Holiday Weekend Challenge!

 Hey y'all - Happy almost 4th of July! 

I mean she's got IT DOWN <<<<< I wish I had a good resting ..... face :) She obviously is loving her dress {clearanced} from Dillard's.

Baby sweet face Aiden is sporting his adorable shorts from Mag + Pie and his teething necklace - and yes I do think it helps!

We don't have much planned this weekend, the guys are starting on the floors tomorrow so it's going to be a complete disaster - we are all going to stay at my parents house to keep the kids from breathing in all that dust. We do have a birthday party Saturday so that will be something fun :) 

I've decided to hold a Holiday Weekend Challenge {obviously I'm all fired up with these challenges!} and it's open to EVERYONE. 

Here's the deal: You have 3 days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday to burn 1500 calories from exercise. You can break that up however you like, but it must come from exercise - not from just walking around and doing your normal activity. 

You must record it: you have to wear a heart rate monitor and record your burn - I need photo proof! If you don't take a pic it didn't happen - duh why do you think so many people take gym selfies :)
You must also post a pic of your workout {doesn't have to be your face, but just some type of proof of your activity} each day to either Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #SMHOLIDAYCHALLENGE

I will be verifying all of this before I announce the winner! If you do complete all of the requirements you will be allowed to put your name into the rafflecoppter drawing here on Monday morning. 

Plus you will kinda feel like a bad ass for rocking it out over the Holiday weekend.

If you don't have a the tools to do all of these don't worry - there will be other chances to win stuff! 

The winner will recieve some pretty great items!

A personalized monogrammed duffel from Sweet Thoughts Boutique!

A super cute bling hat from Collywobbles Boutique!

Good luck ladies - go get your sweat on!



  1. I am SO glad you posted this! I was just thinking I need some motivation for this long holiday wkend then I saw you posted I am LOVING these challenges!! We will be out of town for the wkend with friends and you better believe my polar watch and ,my workout gear are headed for that hotel gym :D! Thanks Meg! #challengeaccepted

  2. 1500 each day or total for the 3 days?

  3. I want to do this. I haven't used my heart rate monitor in a while, so i need to dig that out today! Thanks for the extra push!!

  4. If you run on the treadmill and it counts your calories, does that count too? or just HRM?

  5. Great idea for a challenge

  6. I dont have a heart rate monitor but my app tells me how many calories I burn...will that work?

  7. Awesome - I wished I had a heart rate monitor - just a fitbit here.. Good luck ladies

  8. Wish I had a heart rate monitor. I bought a Fitbit a few months ago. Good luck ladies!

  9. Dam it I don't have a HRM....

  10. so grumpy that my HRM just died a couple days ago hahaha oh well! I won already, so I suppose its someone else's turn!

  11. OMG...Madison is the cutest thing ever! I love her dress and her sassy attitude :)


  12. I am in. No HRM, but that's ok. This is for me and to be a good example for my girls.

  13. I'm in. Good luck everyone!

  14. Madison is SO cute! I wish I had seen this challenge sooner! Dang it dang it!

  15. This is exactly what got my butt in the gym all weekend. Challenge completed!


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