Meet Tiffany - Fit Mama to 3

Hi I'm Tiffany, a 30 something wife and SAHM to three little boys. I'm on a fitness journey to reclaim my pre-baby body and teach my boys some healthy habits. My boys are 4 and under and they all came in the span of 23 months, yes really it's possible!  

Shortly after I got married in 2004 we discovered I had fertility issues.  When things were not in my control I decided to eat my sorrows away and live up the kidless life by indulging in dinning out, trips and cooking.  When that plan didn't work and made me 225 pounds I decided I needed to lose weight.

One year later I had lost 75 pounds and was medically able to do in-vitro fertilization.  After a rough year of treatments, a bedrest pregnancy and lots of prayers our twins were born in 2009.  Then surprise 22 months after that our youngest came along with no medical help.  

Fast forward to January 2011 being a Mom to three boys and focusing on my family I weighed in at 190 pounds. I set a goal to lose 30 pounds by my 30th Birthday. 

Most people at this point would join a gym and purchase a diet plan, but nope I downloaded an app to log my food and began the walk that would never end walking for hours a day pushing a triple stroller. This is also when I began blogging my journey and creating healthy recipes. 

I lost 29 pounds by my 30th Birthday and was feeling amazing so I kept on my journey. Today I am now down 67 pounds (or 91 from my highest point) and am around my goal weight which I never ever thought could happen. 

I no longer just walk as my exercise, but have fallen in love with working out and trying to eat cleaner. 

Making the decision to get healthy for my family was the best choice I ever made. I am a better me for them. YOU have to want it, nobody can do it for you, it's you and you alone. But once you reach your goal you will have you and you alone to be proud of.

You have to be ready to make the commitment to yourself day in and day out. You have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable sometimes. And most of all remember that it will NOT be easy, but it will sure as heck will be worth it.  

You can read more about my crazy life, journey, and food at Fit Mama to 3 or on instagram @fitmamato3 

Here is a quick 2 minute Good Morning America spot featuring me which aired yesterday about an app I have used for awhile called Pact. 


Workout Wednesday: Upper Back

It's Hump Day which means that it's time for another W.O.W.

I took some progress shots of my guns, things are happening and I ain't mad about it.

I would say at least 3x a week I kill my arms at the gym, but I think a lot of it is that I've seriously upped my protein intake. Are y'all sick of hearing me go on and on about protein yet? Tough, it's so good for your body!

A few weeks ago I struggled to even hit 100 grams a day now I can EASILY go over my goal of 155 if I'm not paying attention.

My 'I'm Pretty Fit' box has provided me with soooo many wonderful protein options, I'd prefer to eat something from here than a vending machine any day!  I loved the Chike coffee and today after my workout I had a brownie bite from the Protein Bakery. OMG<<<< delish!

This is my new favorite subscription, I would never know about half of these products and I like samples so I can try and see if it's something I want to purchase again. 

Anyways - on to today's workout!  I think one of the most neglacted areas is the upper back and it's hard to have some badass guns when it's all flabby back there - so here's a quick demo of three moves to work that area. I suggest making your weights heavy enough that you are worn out by 8/10 reps. <<< do 5 sets!

Here's the last video for the 4 week Ab Series: it's a hard one!


Losing it Tueday: I run so I can eat!

My gym started offering Pi-Yo classes while I was still pregnant with Aiden, I gave it a go a few times, but it was pretty hard to do with a big ole belly in the way. I decided to give it another chance a few weeks ago and I'm hooked, it's really deceptively hard, and I'm always sore in crazy places the next day. The mats at the gym leave much to be desired so I was on the hunt for a new one and I saw they offered a Yoga Set on Fabletics so I ordered that this month, I have to say I'm HIGHLY impressed with their products! The mat is cute, but cushy, and didn't roll up or flake on me and the toe socks made doing all those squats and lunges much easier. In fact those toe socks might be just perfect for leg day since I'm over wearing my tennis shoes and don't really want to buy another pair just to squat in. 

After spending everyday last week texting/begging my coworker to bring more of these lovelies I thought I'd just make my own, they are freaking amazing. Recipe from Pinterest :)
Apple Bites: Reduced Fat PB, walnuts, dairy free choc chips, coconut
104 calories each // 11f 5c 2p

Also a friend shared this chicken recipe with me and I'm obsessed - it's like the best chicken ever and it was crazy easy!
Crockpot Awesome Chicken: 
2lb chicken, one packet ranch seasoning and one packet taco, 1 cup broth: cooked for a few hours and then threw it in the mixer to shred it.

Dress from Copper Peacock

I lost another 2 pounds last week, which puts me at a total of 13 pounds since I started doing IIFYM around 50 days ago. I just feel like this diet is so easy, once you figure out what foods are made up of {fat, protein, carb} it's just about picking the right ones that your body needs. 

I'm starting to increase my weekly mileage to get ready for my half in September, but I was concerned that my macros might not be calculated for more cardio so I went ahead and had them done by a profesh - Krissy Mae Cagney. She recommended I up my carbs and eat the bulk of them around my workouts {so early in the day} and eat my fats later in the day. The first few days I felt a little deprived at night with out any carbs, so I just left a few to have a bedtime snack and it's working like a charm. I just wake up feeling good, I put on clothing and it's fitting better. 
After September when I increase my running even more for marathon training I plan to up my carbs even higher - holla for a huge bowl of cereal after my runs!

So I ran this morning, 5 very very hilly miles and thought I was gonna die, but I didn't so here's my breakfast from today. 

I love eating and losing weight!

We have a winner for the Love Your Body Challenge:
Haley Schubert
Thank you to CollyWobbles Boutique and A Tad Monroe for hosting!

See you for Workout Wednesday!



Oh, the Chocolate and the Shoes.

One of my girlfriends celebrated a 30 - something birthday this weekend, so a bunch of us got together and went on a  Dallas Bites Tour. We chose to do the Chocolate and Wine one {duh.}, but they have a bunch of different kinds, I'm thinking Oliver and I need to do the Taco and Margarita one ASAP! Basically you meet up at Krispy Kreme {kill me now} and all ride a bus around Dallas to a bunch of places with a tour guide, our was the cutest lady - Stacy Fawcett - who is a food blogger for a local radio and tv station. And I'm not just saying she's cute because she told me I reminded her of her friend, Courtney Kerr :) 

I mean I don't look like her but, what a compliment! I think it was the hot little Sugar Love dress I was wearing.

I ate all the chocolates, ice cream, and even had a chicken sammy after - I wasn't going to track that day just because I wanted to just enjoy myself, but after I left I tracked it {to the best of my ability} anyways. LOL - it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought! I ran 10 miles that morning so I was planning on upping my carbs anyways so it worked out perfectly and I even lost weight over the weekend!

Poor little Twilight Sparkle has an ear infection and swimmer ear, despite the tubes, so no swimming for a week. I think it was a blessing in disguise because it forced Oliver and I to get the house back in order. Most of the work is done, but it takes a lot of time to just go though all the boxes and put things back, I took it as an opportunity to 'spring clean' and I got rid of a ton!

I still haven't officially decided on decor for above the cabinet, but I love love love the SUGAR in pink, I actually bought this pink paint forever ago when Target first started carrying paint and it finally came in handy. We also added pretty pewter colored hardware, from Lowe's, it was super easy to install we should of done that forever ago!

We tiled the closet since it's connected to the master bath, which meant I had to move out allllllll the shoes. I may have a shoe buying problem, but lucky for me I found a huge shoe rack off Amazon, Brylanehome Shoe 8-Shelf Rack.

I may even have room for a few more....
shhhhhhhh - don't tell Oliver.



Spoiled, but Not a Brat.

 I'm sure most of you saw that Madison lost her front tooth, poor girl, I had no idea it was even loose until she got it knocked out with a soccer ball.

I guess she jokingly told my Mom she should get a 20 for being brave and not crying, no big deal. I mean she would trade you a 20 for 2 dollars, because - duh - two is more than one :)
Except to some of you I guess it was a big deal - which got me thinking about how spoiled or not my kid was. 

Growing up in a family of 6, with a Mom who stayed home until I was in High School, we didn't have a lot of extra cash. Anytime we got an expensive gift it was for everyone, yeah right, like my brothers ever let me have a turn on the Nintendo! I don't remember ever having a girls shopping trip with my Mom or just getting a new outfit just because. Did all this sharing make me a better person? Eh, I kinda hate to share anything now, just ask my husband.  Am I stronger for having to provide for myself? I appreciate my education more since I had to pay for it and I do have a good work ethic - not sure that's correlated though.

My husband on the other hand grew up as an only child and was provided lots of extras in life, some would say he was spoiled because his college and extras were provided for.  He turned out pretty dang good anyways and is very responsible with his money, more so than I am.

Madison has pretty much been an only child for 5 years, plus she has BOTH sets of grandparents living within 20 miles and whom she see's almost on a daily basis. She's given everything, seriously the kid has her own iPad. A trip to Target regularly ends with her getting something, I mean, who can resist all the cute stuff there?? She's in dance, soccer, swim, gymnastics, and preschool - all of that is provided for her. Preschool was a luxury we couldn't afford when I was young. 

 I honestly don't see her as spoiled - to me spoiled is more of an adjective used to describe bratty kids. The one thing people always comment on is how polite and loving she is to others. I've seen first hand how she's gone out of her way to include someone who was on the outskirts or how she ALWAYS asks how my day was as soon as she sees me. In fact one of my neighbors had me laughing because she told me when Madison came over to play she went into the kitchen and was asking how HER day was, she's just a really caring kid.

 When I ask her to do something, she does it. She's rarely in trouble for misbehaving, but she does have her moments, especially when she's overly tired. She always says thank you and I truly believe she is thankful, or as much as a 5 year old can be. 

So no, I don't see any problem with giving her a 20 for her front tooth, it's enough for her to be able to go pick out a new pony and pay for it herself at the store. Will she get that much for every tooth, no, but then again she has no idea how much 20 dollars even is. 

People are going to judge how my kid is raised regardless, but as long as she is caring and respectful of others I don't care. She may never know what it's like to struggle financially, but I'm ok with that, I've worked hard to build a good life for my children. 

Just sucks for her that I'm in the 'no driving until your 18' camp :)



W.O.W #30 // Push Ups

 Welcome back to Workout Wednesday! My button is acting crazy - so I'll trouble shoot and have the link up ready to go next week.

Since I've started doing IIFYM I've been trying to do less and less cardio, I'm inspired by all the toned ladies on the IIFYM Women's facebook group.Typically my workout schedule looks like this:

Monday - Lifting and Pi-Yo {which is crazy hard!}
Tuesday - 3 Miles and Lifting
Wednesday - Spin and Lifting
Thursday - Treadmill HIIT and BodyPump
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Long Run 
Sunday - HIIT and Lifting

I am still planning on running the Plano Balloon Half in September and start my marathon training after that. My knee is still giving me some problems so I haven't upped my mileage just yet, but I'm planning on 10 this weekend, I've been using the KT tape on my leg and I think it's helping <<<< I was skeptical! 
This made my so happy - a little glimpse into my pre-pregnancy muscles :)  In fact this is better than any number on a scale! I've been killing my upper body and I'm going to share a fun and hard pushup routine we do at the gym. 

Some friends and I were having a discussion about squatting barefoot, apparently running shoes are not conducive for a good squat because your foot is not flat in your shoe. I gave it a try yesterday - they were right! I can go lower without my knees hurting and I'm feeling the burn every time I pee today ;) Try it!

Here's your workout for today - enjoy!


10 Pounds Gone - Losing It Tuesday.

 I've hit the 10 pound lost mark so it's time for some progression photos.

 I prefer photo proof my body is changing over a number on the scale any day! I'm going to talk more in depth on my gym routine tomorrow, today I'm sticking what I'm eating. 

Friday I posted about the awesome protein subscription box I got from I'm Pretty Fit and I have found a new favorite product out of it, the Chike High Protein Coffee.  De-freakin-lish. I know I've been going on and on and on about protein, but I think it's making a HUGE difference in the way I look and feel. I was sadly lacking before, I've found so many ways to get it in now that it's not even a hassle.

I highly suggest checking out this IG account - some amazing and easy ideas!! @fitmencook

If you are someone who struggles with food planning, I came across this website that will create a meal plan {complete with recipes} for 7 bucks a month. It's totally customized to your calories and macro goals! It doesn't get much easier than that - Eat This Much.

It's still mind blowing to me that I'm having such good progress eating 2000 calories a day! All that time I spent cardio-ing up and eating less and less just to gain and re-lose the same 5 pounds.  That's the thing about losing weight - sometimes you have to learn the hard way. When I think back to the things I did when I first started losing weight I could laugh, but I'm living and learning as I go.

Time's almost up to enter this amazing giveaway - click here. 

Here is week 3 ab workout - it's killer for those pesky lower abs!

Now for everyone who participated in the Love Your Body Challenge with Val and I - here's the Raffle to enter, if you posted for the entire week, you can enter the raffle below. All you have to do is leave your Instagram name so we can see your pictures for the 7 days. The prizes are awesome- a gift from Collywobbles Boutique and jewelry from A Tad Monroe. Check them out!



Advice Needed and One Fab Rug.

Top from Sugar Love.
My sweet little chunk had his 4 month check up and is in the 97th percentile for height and weight! Actually him and Madison both were - I grow some healthy kids :) Seriously though, I can NOT carry him around in his car seat anymore it's killing my back and giving my calluses on one hand. I have the BOB and their car seat is unusually heavy - like for real.

We spent a little girl time together this weekend, a free slurpee at 7-11 and a mani pedi. The things that come out of her mouth, hi-larous, and she never. stops. talking. Ever. She fell in the mud while playing and had a complete meltdown when she saw her new shoes were dirty, such a girl. She's been wearing this chevron maxi dress from NoBella Grace for weeks - obsessed.

 Spent a little time in the gym Sunday working on an ab video and a fun push up routine for you guys with this crazy girl. I've decided to bring back Workout Wednesday so be sure to stop back by and check out those videos! Shelly is always finding these partner moves to do on Instagram, some are a lot harder than they look so if you've got a buddy you should give some a try - just for fun :)

We are finally nearing the end of our house updating!! Late last night they did the first coat on the kitchen walls, one problem, Oliver thinks it's too boring. I MAY have ruined him with my love of bold colors! I think the problem is more that the space above the cabinets is really large and I need something really big to fill the space. I think I'm going to repaint the "SUGAR" letters I had up there and actually make it read Sugar & Spice with a fun pop of color - I really hope Hobby Lobby still carries those size letters!

Anyone have any other ideas to fill large amounts of wall space? Maybe a stencil?? This one or maybe this one.

I'm not supposed to be shopping because we are going broke on this remodel, but dang if I could pass up this fabulous rug! I mean, come on - dyyyyyyyying! Get you one here.

To save on money we actually decided to just eat tilapia and veggies every night this week for dinner - so so so over spending half my paycheck on groceries. Plus it takes the stress out of  'what's for dinner' and spending 45 minutes cooking every night, I'd much rather be kissing on my baby. We ended up saving about 60 bucks at the store!

Hope you guys are off to a good start to your week - see you tomorrow!



Protein Fun

Most women are not eating enough protein, I know I wasn't! Even when I felt like I was getting enough, once I started tracking it I realized I was still falling WAY short of my goal of 145g a day. 
In general women need at the very least {.8 x your body weight} every single day. 

Now that I've been tracking it I have very little problems getting in my daily requirement, but I get tired of shakes and string cheese so I'm always looking for new and fun ideas to get that protein in! I randomly came across this website, I'm Pretty Fit, which is a monthly subscription for all things protein related! 

I got my first box in a few days ago and I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of products and the selection they sent!

1  .NLA Her Whey - This delicious protein designed specifically for women contains 28g of lean protein per serving, is gluten-free, sugar free, and has added amino acids for improved recovery.

2. Protein Mini Assorted Six Pack by The Protein Bakery - We couldn’t believe something that tastes so good could also be a healthy treat. At only ~100 calories per serving and packed with 4g of protein/piece, these gluten-free treats are a great alternative when you are craving something sweet!

3.  Buttermilk Protein Pancake Mix by FlapJacked - Forget the empty calories and weird chemicals you can’t pronounce hiding out in your Bisquick pancake mix because the Buttermilk Protein Pancake Mix by FlapJacked tastes great without ANY artificial ingredients.

4. High Protein Coffee by Chike Nutrition - Coffee and protein? Talk about the perfect combo! We love Chike Nutrition’s High Protein Coffee. Not only is it packed with 20 grams of high quality whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, but it has the equivalent of two espresso shots per serving.

5. Double Chocolate Chunk Bar by Quest Nutrition - Our favorite protein bar. Quest has an incredibly clean ingredient profile with only a handful of ingredients compared to competitors. Not to mention, they have amazing flavors and are only ~160 calories.

6.  Honey Almond Protein Cereal by Kay’s Naturals - Out of all the “healthy” cereals we’ve tried, Kay’s Protein Cereal is our favorite. Kay’s created a tasty, healthy cereal that is gluten-free, kosher, packed with 12 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber without any artificial preservatives, additives or sweeteners. 

7.  NLA for Her Water Bottle – BONUS!

Just thought I'd share this fun find with you guys! You can click here, I'm Pretty Fit, to read more. You don't have to sign up for a monthly box, you can just choose to buy one and try it out which I think is nice! 

Happy Friday! 



Closing a Chapter - our switch to Formula.

“Disclosure: I'm a Similac StrongMoms Ambassador and am a sponsored blog partner, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.”

I decided to close the last chapter in my breastfeeding journey for several different reasons. Mostly it just was causing undo stress on me and in turn everyone around me after I went back to work. Pumping at work was really not a problem, it was more the rest of the hours in the day. Aiden was only awake for about 2 hours after I got home and started to sleep through the night most of the time, which meant painful hours of engorgement. Several nights I spent trying to wake him up enough to nurse because I couldn't sleep though the pain and I usually left my pump at work so I wouldn't get caught there without it. After a few weeks of this I just decided that we were done. I did feel some Mommy guilt, I nursed Madison for over 9 months and thought Aiden deserved that too, but our situation is just much different so it's not fair to compare.

Knowing that I would be going back to work at 12 weeks I made the decision to have him taking at least 1 bottle of formula a day from the very beginning. I wasn't very formula 'savvy' as it's been years since I've even had to make a bottle - not gonna lie we had to google tips. 

Here's a few things to think about when choosing the right one for you and your baby, tips by
Nationally-syndicated pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard, “The Kid’s Doctor”.

1.      Figure out your lifestyle needs and which form of formula will support them: Infant formula generally comes in a variety of forms, and figuring out which one works best for you depends on a few factors. 
2.      Understand the ingredients: While the FDA regulates all infant formula, that doesn’t mean that all brands are the same. Understanding the makeup of infant formula will help you select a brand that is best for your family.
3.      Be mindful of your water source: The type of water you have access to may affect the type of formula you want to use.
4.      Watch and learn: The best way to know if a formula is right for your baby may be easier than you think.
5.      Consider your baby’s age: As babies grow and solid foods are introduced, consider a formula designed for older babies.

I wasn't even sure if you could use tap water or if you were supposed to use bottled?? After standing in the formula aisle for a good 15 minutes I decided to go with Similac because I liked that they had a supplemental type for breastfeeding moms.

We had great success using this one for the first 4 months, it never upset his stomach and we never had any reflux issues.

Now that he's completely on formula we've switched to the Similac Advanced. 

I would say he's fattening up pretty nicely :)

His cute Droolzies is a lifesaver - teething like crazy!

It's taken some adjustment for me too, I now have to remember to actually pack him food when we leave the house, but overall I would say that everyone is happy and that's what matter most. 

      Similac partnered with bloggers such as me for its Similac StrongMoms Ambassador Program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Similac believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.



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