Losing It Tuesday: Goals

 I signed up for Fabletics and received my first outfit. I'm super impressed with the fit and the quality - these are my new favorite workout capris!!! The fabric is soft and the waistband is wide, plus the color is pretty :) The top was lightweight and I LOVED the cut, it slimmed and covered my booty. I got a 3 piece outfit my first time and it came with the sports bra - yeah, it's not holding these bad boys at the gym, but it's perfect for sleeping in!


It works the same as Just Fab - you can skip if you don't want anything or you get to pick an outfit once a month. I wear my workout clothes a lot so they get worn pretty quickly, I love this as a way to try new stuff. 

I lost another pound this week bring my postpartum weight loss to 28 pounds! I still have about 20-25 to go, but I'm happy to just be making progress. 

We ended up doing a lot of eating out over the weekend due to the kitchen being a complete disaster and unusable, but I still weighed and tracked and had a loss - it can be done! Take control of it - pick restaurants that have nutritional info available and pick places that have good options. You don't have to suffer by eating out and you don't have to have salads {unless you want to of course}. One favorite option of mine is tacos - filled with a protein and some veggies - delish!

I'm still keeping my running up, but with my knee still giving me problems I'm keeping it nice and slow. I've recruited all kinds of new running buddies - loveeee it! I also got the app, Trail Link, and I've found all kinds of new running trails in my area. It's got me all pumped to run more and I guess I was riding that high when I sign up for a full, as in a full 26.2 marathon. I would say giving birth and running my first marathon in the same year would make me feel awesome. Orrrrr I'm gonna die, TBD. I am running a half in September and then I'll start my training for the full which is in December.

Setting goals keeps me motivated!



  1. I love the blue color of those pants! Way to go on the pound! I get tso tempted to eat the worst thing on the menu and weekends are so tempting also so good for you, taking notes here!

  2. Those pants are awesome! I love the color! I want to try this site, thanks for sharing!

  3. You're doing a full!? Woman, you are crazy and I love it. I signed up for a half, and it's not until February and I'm already wanting to back out. (Getting new running shoes will hopefully help my training though...)

  4. Congrats! The last picture could be a Crest commercial. You all have awesome teeth. lol

    1. Thanks Kara! I'm still on cloud 9! Sweat sesh with Megan and running at that! She's truly down to earth!

  5. WTG!!! It'll be awesome! YOU will be awesome! I'm running a full marathon in October. So this weekend I'm supposed to run 10 miles. it's giving me anxiety... I've run 3 full marathons but the last one I did was in 2005, and I only had 1 baby instead of the 3 that I have now. Running is SO mental. I wish I could just get out there and do it. I know I'd be totally fine if my brain didn't get in the way!! Good luck! I'm excited for the challenge. I really want to try the macros thing.

  6. way to go, and i love those blue leggings!!!

  7. You totally got this! I'm excited for you! Love that you keep making and setting new goals for yourself! Get it girlfriend!

  8. Congrats! I can tell your new diet is working!

  9. Great job! I agree with Kara, three sets of perfect teeth. Do you have the same dentist?

  10. You're a ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking about signing up for a half marathon.... But I'm terrified! I guess I just need to do it!

  11. Ugh im so addicted to fabletics. i follow them on instagram and have seen their sneak peaks for fall, looks like floral patterns errwhere. I'm going to be in trouble!!!

  12. I signed up for full in December as well! Shoot me now!

  13. Congrats on the loss!! I'm impressed especially since your kitchen was all torn up at the time. Way to stick with your plan! You and the rest of the smchallenge girls are keeping me motivated!!

  14. I love, love, love those capris! The whole outfit looks great on you! Congrats on your weight loss this week...that is quite a feat with your kitchen being all torn up.



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