W.O.W #30 // Push Ups

 Welcome back to Workout Wednesday! My button is acting crazy - so I'll trouble shoot and have the link up ready to go next week.

Since I've started doing IIFYM I've been trying to do less and less cardio, I'm inspired by all the toned ladies on the IIFYM Women's facebook group.Typically my workout schedule looks like this:

Monday - Lifting and Pi-Yo {which is crazy hard!}
Tuesday - 3 Miles and Lifting
Wednesday - Spin and Lifting
Thursday - Treadmill HIIT and BodyPump
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Long Run 
Sunday - HIIT and Lifting

I am still planning on running the Plano Balloon Half in September and start my marathon training after that. My knee is still giving me some problems so I haven't upped my mileage just yet, but I'm planning on 10 this weekend, I've been using the KT tape on my leg and I think it's helping <<<< I was skeptical! 
This made my so happy - a little glimpse into my pre-pregnancy muscles :)  In fact this is better than any number on a scale! I've been killing my upper body and I'm going to share a fun and hard pushup routine we do at the gym. 

Some friends and I were having a discussion about squatting barefoot, apparently running shoes are not conducive for a good squat because your foot is not flat in your shoe. I gave it a try yesterday - they were right! I can go lower without my knees hurting and I'm feeling the burn every time I pee today ;) Try it!

Here's your workout for today - enjoy!


  1. Barefoot all the way! I could never wear my running shoes, but my Frees always did great --or so I thought. We tried barefoot about a month ago and never looked back. Only way to go!

  2. That workout looks crazy hard! I was wondering why my squat hurt so much the other day, I am going to have to try it barefoot now!!!

  3. Love, Love, Love PiYo! I started taking it in May when it was first offered and fell in love instantly. I take it live twice a week and ordered the videos in which I do an additional three days a week at home.

  4. Holy cow! That looks nuts! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to give it a try!

  5. I squat and deadlift barefoot! It really does make a difference! That workout does look tough, but I'm up for a challenge.

  6. Look into ART (active release technique) through a chiropractor. It's amazing!


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