Working with Two Kids.

My first week back at work didn't exactly go as planned. I was super organized and had every detail figured out then Oliver's boss came to town for the entire week, which meant he didn't get home until midnight every night. 

By Thursday I was just done, I may have texted Oliver the above picture with the caption "we pretty much hate you right now". Poor baby Aiden was being shuffled around and it was throwing off his sleep, Madison was in her last week of  swim lessons and dance class which required a lot of logistics and running around for everyone. All he wanted was to sit on the couch and nurse, but Madison needed bathed, fed, etc. I would never, ever, ever make it as a single parent so it's a good thing I still like my husband. Plus if we get divorced I have to pay my parents back for the wedding :) 

 Things have finally calmed down a bit this week and it's been nice to get to actually hang out and enjoy my kids after work instead of running around trying to do everything. Aiden is getting into a good routine and sleeping better for my MIL and at night, he usually only wakes up once if at all between 10pm and 4am which is about all the sleep I'm getting. 

Weirdly I'm getting less sleep, but 95% of the time I feel great during the day, hardly any afternoon slumps. I pretty much hop out of bed at 4:20am with little resistance and I think this is due to a few things. One - I 've made it a habit, even while on maternity leave I kept the same schedule and the more you do it the easier it is. Two - I take care of myself with exercise, good nutrition, and supplements. I can't say for sure that my Advocare is the cause of my well being, but I have a ton of energy and I rarely get sick even when the rest of my people are stricken with ailments. If it ain't broke then don't fix it! I'm just going keep on keepin' on :)

My family rocks my face off, nothing makes me happier than a text from my Mom that she made dinner. No mess, no dishes, my kind of night! 

Oliver has this crappy phone that takes terrible pictures so I rarely get any baby photos from him, my Mom will send over some if she stops by though. I have to say that while I do miss him terribly I also enjoy my job and I think that makes leaving easier. I go to the gym at 5am Mon - Thurs and Aiden is sleeping when I leave on Fridays he's awake and it's actually a LOT harder to leave when he's being all kinds of cute. 

I've been pumping twice a day in my office usually getting around 10-12 oz for the day, but the nights and weekends have been killer for my poor boobies. I don't get home from work until about 6:15 - 6:30 and he eats before I can get there so we are down to only nursing maybe once a day at night depending on how he sleeps at night. That really sucks because pumping blows, I'd much rather be holding him than being pumped like a milk cow. I didn't have to pump with Madison so this is all new to me. I also forgot my pump at work over the weekend and let's just say Oliver had to help a girl out, not fun.

Me and my man are attached at the hip every night and it's just fine by me! Madison and I actually argue over who gets to hold him :)



  1. I tried commenting, but I don't see that it posted. I found myself as a single parent right after I went back to work with baby #2 with a 3 yr old. When I hear people say they couldn't make it as a single parent, it kinda makes me feel a little better about my situation because it is the hardest thing, but I make it work. You would make it work if you had to. Thanks for your posts and your workout inspirations. I think of you when I'm in a class trying to get my heart rate up :-)

    1. Props to you Wendy! Seriously! I know you make it work when it comes to your kids, but it takes a strong person that's for sure :)

  2. I felt like a milking cow for 5 solid months. but it was totally worth it. :) I was a single mom with twins and it was horrible...but luckily i didn't realize how bad it was until I got married and realized how different it was having help.

  3. I hated pumping and was happy to toss the think aside like a one night stand. I play single mom during farming season and it blows. But I wouldn't change a thing.

  4. Ive been trying morning workouts and haven't managed it. I do mine right after work. I liked the weekly goal you set rather then every day. My goal this week is 10 miles but I already have 5 so we m actually on track for once! The scale is my enemy too, dictating my mood and weighing multiple rimes a day. After losing my first ten pounds I gained one yesterday. I should have steered clear of it for the two weeks like I was going to :(

  5. Amen to the single parent comment. I know I rag on the hubby when I leave him alone with the baby and get a phone call 30 seconds later, but it is true for us moms too. It is hard work! And pumping does blow. I have to pump during lunch and my high school students jangle of the doorknob for the whole thirty minutes wanting into my classroom...

  6. Aw, what a cute baby... even when he is grumpy! Forgetting your pump at work does not sound like fun. Mind you, pumping at all doesn't sound like fun. But it sounds like you are doing pretty well despite a difficult week.

  7. I feel ya on most of this! I wasn't able to breastfeed Nate, something I had wanted to do and planned on it but the boobs didn't agree with me this time. Talk about a let down! As for the single parenting aspect, my husband is a coach and works full time too. He gets home around 7:30-8 every night, unless he has a meet. Then he could be gone past midnight and all day Friday and Saturday. It sucks. Luckily the season is over and life can resume to a somewhat normal schedule. My little guy still doesn't sleep the greatest (he loves food too much), my lack of sleep is becoming normal and I have to fight for my son too with my daughter, who I believe is just a month or two older than your cutie pie. It's rough, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

  8. Dangit, I knew I shouldn't have read your post today. You make it so impossible for me to allow myself to be lazy when you're kicking this much ass with a job, a husband, two kids and a weight loss plan! Guess I'll head out for a run after work now... :)

  9. Breastfeeding can be hard (and certainly bottle feeding formula would be more convenient), but your milk is SO GOOD for him. I think it's great that you've worked out a schedule that works... but don't be afraid to relax it if it gets to be too much. You're doing great!! :)

  10. I didn't like pumping either! Nursing was so much easier and I liked it when I got into rhythm. I love your baby pictures!

    Happy Medley

  11. Being a working mom is tough--but it makes us appreciate the time we get to spend with our kiddos for sure!

  12. OK. Seriously. I really really really want to know what your daily schedule looks like (hour by hour-ish) because it's my first week back this week and I am 1) exhausted, 2) not working full 8 hours (although I am at work for 8 hours but pumping is taking forever), 3) not working out, 4) not cooking meals, 5) and I don't also have a toddler to take care of. Please please please share how you are fitting it all in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted my own first-week schedule on my blog and would love help refininig it to fit in working out and cooking meals!!!

  13. I had a dream last night that Josh fed Beckett when I was planning to nurse and I didn't have my pump so now the baby was full and so were my boobs. I was so mad in my dream!!

    & Aiden is doing so well with his tummy time! Beckett hates it & still won't push up on his arms. :-/

  14. I have a car plug in for my medela pump and pump while I drive to and from work. This really helps so when I'm home I don't have to waste cuddle time pumping. I just hope I don't get pulled over. :)


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