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Hi I'm Tiffany, a 30 something wife and SAHM to three little boys. I'm on a fitness journey to reclaim my pre-baby body and teach my boys some healthy habits. My boys are 4 and under and they all came in the span of 23 months, yes really it's possible!  

Shortly after I got married in 2004 we discovered I had fertility issues.  When things were not in my control I decided to eat my sorrows away and live up the kidless life by indulging in dinning out, trips and cooking.  When that plan didn't work and made me 225 pounds I decided I needed to lose weight.

One year later I had lost 75 pounds and was medically able to do in-vitro fertilization.  After a rough year of treatments, a bedrest pregnancy and lots of prayers our twins were born in 2009.  Then surprise 22 months after that our youngest came along with no medical help.  

Fast forward to January 2011 being a Mom to three boys and focusing on my family I weighed in at 190 pounds. I set a goal to lose 30 pounds by my 30th Birthday. 

Most people at this point would join a gym and purchase a diet plan, but nope I downloaded an app to log my food and began the walk that would never end walking for hours a day pushing a triple stroller. This is also when I began blogging my journey and creating healthy recipes. 

I lost 29 pounds by my 30th Birthday and was feeling amazing so I kept on my journey. Today I am now down 67 pounds (or 91 from my highest point) and am around my goal weight which I never ever thought could happen. 

I no longer just walk as my exercise, but have fallen in love with working out and trying to eat cleaner. 

Making the decision to get healthy for my family was the best choice I ever made. I am a better me for them. YOU have to want it, nobody can do it for you, it's you and you alone. But once you reach your goal you will have you and you alone to be proud of.

You have to be ready to make the commitment to yourself day in and day out. You have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable sometimes. And most of all remember that it will NOT be easy, but it will sure as heck will be worth it.  

You can read more about my crazy life, journey, and food at Fit Mama to 3 or on instagram @fitmamato3 

Here is a quick 2 minute Good Morning America spot featuring me which aired yesterday about an app I have used for awhile called Pact. 

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  1. What a great story! So inspirational! Thanks for sharing.


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