10 Year House Updating {Part 1- what budget?}

Back in April I won some tile and granite for my house, which came at the perfect time because we just celebrated 10 years in our home and it was in need of some updating. We didn't have any granite in the kitchen or bathrooms and the floors were all vinyl with a little bit of tile in the foyer.

Some random before pictures - the vinyl looked liked wood and was very durable, but the kitchen was a different color than the living and dining rooms because at the time we could only afford to do 2 rooms and I picked the ones that were carpeted {ugh, hated the carpet so much!}.

So first I went to pick out my granite, I had an idea of what I wanted, but needed to see what was in my 'free price' range. They have slabs that are up to 20k each!

At first I was leaning towards a quartzite, but they were all darker colored and I really wanted something mostly white so I went with Mayfair which is a granite.

I was given 1,000 towards the fabrication cost, but we decided to go ahead and do both the bathrooms too so we still ended up paying 2,000 out of our pocket for installation. 

This is the guest bath, we kept just and undermount sink for easy access for the kids.

In the master I decided to use something a little more up to date, a KRAUS Broken Glass Vessel Sink. I got a great deal on these off  Amazon and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the broken glass design so you don't see every watermark or pink toothpaste glob. The faucets, Euro Modern Contemporary Bathroom Faucet, were also another great deal off Amazon.

The floors are about 90% done, we just have the master bathroom floors and a few spots to complete. We went with the Interceramic Forestland Sequoia Tile.

 I absolutely love it, I'm glad I didn't go too dark on the flooring I really want my house to have a light feeling to it.

Up next we are tiling the shower with this....

And putting in a backsplash with this...

And painting the kitchen wall/upper/lower cabinets with this... {The first two are Pantone and the last one is Valspar}

 I also think I'm going to remove the cabinet next to the sink and replace it with 3 open shelves.

Which will then require new matching dishes, of course.

So even though I was gifted the tile and granite this has become quite expensive! So far this is the budget

Floor and shower tiling labor -3500
Concrete and grout - 100
Painting kitchen cabinets and backsplash - 300 {same guy who gave me a deal} Other quotes I had averaged to about 2500
Granite fabrication and installation - 3000 {we paid 2 of that}
New kitchen sink and faucet - 500
New toilet to replace the one I broke - 200
Paint - 150
New shower head, drain, glass door, and material - 500 <<< I had no clue glass shower doors were so expensive!
Bathroom sinks and faucets - 350
New stove - put on hold for now - blew my budget, LOL.

Total - $7,600 <<< and now we know why Oliver made me wait 10 years to do any of this!

Ohhhh and just realized I need hardware for all the cabinets and to buy shelves for the kitchen...



  1. I can't wait to see the finished product, it's already so beautiful! I LOVE the master sinks!

  2. Love your funky design!!! All my rooms look so mismatched...I really need a theme to kind of tie everything together!! (oh, and PS- love the Jane Fonda costume!)

  3. It looks great! I really love your master bath vanity and the tile you guys chose. It almost looks like hardwood.

  4. It's going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see the "after" pics when everything is done!

  5. LOVE~LOVE~LOVE!!!! Can't wait to see the finished look!

  6. Do you have an ikea near you? i've heard that the shelves for kitchen are actually quite durable and inexpensive. By the way, everything looks great! i love your decorating style. So fun!

  7. That is so awesome that you won granite and tile! I love the options you chose - your house is gorgeous! I can't wait to see more updates.

  8. It all adds up so quickly, but it looks fantastic!

  9. I love what you've done so far, it all looks really beautiful. I'm leaning toward a tile floor also - we have hardwood in the kitchen, laundry, and foyer; laminate in the two bathrooms and carpet everywhere else. The carpet needs to go soon. We have been in our house for 10 years too so it's time for some changes. I'd love to know how you like your tile and if it's easy to clean, etc. Please and thanks.

    1. Super easy to clean and very very durable!

  10. That's a pretty penny but it looks freaking gorgeous!

  11. I love EVERY decision you've made so far. Can't wait to see those grey and white cabinets. LOVE! Totally worth the money. Your house is your sanctuary, right? :)

  12. Love it!

    Did you by chance announce the winner to the holiday challenge? I probably missed it but just curious! :)

  13. Awesome!! I love all of your choices and can't wait to see the finished product :)

  14. We got our cabinet hardware at ikea and did it by ourselves (and by ourselves I mean my husband did it) and it was pretty easy and looks great!

  15. your flooring looks great!! i love it!

  16. I love your wall colour!

  17. I love, love, love your style! It is like walking into a fun, funky boutique!


  18. Where on earth did you put all of your furniture?! Yowza! It looks great! {I'm SO behind on blogs. Sorry!}


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