Oh, the Chocolate and the Shoes.

One of my girlfriends celebrated a 30 - something birthday this weekend, so a bunch of us got together and went on a  Dallas Bites Tour. We chose to do the Chocolate and Wine one {duh.}, but they have a bunch of different kinds, I'm thinking Oliver and I need to do the Taco and Margarita one ASAP! Basically you meet up at Krispy Kreme {kill me now} and all ride a bus around Dallas to a bunch of places with a tour guide, our was the cutest lady - Stacy Fawcett - who is a food blogger for a local radio and tv station. And I'm not just saying she's cute because she told me I reminded her of her friend, Courtney Kerr :) 

I mean I don't look like her but, what a compliment! I think it was the hot little Sugar Love dress I was wearing.

I ate all the chocolates, ice cream, and even had a chicken sammy after - I wasn't going to track that day just because I wanted to just enjoy myself, but after I left I tracked it {to the best of my ability} anyways. LOL - it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought! I ran 10 miles that morning so I was planning on upping my carbs anyways so it worked out perfectly and I even lost weight over the weekend!

Poor little Twilight Sparkle has an ear infection and swimmer ear, despite the tubes, so no swimming for a week. I think it was a blessing in disguise because it forced Oliver and I to get the house back in order. Most of the work is done, but it takes a lot of time to just go though all the boxes and put things back, I took it as an opportunity to 'spring clean' and I got rid of a ton!

I still haven't officially decided on decor for above the cabinet, but I love love love the SUGAR in pink, I actually bought this pink paint forever ago when Target first started carrying paint and it finally came in handy. We also added pretty pewter colored hardware, from Lowe's, it was super easy to install we should of done that forever ago!

We tiled the closet since it's connected to the master bath, which meant I had to move out allllllll the shoes. I may have a shoe buying problem, but lucky for me I found a huge shoe rack off Amazon, Brylanehome Shoe 8-Shelf Rack.

I may even have room for a few more....
shhhhhhhh - don't tell Oliver.



  1. sounds like a great time!!! both tours sound like heaven!!!

  2. That dress looks FAB on you!!!! LOVE it!!!

  3. loving your kitchen! So fresh and clean :) and the pop of pink! I am in love <3

  4. question: did your backsplash have to be put up like tile? I swear there is such a thing as adhesive backsplash, but i couldn't find such a thing at Lowes......

  5. Your dress is gorgeous, and I'm super envious of all those shoes!

    This summer I've done a ton of "spring cleaning" and it has felt amazing! I never knew the joy I'd feel from getting rid of years worth of junk! :)

  6. LOVE the kitchen and I really want that subway tile. You did a great job picking out colors.

  7. What a great weekend!!! The kitchen looks so great

  8. Love the dress! What kind of bra are you wearing with it? I just bought one with a similar neck line, but I lose shape and get a funky bra line with my strapless.

  9. that dress is super cute! I love it. It sounds like you had a ton of fun on your wine and chico tour. That is such a good idea, Kansas City needs something like that :)

  10. LOVE that dress!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  11. Lookin' good there Meg! The house, YOU, and the closet!

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  13. I would also love to know what type of bra you are wearing with that dress. It is so cute. I often avoid dresses in which I am not sure will hide the bra I am wearing.

  14. I might need to try that tour. The kitchen is looking great


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