Losing It Tuesday - Swimwear and Abs

I never had a chance to post my Advocare cleanse results from last week - I lost 7 pounds. Oliver was supposed to be doing it with me, in fact it was his idea, but he got off track and basically quit on me. Men. For some reason he is struggling with his workouts and diet right now, I guess this time around he's the one having a hard time losing the {paternity} weight after baby. The biggest change I noticed was my pooch is shrinking and my legs are finally starting to realize that we. aren't. pregnant.

I thought it would be nice to see the change in someone who is close to goal and didn't just pop out a human.

Kelly {@klasslane} lost 4.8 pounds and 3 inches - her biggest struggles were meal planning and being out of town for 3 of the 10 days at a work conference, but that's real life! You can not control every aspect of what's going on, you have to be able to make good choices despite temptations. I say rock on Kelly - you did an amazing job!

Moving along - I was kinda hoping to just skip the whole swimsuit thing this summer. While I am proud of my hard work swim wear is just annoying - fitting the boobs in something is somewhat of a nightmare.  Well my parents ended up giving in a buying a pool so I ran to Target and picked up something I could swim in. 

 I didn't whine or make a fuss about wearing one, I don't complain about my body in front of Madison. I smiled and asked her if she wanted to take a picture with me and she told me it was beautiful. She doesn't care about my stomach or legs all she cares about is that I'm willing to put one on and play in the water with her. 

One of my #5amclub girls wanted to help out with the challenge so we are recording a 4 week ab series with a new video each week. They are challenging, but if I can do them then y'all can do them, Shelly never does me wrong! 

 I told my #SMChallenge girls to do them daily and we would have a plank off to see who's been working those baby abs the most :) You can also view it on my YouTube Channel here.



  1. I really love hearing about how you project a positive body image to Madison. Your rock.

  2. When you're picking out a bathing suit, do you take into consideration how easy it would be to nurse in? That's been my hardest thing. Finding something to support these girls AND be easy to nurse in? Nightmare!

    1. I have the same struggle! I found a few really supportive, cute suits at JC Penney of all places! And they were affordable too.

  3. I love your motivation, I sit at my desk reading your blog and by the end I'm thinking of all the ways I can better myself. thank you for that!

  4. You look amazing!! And that ab workout looks killer--can't wait to try!!

  5. You look great in your swim suit! And I really appreciate you sharing about how you are trying to set a good example for your daughter.

  6. Love the pic! Funny Jeremy and I are opposite of you and Oliver cause Jeremy works out 6 days a week and I have been slacking. Keep trying to get back on track.

  7. You look great! And I love how excited kids are just to have their mom in the water, never seeing her "flaws"

  8. I feel your pain on the swimsuits. I wear an H-cup so getting a suit that just fits (let alone supports!) Is tough. I do OK, though, with the Lands End DDD suits or tops. Also, I buy multiple size suits so I can try on at home, and just return the ones I don't like our don't fit to the nearest Sears store for free (instead of mailing).
    Love your blog.

  9. I love the positive body image you are teaching Madison! You are such a role model! I love the suit!

  10. You are such a great mom! A reminder for me that my daughter will notice everything. In their eyes, we are beautiful, flawless! You are looking great!

  11. What an AWESOME reminder of how to model appropriate body image to our daughters! You rock!

  12. It is wonderful that you are concerned that your daughter develops a positive body image. It's a tough world for a girl and a little self-love will go a long, long way. I'm impressed! Miss Bodybliss

  13. You're such a great role model to Miss Madison!! Plus, really...you look amazing!


  14. I love that you are teaching your daughter to develop a positive body imagine - that is super important! Congrats on your Advocare results! Definitely makes me want to look into it.


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