Killer Abs and Random Things.

I have to put her to work pulling me around the pool or she'd just climb on top of me. God forbid I should be able to use a float all by myself :) I'm so glad my parents put in a pool, it's been a great way to spend quality time with Madison while Aiden sleeps, she's pretty good at water volleyball for a 5 year old.

My house is still tore up, but things are getting closer to being done, or at least that's what I tell myself when I'm stressed about the mess! Two things you should know if you want to do any renovations - DOUBLE your budget and the time you think it will take. Seriously.

 I mean, but how awesome is this shower going to be?? I can't wait! 

Twilight Sparkle put on her best jewels and headed to Hamm's Orchard on Friday and picked us some delicious peaches - just divine! If you can control yourself to just one serving you should make this - Peach Cheesecake Crumb Bars - around 200 calories each. Totally worth it! 

I killed my workouts and eating for the #smnoexcuses weekend - missed my goal by .5 pound, but I ain't mad, I still was down and it will happen this week if I just keep doing what I'm doing. I have some thought on this weekend challenge, but I need to see if I can articulate it without sounding bitchy- TBD.

I hope you guys enjoyed the ab workout last week - this new one is KILLER. Seriously hard, but don't be discouraged if you can't nail it the first time. Work up to it, you will thank me later! I can tell that mine are getting stronger because I can run faster and further, having a strong core makes everything easier.

Be sure to stop by my Instagram and find out how I'm dancing to help a special little girl named Paisley!

I have something exciting coming up tomorrow too - see y'all then!



  1. I did good this weekend for the #noexcuses challenge but I kept forgetting to take pictures of my food. I get so busy on the weekends and don't eat as much as I should (on top of being out of my regular daily routine during the week), how do you keep up with hitting your macros on the weekend?

  2. Can we do no excuses again next weekend? This weekend was full of excuses for me:( #sixflags

  3. Holy wow! That ab workout looks intense...and awesome! I've pinned it on Pinterest for later use :)


  4. I sucked this weekend. Ate all the feelings, didn't move enough and felt shitty about myself. Which lead to me feeling moppy and "depressed" and picked a fight with the hubs. But today is new day and a new attitude.

  5. Hi Megan, can you tell me about that necklace baby A is wearing? Looking for some ideas for my 4 month old!

  6. please do another no excuses weekend and going to try that routine out!!! thanks for posting!!

  7. Great job with the weight loss! & your shower looks amazing already!!! :) :)

  8. I love how baby aiden is perfect at taking photos already:) So sweet!!

  9. I sucked all last week and this weekend but Im already doing better today.

  10. Thanks for that kick in the pants to not fall off the wagon on the weekend. I didn't keep to my 1000 calorie intake that I'm sticking with during the week, but only went as high as 1500 on Sunday. The blueberry crumble got me.

    1. 1000k is not enough calories for anyone!

  11. Love the framed pic of you and Twillight Sparkle by the tub!

  12. Ohhhh that ab workout. Just did it. You're absolutely right-- it's killer. SO good though (having music to do the moves on beat with helps a lot I think). You are such an amazing inspiration! I look forward to checking your blog every day :)

  13. That picture of your daughter with the peaches. Is TO DIE. Sooooo sweet. Frame it. Now.

  14. I love your bathroom already! Especially that pic of you and Madison.

  15. Just tried the ab workout I made it until about 50 seconds when she started jumping her feet in and out and I couldn't even hold a plank after that. Haha I will get stronger!


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