Beautiful Weather makes for a Beautiful Weekend.

I don't know WHAT is going on with this weather, but I ain't mad about it! Friday barely got into the 80's and Saturday it was pleasantly cool and not humid.  Basically, perfect running weather!

We did 9-10 miles around the lake, depending on who's run keeper you were looking at, my confidence in running a full was restored. Last week I felt like dying and I was worried I would never be able to get myself to 26.2, but that was just the heat talking. Once it starts to cool down running will get easier and I just need to keep telling myself that. 

After my run I wanted to go to Canton because the weather was just so amazing I wanted to enjoy the outdoors - while shopping of course.  I only wanted to take Aiden and Madison was going to stay home with Oliver, but my Mom INSISTED on bringing her becuase she 'didn't want her to be bored'. I caved after much begging, my main issue being that I don't have a double stroller and I knew knew knew she wasn't going to walk the entire time, but I was weak and let my Mom talk me into it. 

As soon as we stepped out of the car she was all 'I don't want to walk' ughhhhhhhhhhh. This kid. So we rented a wagon and I made my Mom pull it most of the time :) Told ya so. 

We didn't stay as long as usual, but I still found the perfect thing to put above my cabinets- can't wait to show y'all!

Sunday I had a fire lit in me and I spent most of the day deep cleaning the house, we are finally getting back to normal after a month of renovations being done. A layer of dust was all over everything, but it was worth it, I absolutely love all of it! I will post about all the updates next week. We all took a needed nap around 4pm, not sure why but Madison was all over me yesterday. Sucks for you Oliver :)

I also wanted to share a recipe with everyone - this came from a contest we had in my Challenge group - to skinny up a regular recipe.

From Janet and a link to her blog post about it!
'I reworked The Pioneer Woman's Mixed Berry Shortcake. Swapped out the sugar for stevia, butter for light margarine, buttermilk for skim milk + white vinegar, and used Cool Whip Light as a topping instead of whipped cream. I reduced the calories per serving by almost 300, reduced fat content by 25g, carbs by 18g, and sugar by 27g! My husband said he wouldn't have known it was "skinny" if I didn't tell him and my 2yo son was dancing around signing while he ate it'

I can not wait to try this!



  1. I'm so happy you loved my submission enough to share it. :-) Here's a link to my blog with the modified recipe. http://jaybeejay.com/2014/07/30/recipe-skinny-mixed-berry-shortcake/

  2. I cant tell if my previous post was sent. but just wanted to let you know what i'm glad I found your blog! my son was born 3/4! congrats on your baby boy :)


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