Workout Wednesday: Upper Back

It's Hump Day which means that it's time for another W.O.W.

I took some progress shots of my guns, things are happening and I ain't mad about it.

I would say at least 3x a week I kill my arms at the gym, but I think a lot of it is that I've seriously upped my protein intake. Are y'all sick of hearing me go on and on about protein yet? Tough, it's so good for your body!

A few weeks ago I struggled to even hit 100 grams a day now I can EASILY go over my goal of 155 if I'm not paying attention.

My 'I'm Pretty Fit' box has provided me with soooo many wonderful protein options, I'd prefer to eat something from here than a vending machine any day!  I loved the Chike coffee and today after my workout I had a brownie bite from the Protein Bakery. OMG<<<< delish!

This is my new favorite subscription, I would never know about half of these products and I like samples so I can try and see if it's something I want to purchase again. 

Anyways - on to today's workout!  I think one of the most neglacted areas is the upper back and it's hard to have some badass guns when it's all flabby back there - so here's a quick demo of three moves to work that area. I suggest making your weights heavy enough that you are worn out by 8/10 reps. <<< do 5 sets!

Here's the last video for the 4 week Ab Series: it's a hard one!


  1. I want to try that upper back workout. You still using FitnessPal to track?

  2. That box sounds so neat. I have such a hard time with my protein intake! I have tried IIFYM but it was just not for me.

    1. Well you don't need to do IIFYM to get allllll the proteins :) I like how it just keeps me fuller longer, I hate being hungry!

    2. I'm the same!! I just cannot seem to ever hit my protein goal on IIFYM/My Fitness Pal. I NEVER have yet! What the??
      I am amazed that you can so easily get in that much protein, Megan--fabulous job!! Man, I wish I could get to that point.

  3. Great job! Your arms were always something I admired. I really need to step up my arm workouts more. Nice arms are neccesity in TX. #ilovetanktops

  4. Awesome!!!! and you are looking great!!! Your post are so positive!!! My friend and I ...and we drug her 14 year old out too.. started our own 5am Club!!!!

  5. Ahh you read my mind. I was looking for more exercises to kill the fat on my back. Although I do the bent over fly already. I need to figure out other ways to do stuff at home. Thks girl

  6. Are you able to get most of your protein from foods or do you find you have to drink shakes to hit your goal? This is something I have been struggling with

  7. Your arms are looking great. Do you have a link for referral for the PrettyFit box? I think you get $10 off for referring so I'd love to give you credit!


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