Holiday Weekend

Happy Monday morning y'all! Me and my peoples had a wonderful, but hectic, weekend. My floors are almost finished being installed in the main areas so I'm hoping tonight I can start moving furniture out of the bedrooms so we can live in more than an 8x8 space :) I have to say Aiden has just been such a wonderful little baby even though he's been shuffled around a lot, which is stressful for anyone.

I had to break down and use disposable this weekend because we have no washer or dryer until hopefully tomorrow, I forgot how much they stink! I can barely tell when he's pooped in cloth, but one pee and I can smell it on a disposable, yuck.  He's found his feet and it's the cutest thing ever, I forgot how much cuteness comes with a new baby!!

 Madison had a blast with this huge water slide on Saturday, she slept like a log that night. I had to play with crappy slip and slides when I was her age, this is much better!

I don't know if you've ever taken your kids to the workshops at Home Depot, but Madison loves them. She gets to play with a hammer and not get yelled at :) Saturday she built a bug trap, I'm just hoping she's too scared to actually put a bug in it, I'm not a fan of a Texas sized cricket running around my house. 

Well the SkinnyMeg Holiday Challenge is over - I know I burned my 1500 calories over the Holiday weekend!

I got a lot of great feedback from so many of you and I'm truly happy that it pushed you to do more.

 So - if you burned and recorded your 1500 calories please leave your name in the rafflecoppter below. I will pick a winner tomorrow morning at 9am and verify, if I can't verify the info I will pick a new winner, etc. Got it?

Good luck! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the beginning of a 4 week Ab workout!

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  1. I never would have burned that many calories over the weekend, or worked out all three days, without the challenge! Thanks for pushing us :)

  2. LOVED the challenge! It definitely got me going & I burned more than what was recorded because I swam laps too but can't wear my heart monitor in the water.

  3. The challenge was awesome! I was set to just sit on my butt Sunday but I knew I only needed to burn 300 more calories to complete the challenge so it was an AWESOME motivator for me! And then I burned over 600 :) Thanks for all your effort with this!

  4. You are such a boss, in all life aspects. Can't wait to see the remodel!

  5. Thanks for the push!!! Your rock!


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