Favorite Things.

 Another round of My Favorite Things.

These pillows are on my list for Christmas - they are customized to copy someones handwriting or have special coordinates put on. So freaking cute, I love a personalized gift! 
via - Life Crafts Whatever on Etsy.

Obsessed with this website - White Faux Taxidermy and they are having a 25% off Labor Day Sale! I just need to decide which one I love the bestest. 

My beautiful baby girl loves her Fab Kids dress and just makes me really wish she didn't have to wear uniforms. One day I will stop complaining about it, but that day is not today. 

This Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty. Perfect color and lasts all day.

This tan -Norvell VENETIAN Premium Solution rocks. Once a week, fades well, and is pretty hard to mess up. Getting my money's worth from my at home tanning machine! Maxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning KIT  I fired Oliver and learned to spray myself - except my back - I still let him help with that.

Obsessed with the layered necklace too - Clovers and Pearls.

Surrounding myself with people who actually WANT me to succeed. I have the best people in my life and I'm grateful daily. In the wise word of my friend Val - Don't trust a woman who has no girl friends.

Flex breaking in my office because...

it's Friday.
I made myself proud this week.
I pushed myself to be better.
Hypnotic Donuts sugar high.



Kitchen Remodel - it's done!

 My kitchen is finally finally done and I couldn't be happier. It's very me, very bright, and exactly what I wanted.

Let's start with a before. I always hated hated hated the builder grade cabinets, but at the time we chose something we could afford and later Oliver was very resistant to letting me paint them. Well, I finally broke him after I showed him some Pinterest pictures of what I wanted and he agreed.

You can find my paint choices in this post. I really got lucky and they were spot on with my vision the first go round, it's pretty stressful to walk into Lowe's at 8 pm the night before they were painting and pick out colors. Grey's can be tough - not too light and not too dark. This one is perfect said Goldilocks. 

I kept my sugar sign, the letters are from Hobby Lobby, and we decided the kitchen felt a little 'cold' and needed a few pops of color. I just happened to have this perfect unopened can of pink paint, from Target, and it was exactly what I needed above the cabinets. So much open wall space drives my nutty.

On the other wall I found some huge frames at Canton, similar here or here, and painted them to match. I framed some cute black and white prints I got off Etsy - here, here, and here. So for about 200 bucks I filled up a lot of empty space. Decorating above cabinets is tricky and I steered clear of knickknack - because dusting, ugh.

Adding knobs was SUPER easy and fast, should of done that forever ago! I got these Allen and Roth Pewter knobs at Lowes and they are the perfect color on both the white and grey cabinets. I also splurged on a huge white granite sink - super deep and just lovely.

I added a white subway back splash that is just gorgeous - it was very inexpensive too!

On the side by the sink I decided to remove the cabinets above and replace them with open shelving. I searched Ikea and the home improvement stores and could find a dang thing I wanted - so I happened across this local company and took them a picture of what I wanted and they happily made me some. 

They are from Ross Rustic Tables in Rockwall, TX.  I think they make the biggest impact in my kitchen, it just looks more custom and less standard builder grade stuff. Plus they were only about 100 bucks, winnnnnning. The next big item on my list is one of their tables - I'm leaning towards the Trestle Table with a long bench.

My fridge chalkboard decal is available somewhere on Amazon, don't have time to search it out today for ya.  The floors before were linoleum and the new one in tile - that looks like wood. I'm VERY pleased with the tile - it's super durable, keeps the house cooler, and easy to clean. The brand is Interceramic Forestland Sequoia

The only thing left to do is to switch out the overhead lighting, right now it's one of those big ugly florescent lights. I'm concerned with adding a fixture that it won't be bright enough. If y'all have any suggestion please let me know! 



Squat Challenge W.O.W

I always like to share when I find cute workout gear, I keep professing my love of Fabletics, but I'm just blown away every month by the awesomeness of their clothing.  I'm super picky about workout pants because I'm pear shaped and I like something smoothing with thicker fabric, I was worried about the print on these, but I put them on, perfect fit! I also came across these Raydiant Apparel fitness headbands and they are super cute and kept the sweat out of my eyes really well. The fabric is more of a cotton and less of a lycra which I kinda liked - no slipping. 

Pretty Fit has introduced me to so many new and wonderful products, like Protein Bakery, UPlift- pre-workout awesomeness,Chike High Protein Coffee , just to name a few. Above is the picture for the Prepared box coming next week - can't wait!! They are offering new members the boxes for 50 and use the coupon code MEG10 when you check out - member ship is free, shipping is free, and you can cancel at any time. I honestly love this the most out of all my subscription boxes!

OK - y'all ready to workout?

My SkinnyMeg Challenge group is doing a 4 week Squat Challenge and I thought I'd share it here for anyone who wants in on it!

Gotta get a 'before' shot! I found this challenge here, but copied it into a picture you can save to your phone for quick access a the gym. 


Some of the moves call for body weight - I personally am adding some type of weight to each move and increasing as it calls for, just be sure you track your weights.

Let's not forget the upper body though - add this quick routine in too! It's meant to be heavy with lower reps - I did 6 - 8 reps with good form so however heavy that is for you.

1. Seated Cable Pull - 115 pounds
2. Bent Over Rows - 25 pounds
3. Cable Flys - 50 pounds

Go get your sweat on!



Marathon Training and Eating.

You know what I love most about running - that happy 'high' feeling I have for the rest of the day. I just love life after a bunch of sweaty miles. 

hahaha, I SWEAR I think this all the time ;) I'm just kinda slow right now, but that OK, I'm working on endurance not speed. 

Saturday I met up with some new friends for a long run, 12 miles. It's nice to run with people, in fact I rarely listen to my music anymore. 

This is my longest run since having Aiden in March and I was pretty nervous about my stamina. I'm really focusing on my nutrition for this marathon, no pastas the night before, I've learned better. I had a nice big turkey on wheat sammy for lunch and lots of sweet potato for dinner the day before. The morning of I had a peanut butter pop-tart {unfrosted} and no stomach issues and I felt pretty good for most of the run. It's still really hot out - so the last two miles were torture. 

Confession - I now consider myself a 'real' runner. I got chaffed in the worst spot and had to use diaper cream. Totally worked though!!

I had a GU around mile 6 and a bottle of Spark for miles 6-10 {Spark has carbs too}, I learned that I should be eating about 25g of carbs for every hour I run. GU has about 22 and Spark has 11, but I still need to add a bit more in. I really want to finish in under 5 hours and I think if I hydrate and fuel correctly it will help me get there. Yes - you can totally run without it, but for sure you run better with proper engine oil in the car, right?! I also am sure to take my Advocare Nighttime Recovery - makes the world of difference!! I was even able to do some legs at the gym the next day. Holla!

Then my favorite girl and I took a glorious Saturday afternoon nap! Love cuddling with her :)

I came across this recipe for Strawberry Protein Fluff - ahhhhhmazing.  I only put 4 servings per recipe, but I should of done more because I was full with just a quarter serving. It's a nice treat before bed and super easy to make. I can't believe that almond milk, frozen strawberries, and protein powder whipped up that nice!

My Diet Bet started yesterday, but you still have time to join! I have to lose 7.1 pounds in the next 4 weeks - it can be done ladies. I know a lot of you have trouble seeing the scale move and while it's NOT all about that number, if you are CONSISTENT and WORK HARD you will see progress. You just have to be determined to lose the weight!!



First Day of School

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Del Monte, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DelMonteBTS  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Well, I really really can't believe this is happening. My baby. I'm pretty sure I'm not even old enough to have a Kindergartener. 

We spent the last days of summer preparing her for the real world, folders, binder, pencils, earbuds, markers, crayons, backpack, and a lunchbox. Oh - lets not forget her 'uniform' - y'all already know my feelings on those, but she does look ridiculously cute anyways :)

We all went to meet the teacher and we loaded her in class 'locker' with all her supplies, found her spot in the classroom, she noticed the teacher had chevron pillows so obviously she loved her right away.

Over the weekend I took her shopping for her lunch items, she's picky about clothing and food, which can be exhausting. I decided not to let her pick out her uniform items just because it was such a narrow selection, but her lunch she was pretty good at picking healthy easy to transport items. 

One of her favorites is the Del Monte Fruit Bursts, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and a good serving of real fruit and veggies. Winning!

We shopped at a nice new shiny Wal-Mart they just built by us, I just love a clean and organized store! Plus, you can receive a free back to school photo offer from the Walmart Print Shop with purchase from August 1 – September 13 while supplies last. If you participate in the free back to school photo offer you will receive $1 off the purchase of (2) Del Monte 4-pack Fruit Cups or (2)Fruit Burst Squeezers. This offer is running at SELECT Walmart Super Stores

Baby Aiden is loving the side hold in our wrap, so nice that he finally has enough head control, he just wants to know what is going on in the world. I have a feeling he's gonna miss her the most during the day - she never stops making him smile. 

I pray she makes fast friends and enjoys her new life as a student! 



Life with Two - Dos.

It's a little weird to me how different having a baby is this time compared to last. I think it's a combination of having more experience and being more confident in my parenting abilities, I mean, Madison is pretty freaking awesome. 

I really was blessed, Aiden is such a good baby, generally happy when fed and rested. Even when he does get upset, he is soothed easily, Madison can always make him smile. I can vividly remember HATING to drive anywhere because M would scream and scream in the car, now I just love peeking in the rear view mirror and seeing him contentedly watching his sister singing, off tune, while we drive. I swear the louder she sings the more he smiles.

***haha, an oldie, but I always get a good laugh!

There are a few things that are markedly different, mostly from him being my last baby and maybe because he is a boy. I feel 'softer' towards him, with Madison I am very 'suck it up and be a big girl', but Oliver is the opposite with them. I can't say I'd mind him being a Momma's boy - Oliver is and I still married him :)

Oliver and I have had quite the transition this time though, I didn't realize how much he got out of doing last time, mostly because I stayed home. I mean he helped, but he never got up at night and he really only had 'Daddy' duty when I left for an hour to go to boot-camp. Admittedly we had a few blow outs during my last trimester because we were both nervous about how to add in a newborn into our already busy lives. Madison was just getting easy and more self sufficient and we faced having to go through it all again. God saw into my heart and knew that I needed an easy baby this go round and I am forever thankful. He probably saved my marriage. I finally had to just let go of the fact that I had to be the one getting up at night, every night. Men don't function as well on less sleep, so I take one for the team. I just Spark it up at 4:30 in the morning - oh and I mean Spark as in drink, not spark as in 'sparkin' one up' hahahahahha.

We still struggle a bit, it's hard when we both work full time, some-days there are just not enough hours in the day. Adien likes to be held a lot in the evenings and I feel guilty for letting him cry for even a few minutes, so finally I just decided no more fancy dinners until he's over this phase. Fish and veggies errrrrr night.  Usually I feed, bathe, and play with him while Oliver finishes working, if I'm lucky it's by 7:30 some day's is closer to 8:15, Madison is around playing with her toys and making a mess somewhere in the house. She's probably changed her outfit three times too. 

He's just SO over the Rock N Play.

This is more his new speed. Don't worry 'ladies' he wasn't left alone on the counter - that shit's dangerous ;)

Last Friday both kids spent the night with my in law's and weirdly Oliver and I didn't have one fight, well I wouldn't even say we really fight, it's more like nagging or bickering. I think sometimes it's hard for us to see it when we are so busy with life. No matter how easy a baby he is, life with two kids, two jobs, and a marriage is hectic. There are days when our only phone conversation has been about our 401k plans or if Madison was signed up for school. I know things will get easier the older they get, but I kinda want to keep him little and fat forever! Until then I'm gonna try my hardest to pick my battles very very carefully and probably throw in a marriage seminar just for fun.

My boys.



Getting Fit for Fall.

This is about one month of progress, I'm feeling really good right now. Like *almost* back to the old me. My endurance is still not there, but it's getting better every week. I'm still 19 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight, for an extra push I'm running another Diet Bet. I am DETERMINED to get myself into some smaller Fall clothes and I want my boots to go over my damn calves this year. It's all about the cute clothes for me! 

If you are new and don't know about Diet Bet here's the scoop.
It runs from Aug 25th - Sep 23rd
You've got 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight. To begin, everyone puts money into the pot. After four weeks, whoever hit their 4% goal is a winner and splits the pot.

I'm going to have to lose about 7 pounds, which is a little scary, but gah, think of my 'after' pic! I'm ready and willing to put in the work. 

If you want to join me - you can click here to sign up


I am using the cable machine more and more at the gym, there are so MANY different ways to use this for any part of the body! I put together a upper body set that I do a lot - workin' the guns!


One of the most asked questions I receive is - how much cardio do you do versus how much weights?

Right now the answer is tricky because I've set a goal for myself to run a marathon at the end of the year.  I am not running to lose weight, in fact marathon training could possibly hinder my weight loss because sooner or later I'm going to need to cut out a day of weight lifting at the gym. I've also would really like to finish is at least 5 hours, so I'm taking my training seriously and that includes my nutrition. 

I won't lie, my speed right now is slow and it's really really hot and humid out which I'm hoping is the culprit. I was dying after this run and it kills my confidence, like I'll never be able to get myself to 26, but my prayer is that once the weather cools off a bit things will get easier. Someone tell me it will - I open to being lied too ;) I've been using the Endomondo App and I really like it!

What I'm trying to figure out now is nutrition, how often I should be eating on longer runs. How many extra carbs should I take in, not just the day before but even the week before. I want  to maximize my results!  **Stay tuned for updates on this!

I also bought some new headphones to try  - Jabra SPORT Wireless Headphones

 First off, they are super comfy and come will a bunch of different ear pieces to get a perfect fit. The sound is good and it was easy to set up. You do have to charge them and the battery life is only 4 hours, but I don't foresee myself listening to music for that amount of time. The arm band that comes with it for your phone is really comfortable, but you have to take your phone in and out to see it - no clear cover. I prefer to keep mine in my water bottle - Clean Bottle .



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