xo

  4. I want this done so badly! What did the lady say that scared you?!

  5. It looks great! I use to work in a cosmetic clinic and it is never to early to start preventative measures! You look awesome. If you want to try another area - try the upper lip. 5 units ... 2 on either side and 1 in the peak. Subtle but gives you a little more volume. =)

  6. I think you look great! There are some parts on myself that eventually I might try a little intervention on - hahah!

  7. It looks awesome, I work in Dermatology and everyone here gets it done! Except poor preggo me ;) can't wait to have it done one day since I have the same issues with the deep set lines in my forehead!

  8. It looks amazing! I don't know why I thought it lasted way longer. I thought it was like years not just 3 months. I hate my forehead lines!


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