Losing it Tueday: I run so I can eat!

My gym started offering Pi-Yo classes while I was still pregnant with Aiden, I gave it a go a few times, but it was pretty hard to do with a big ole belly in the way. I decided to give it another chance a few weeks ago and I'm hooked, it's really deceptively hard, and I'm always sore in crazy places the next day. The mats at the gym leave much to be desired so I was on the hunt for a new one and I saw they offered a Yoga Set on Fabletics so I ordered that this month, I have to say I'm HIGHLY impressed with their products! The mat is cute, but cushy, and didn't roll up or flake on me and the toe socks made doing all those squats and lunges much easier. In fact those toe socks might be just perfect for leg day since I'm over wearing my tennis shoes and don't really want to buy another pair just to squat in. 

After spending everyday last week texting/begging my coworker to bring more of these lovelies I thought I'd just make my own, they are freaking amazing. Recipe from Pinterest :)
Apple Bites: Reduced Fat PB, walnuts, dairy free choc chips, coconut
104 calories each // 11f 5c 2p

Also a friend shared this chicken recipe with me and I'm obsessed - it's like the best chicken ever and it was crazy easy!
Crockpot Awesome Chicken: 
2lb chicken, one packet ranch seasoning and one packet taco, 1 cup broth: cooked for a few hours and then threw it in the mixer to shred it.

Dress from Copper Peacock

I lost another 2 pounds last week, which puts me at a total of 13 pounds since I started doing IIFYM around 50 days ago. I just feel like this diet is so easy, once you figure out what foods are made up of {fat, protein, carb} it's just about picking the right ones that your body needs. 

I'm starting to increase my weekly mileage to get ready for my half in September, but I was concerned that my macros might not be calculated for more cardio so I went ahead and had them done by a profesh - Krissy Mae Cagney. She recommended I up my carbs and eat the bulk of them around my workouts {so early in the day} and eat my fats later in the day. The first few days I felt a little deprived at night with out any carbs, so I just left a few to have a bedtime snack and it's working like a charm. I just wake up feeling good, I put on clothing and it's fitting better. 
After September when I increase my running even more for marathon training I plan to up my carbs even higher - holla for a huge bowl of cereal after my runs!

So I ran this morning, 5 very very hilly miles and thought I was gonna die, but I didn't so here's my breakfast from today. 

I love eating and losing weight!

We have a winner for the Love Your Body Challenge:
Haley Schubert
Thank you to CollyWobbles Boutique and A Tad Monroe for hosting!

See you for Workout Wednesday!



  1. I am all about eating and losing weight!

  2. I love krissy! Her macro book is super helpful to a newbie like me

  3. Thats awesome! I was up to 5.5 miles now Im back to 3... I've gotta step my game up!

  4. You're looking amazing!
    I wished I could get this macros things figured out.
    By the end of the day I have no carbs, little fat & lots of protein left.
    It just never works out :(

  5. I start IIFYM a little bit after you and love it so far... what is this humapro tablet stuff? I haven't heard of or seen that anywhere else?

  6. You seem to lose every week!!!! #jealous

    However, I'm about 98% certain you're working 100% harder than me :)

  7. Hi Pretty Momma!! You are rocking it. Thanks for the motivation! I just purchased Krissy's Flexible Dieting article and am calculating my macros now. so excited to get started. What is the meal tracker you have listed above. I have myfitnesspal, but it looks different so I figured I'd ask in case there is something better out there I don't know about. Thanks!

  8. Where do you find the personalized macros on kmaecags page? I cant find it anywhere. Thanks!

  9. beachbody has an awesome piyo program and i am obsessed!!!
    you are looking AWESOME girl! i need to look more into your meal plans and this IIFYM thing!

  10. I found your blog when researching IIFYM. I started about the same time you did and have learned a lot along the way. I have lost a few pounds, but have lost crazy inches. I was not sure when I started if I should calculate macros at my current weight or my goal weight. I did both and went with something in the middle. In all my research that is the one question I can't find an answer to. What did you start at to calculate your macros?

  11. I made the chicken recipe and the apples tonight and they were sooo good! Husband approved!

  12. I made the chicken this week and you're right, it is so good!! TFS!


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